The biggest stumbling block you have to growth that will fail you

orderParents are not trained educators. They don’t allow you to be a child: they only care about themselves… not you, no matter how much they pretend, even to themselves. You, as a parent, are the same way…

You would be better off living in a children’s home where everyone is trained in personal growth.

Because parents are much like those fraudulent personal growth, get rich, get well and thin, “take a tablet and become forever young/pain free/etc.” marketers.

Why? I guess a stupid person cannot teach another to be smart.

What is smart? It is smart to Learn from Life. Life has been around, successfully, way longer than you and me.

482564188_xsIn nature nothing is instant. If you watch a plant, it won’t go from seed to bearing fruit before it painstakingly breaks the earth, grows some gentle shoots, tries its hand on some tiny leaves, get stronger… and continue until maturity.

Plants that will bear fruit, plants that will live more than just a season, will take years to even get to fruit bearing… don’t they?

But your parents listened to the “push the big red button” advertising, and believe it to be true. Against nature, against physics.

150817110645_1_900x600Because your parents were stupid, mislead by their parents and the salespeople of their time. And consequently you are stupid… with rare exceptions. On in a million.

The hardest decision I had to make, since I started using my coaching, energy channeling, and empath capabilities to make a difference, is to give up being commercial, give up being a marketeer, give up promising unearned abundance in any area.

chinese_symbols_for_clever_8311_2_0Only integrity will count… promising something that conflicts with physics, conflicts with Life is no integrity… and ultimate misery: for me. So I made my decision from there… from self-interest, not some high-mindedness.

Luckily I love plants and I observe them. Luckily I love observing animals, especially the little ones. Luckily my training as an architect prepared me to see the process.

My coaching programs, even my health consultations, don’t promise instant or even overly fast results.

Especially since I have decided to use a 67-step process to coach you through.

I will share what are the biggest mistakes I see in my clients and students, so you can at least know what is the challenge.

Are my articles enough information, enough teaching for you to change, to start growing as Life intended? I doubt it. Unless you are already there… Unless you are one in a million.

But if you are a student, our daily interactions guide you, nudge you, clarify with you and for you, challenge you, if you are willing to learn, willing to take tough feedback and turn it into guidance you take.

The first mistake I see is wanting to grab everything and make all kinds of dramatic changes.

I see it in people who don’t know anything about plants of nature. My landlord, my next door neighbor… They get a big shear, and cut down plants to size… only to kill them.

That is what big changes would bring: killing life.

The other mistake is trying to bring one area exclusively up to par, health, wealth, happiness, or love.

Life doesn’t work that way: life needs to be attended to in a 360 degree way. If you force a plant into flowering, it probably won’t have stem-strength to hold the flower… Learn from Life.

So what is the “right way” to grow?

As an architect I can tell you that until you clear the ground of obstacles, and growth you can’t control, you can’t build anything that is going to last.

The aspects that are most unsuited for growth are your health and your attitude to life.

How you handle fear, how you handle discomfort is the main area to attend to in attitude.
And getting your body to provide you with energy, coherence, and optimism comes right after that.

These two are dependent on each other, and they need to “lean” on each other, like in a Chinese character the lines that build a tent… or a roof… or a foundation. Stable.

orderLearning how to recognize the many ways your mind wants to trick you, the many way you yourself block your own growth, happiness, and fail yourself.

Once you get to a stable level… you can start working on building something… once you cleared the ground. Not before, and definitely of the cuff, off the start… because a fence that goes up fast falls down fast.

Some will learn, many will not.

But there is no other way. No matter what “they” say… what angle they use the hook you and reel you in.

They are lying. They are interested in your money… and cannot deliver on their promises.

Even Landmark Education is included in that… 🙁

I am starting to remove direct buying links to most of my products.

My goal is to have no one be able to buy anything unless I recommended it to them.

And for that I need to know their starting point… I need to connect to them long enough to make an educated guess.

I am not infallible. I have had people disappoint me… my mistake. I have misjudged them.

But it is still a better system than allowing people to use my site as a push-the-big-red-button quick solution site… because it doesn’t work that way.

I will make a lot less money… a lot. 🙁

But I will be a lot happier.

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