You are trying to eat soup with a fork…

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entraining-you-for-stupidityIt’s perplexing to watch humans trying to eat soup with a fork.

Because while industry, science have advanced, humans, the race, has gone backwards.

As a race.

Backwards in intelligence… intellect, emotional, social, relationship, etc.

And obviously in vibration.

Pam Ragland‘s theory was (is?) that it is negativity that is doing it.

But I watched the 26 people in her course, where she wiped the negativity, and people’s behavior, their affinity to learning new tricks, growing, did not change.

I worked as a friend and coach with some of them, and I can tell you: wiping away negativity didn’t make a difference for them.

But why?

My hunch is that whether something makes a difference for you, with you, is as much a choice as it is what the thing is trying to do.

In my practice I observe people bringing their unique way of avoiding or failing every attempt to change.

Dr Cloud is accurate: unless it is their need to change, they won’t. And even if it is their need, their willingness to change will depend on their current level of intelligence.

And a large part, your intelligence depends on the number of capacities you need in your daily activity.

The human DNA is designed such that the capacity becomes available and active when it’s needed, and goes back to dormant when it’s not needed.

This is the ‘secret’ behind miracles, miraculous healing, miraculous heroic acts, when the person suddenly became something way bigger than their normal, and then promptly went back to normal, once the ‘event’ ended.

Few are the men who change their lives so the capacities continue to be needed.

Everyone thinks that if they changed themselves, then they would be able to scale high walls, win friends and influence people.

But the truth is that they put the cart in front of the horse.

In everything.

A normal human wants to feel like doing something before they would do it.
A normal human wants to be sure they can do it before they start.

So they never put themselves in the position of potential failure.

All the nice sayings: step forward and the floor will appear
Jump and you’ll be surprised that you’ll find wings…

That is what they are: nice sayings.

Not for me. I have tested time and time again, that those nice saying are actually an accurate description what happens when someone creates a growth environment for themselves.

When someone sets themselves up to need something.

And when you look, a normal person always expects something from the outside.

The entire ‘Law of attraction’ bullshit is designed to redirect people to where they have absolutely no power.


The floor that appears, the wings that you find are your capacities, hardcoded in your DNA, and available when needed.

Except you hardly ever set yourself up to need anything.

Great example: self-trust, the capacity.

In order to activate self-trust, you continually need to put yourself into a position where the only thing that can save you is your smarts, your agility, your awareness.

  • Going to places where you are not sure you can get out, you can get lost, you can get into trouble.
  • Talking to people who can harm you, use you, abuse you, or just plain bore you… and innovate yourself out of that situation… do something new that saves you and the situation.

I still train myself every day, or the capacity will shut down, and we can’t have that, can we?

Of course you can… I can’t. I won’t… no way, I won’t have it.

But you? You return to your familiar ways of being in your familiar environment where you are not needy of growth… and your failures are only occasionally discovered… and you can do something stupid for years… and unless you have a coach who you trust and who won’t mince words, you won’t know.

If you hear frustration, if you hear exasperation in my voice… it’s there.

I don’t need to be with you every minute of every day.

Because it is true that HOW you do anything is HOW you do everything… it is quite easy for me to see and project how you do things in your life, because of how you do things with me, in those brief moments we are together.

T. Harv Eker, one of my mentors, used a catchy ‘hook’ to get people interested in what he was selling.

‘Give Me Five Minutes, and I Can Predict Your Financial Future for the Rest of Your Life. Even Better, I’ll Show You How To Turn It Around Overnight!’ – T Harv Eker

My hunch is that he said ‘five minutes’ to sound extraordinary and still credible. Because I can tell the same in 30 seconds or less. Because the attitude, the how of things, shows up without delay. Instantly.

The how’s are the capacities. The what’s are what make you need the capacities.

If you continue to limit what you do, you just limited your need for capacities.

Thinking that you need something doesn’t activate a capacity.
Thinking it would be nice… doesn’t activate a capacity.

As long as you engage in magical thinking you are growing backwards.

It’s interesting to think that the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ was a visionary movie… because while this humanity, seven billion people, are growing backwards, chances are that another species is growing and evolving.

The apes? I don’t think so.

You see, what is against evolution is ess… evolutionary stable strategy.

The genes want stability… and that you have. And that you enforce, at the expense of yourself.

And this ess, the current ess of humans, is to grow dumber. Less intelligent. While their science grows in leaps and bounds.

Some, a mighty few, get smarter, while the masses get dumber.

My own personal experience and calculation shows that in every ten thousand people there is one who can and set themselves up to grow.

I calculated it from the number of visitors and the number of students I have…

That means seven million people on the planet.

The number includes everyone, even if they are only willing to add one new capacity to their active capacities…

Going from two to three capacities, for example.

To keep up with science, one needs thirty capacities or more.

And that number is obviously much smaller, 70 to be exact.

Obviously they are too busy making history… So we only know about them from their results.

If you read the story of and Jeff Bezos you would see what that behavior is that needs Jeff Bezos to have thirty capacities firing at the same time.

Dizzying… lol.

But even to get one new capacity to turn on and stay on, you need to be extraordinary in creating opportunities for you to shine or fail.

Talking about it, contemplating it, fretting about it, explaining why you can’t… won’t turn on the capacity.

Do I hope that some of you will wake up as a result of this article?

I don’t. And you probably won’t.

But it is my job to write it and to publish it.

You decide what is YOUR job… what it is that YOU need…

99.99% sure: not a thing. How I know it? Because I am observing your actions.

When you actually need something, you go for it.

PS: There is one valid question: what would make you want to take an action that requires activation of new capacities?

As you know I spent 26 years participating with Landmark Education, on all different levels. At some point I was even in a training called ‘Potential Forum Leader Candidates Program’ for those who wanted to become the highest level course leaders in the organization.

Every assisting and leadership role in Landmark needed new capacities to activate. None of my ‘real life’ did. And none of the courses or programs by Landmark either.

In those assisting and leadership programs you weren’t working on YOUR agenda, you were working to make a difference for the people you served. And that, my friend, needed, required, new capacities, or you didn’t make a difference. You flopped.

I assisted an average 30 hours a week for the first fifteen years, and then 10-15 hours a week for the next 11 years. Always stepping to where there was no floor… and nearly always finding that the floor was suddenly there.

I also fell a few times. I was thrown out, I was told I didn’t make a difference, I was invalidated, not listened to, driven to tears and depression.

It was a true growth experience. I quit only when I was able to replace my growth opportunities elsewhere.

If you had known my father: I took after him. He did the same thing… Always putting himself in harm’s way… so to say. In peril… seemingly.

That is what growth is about.

When the fish came out to try living on dry land, it risked death… and then it grew lungs. That is the floor that meets your feet.

No risk? No growth.

PPS: In the 67-step coaching program it is all about waking you up, making you aware of how much you are not aware of, of how ignorant you’ve been.

It is also about kindling a fire within, that my lead you to ‘need’ to grow, need to do something with your life.

It’s brilliant. But it is still up to you what you do with it… 🙁

PPPS: With 99.99% Americans who never learned history (being taught doesn’t mean they learned it!) we are about to repeat history… terror, despotism, bigotry, world war, annihilation of entire races… for the greater good…

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Last thing: do I like Hillary Clinton? No, have never liked her. But one thing I am sure of: if she makes changes, it will not be in the direction of the far right, the religious bigots, the uneducated and entitled gun-slinging ‘majority’ that makes, gasp, America so American.

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