Self-Discipline And WillPower are The Path To Grace & Ease

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Why Do You Need Self-Discipline And Will-Power To Achieve Higher States Of Consciousness? The Path To Grace and Ease

A ‘normal’ human is weak, weak willed, and behaves in a pleasure seeking way.

A ‘normal’ human, when asked why they do what they do, they always have a because. Their whole being is effect: they are never the cause of their own action, their own feelings, their own thoughts.

The world of humans is an interplay of cause and effect. Rare humans are the cause of their actions. They are in higher states of consciousness. They don’t need an outside cause: they act as their own authority.

To go from ‘normal’ human, meaning weak willed and pleasure seeking, ordinary consciousness, you will need to develop capacities that are not taught in school, and they are not even encouraged.

When I first learned this whole distinction, responsibility, or said in another way, being a cause, the occasion was being late. I was late, and I had good reasons: I started late, the weather, the train schedule, the cab driver, the elevator… a slew of reasons.

The trainer suggested that I become cause of my being late. I tried, ‘I am late because I am forgetful…’ but as he explained, I mean the trainer, that would still be something other than me being the cause. If it is an internal and inherent weakness that causes something, I am still a victim, I am still an effect.

It took a long time, but the speaking that expresses being totally the cause of the result was, ‘I am late because I am late.’ or in my case ‘I am late because I started out late… all the rest are just excuses.’

This was a huge revelation to me. In the three years following this discovery I accomplished nine years worth of work, and went from a low-paid architect to a magazine owner, a magazine publisher with staff. It was amazing.

Then, of course, I got sloppy and victimized again, and my life has been an alternation of being cause, and being a victim.

You need self-discipline and will power to stay cause. Just because you know what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to notice, what you must be aware of, you won’t, unless you have a well-developed self-discipline and will-power.

Both practically help you forego the desire to bail out, to escape, to go the easy route.

You don’t go from an undisciplined prince or princess to a disciplined person. The world does not prepare you for that: a disciplined person is a threat to society: it rocks the boat of mediocrity and complacency.

I have a few clients who are either in the military or retired from the military. Even the military doesn’t care about you being self-disciplined: they just want you to do what you are told to do, like a machine.

Those military types are the least disciplined of all my clients… a total disaster.

So, how are you going to go from ‘normal’ to highly disciplined? You know that the meaning of a discipline is teaching, and a disciple is someone who can be taught.

As long as you are undisciplined, no matter what I do, and no matter what you do, the results will not be forthcoming.

And because a normal human is blind to its own behavior, its own ego, you need outside help to be able to see yourself.

The tools that I offer are energetic and cognitive.

Energetically, my harmonize your vibration audio is your best choice, if you are normal.

Cognitively, I recommend that you find out what is your soul’s correction, so you can actually direct your awareness at something that will change you in the right direction.

UPDATE: now there is a specific Avatar State audio to address self-discipline.

self-discipline the path to grace and easeGo and try the Self-Discipline Activator

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Self-Discipline And WillPower are The Path To Grace & Ease”

  1. I have such high and unassailable excuses, lucky me…I am serving God, or showing my fear by my holy inaction. Never one to offend, I am still waiting to get my divine green light to start my life.

  2. I am going to say this, having done one of the trainings that you did. Time for me to step up my game and respect who you are as a teacher, and who I am as a person and potential.

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