What is the typical reason people don’t do anything with their lives?

success-will-never-be-a-big-stepWhat is the typical reason people don’t do anything with their lives?

That’s a loaded question, but it’s a valid question.

I have done a lot of observation and thinking on this.

I have come to the conclusion that the core issue is stinginess that results in scarcity thinking and scarcity behavior.

I will list a few variations: I am sure that you’ll find yourself…

This is how it goes:

  1. You don’t quite know what you want from your life. So you postpone doing anything until you know… which is never.
  2. You know what you want to achieve, what you want from your life, but there is no path that you can see. You have a job, a family, and you can’t see how you could have it all… so you do nothing… or you pick one area and you work that to death. Most people, in my experience, pick health or improving their looks. But in the big schemes of things, they really don’t do anything in the direction of what they know they want from their life.
  3. They know what they want, but it looks like an elephant… Big, bulky, unwieldy… and it doesn’t look like they can fit it in their mouths… So they do nothing. No biting, no chewing… Nothing.

Now, what you see is in common is waiting, postponing, and resignation.

wwotd_051613_oprah-winfrey-quoteWhere and how is this being stingy?

Stingy is scarcity in behavior. It comes from a mistaken belief that “energy expanded is energy wasted. That energy can be saved and it will be available tomorrow. That energy expanded in one area will make you lose the opportunity in another.”

And maybe occasionally it’s so.

The opposite of stingy is not getting super busy… a lot of people I watch do that. Get super busy. They don’t see how they could have what they want, so the get super busy to suppress the pain and the disgust they feel towards themselves… Being busy doesn’t make them feel better… but they surely miss the opportunity to grow.

The opposite of stingy is calculated and purposeful action of preparation.

Preparing and growing the land, labor and capital advantages are a lot of tiny steps that you can do, and increase your advantages in all those areas. And even if you don’t know where you are going, what you are shooting for, increasing your advantages in all three areas will get you ready to take actions directly on a dream that will either emerge, or you already have.

If you are stingy, if you live with a scarcity mindset, you won’t do any of it.

Instead you’ll buy a course for thousands of dollars, a course that you have no business studying, you can’t implement, because you have no land, labor or capital advantages…

You want to shoot a bull’s eye, without ever doing the work of becoming a master marksman.

change-your-eating-and-your-life-one-step-at-a-timeWhich means, stinginess and scarcity mindset results in you being stupid, not seeing the big picture, and being stuck at the bottom of the totem pole.

I know too many people in that predicament.

Some soul corrections are more stingy than others.

Finish what you start, Sharing the Light, Silent Partner, and Removing Hatred are the four stingiest soul corrections I know…

All four prefer waiting until they are ready…

That is the secret reason why they are the least accomplished of all the soul corrections.

It is not lack of talent, it is not lack of intellectual capacities, it is an unwillingness to invest in something that is not immediate. Stinginess.

Narrow cone of vision, an inability to connect the pieces together to form a coherent whole.

Stinginess is a survival skill. But stinginess in one area, results in overspending in others.

Penny wise, dollar foolish.

My first “Finish what you start” client was a business coach.

Opposite to popular opinion, every business owner, including coaches, are marketers first, salespeople second, and expert providers third. Or should be…

Land, labor and capital.

Land: who you know
Labor: what you know
Capital: what you have to work with

Land (connections): Connection, positional advantage, it’s who you know. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. People you’re spending time around. Also: who you have to sell to… Marketing increases your audience… People who listen to what you have to say, or need what you have to sell.

Labor: Your skill and skill of team. The things in your head, the books you read and things you know. Knowledge. Skills. Tangible and intangible skills. Touch typing, languages, music, dance, emotional intelligence, communication, your health, your fitness…

Capital: Cash. Free money for you to invest into you. Requires money to buy nutritional foods and eating right. To hire a personal trainer…

kaizen-training-5-638I’ve been observing her for nine years. In nine years she didn’t learn any new skills. In nine years she has only done campaigns, and only when she needed to raise money.

She’s been extremely generous with free coaching, but extremely stingy when it comes to investing her time and energy to grow her advantage in “labor”… skills and knowledge.

So she has remained on the exact same level, working seven days a week, long hours, no money saved.

I notice the pull of stinginess myself… But I am more self-aware than most, and override it most of the time.

The little voice in your head says: It is not worth it.

And so you watch videos, listen to music, go to parties, or browse the web… never actually creating an advantage in any of the three areas of land, labor and capital.

And what about entrepreneurship? That is the fourth requirement to amount to anything, isn’t it?

Without that no matter what you have amassed in the areas of land, labor and capital, you will still not be able to attain your dreams.

Why? For one, entrepreneurship is the ability to see how what you got can be used by others to solve problems.

You cannot see how what you know or what you have is a value for others.

And if you can’t see it… well you won’t use it, or you won’t be able to sell it.

So you’ll be penniless, or you’ll have a job… where the owner of the company will make all the money, and you’ll get paid for your time.

Being able to see the big picture, being able to see the gaping holes in your land, labor and capital advantage through seeing what is needed to get what you want is also part of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is where the spiritual, emotional, etc. intangible capacities rule.

Mental toughness, seeing the consequences of your actions, process, self-discipline, consistency, connecting the dots, wide cone of vision, courage… etc.

Here is an excellent video series on the false thinking of today’s man about economy and such. A little education for you… if you don’t mind…

The methodology most suitable to grow all four advantages that is the trim tabbing, or more popularly called Kaizen Method, invented by Americans, perfected by the Japanese.

The “trick” is: make it a habit. A lifestyle.

In the beginning any activity will meet with huge resistance from you. “Is it worth it?” doubt. “It is not worth it… ” cynicism and resignation…

And most of you, clearly, won’t be able to, won’t have time to achieve your lifelong dreams, like becoming a millionaire… if you are, for example, 72 years old already.

But reaching your goal is not the good thing it is made out to be: unless the journey you take makes you, step by tiny step, richer, healthier, more fulfilled, it comes with a huge price-tag: a miserable life.

And the methodology I support, the methodology of the 67 steps coaching, a trim-tabbing, Kaizen type of program, leads to a fulfilled, well lived life, regardless whether you achieve your goal or not.

The “how to” of doing the steps, the “how to” of living life is as important as the “what to” of life.

And left to your own devices, you’ll fall back to the old way of doing things… and there will be no growth, no fulfillment… Why?

Because the whisper of the 10 thousand generations, 1 the selfish gene will mislead you every step of the way.

That whisper will lead you to be penny wise and dollar foolish. It leads you to NOT INVEST your energies. It leads you to ask: is it worth it? It leads you to not see the forest for the trees. It leads you to think in projects and not lifetime value.

Bad advisor, whispering all day, all night.

Only the best will beat it.

Now, what do I have to offer to help you?

Because, as I have said before, reading an article, even if it is mine, is not going to help you. Why? Because articles are relatively shallow. Because they make your already shabby knowledge base even shabbier.

Which means: you need help.

I know you don’t think so… but let me tell you what you would do if you actually thought you needed help.

You’d say: OK Sophie, I am not ready, but I see that getting ready to get ready is going to be the first thing to do.

Which pretty much means you need to go back to school, a different kind of school this time, where you can actually learn about life, about yourself, about the stuff that holds you back, the stuff that could be useful… and slowly, in tiny little bites get yourself up there with people who have and able to have and use their land, labor, and capital advantages… and have the entrepreneurial spirit awakened.

It may take you years, by the way. The program I am going to suggest is my 67 step coaching… It is as intense as you make it, and it’s either $780 a year, or $477 lifetime. It includes the 67-step program by Tai Lopez. It includes one-on-one coaching by me, in writing. The $477 is a special… It rewards your commitment… for the long term.

Some people start to break open and start growing in the middle of their second cycle… Some people break through even earlier. It all depends what kind of life you live. What challenges you live with, how much you NEED TO grow. More challenges, faster breakthrough.

I only take people who will do the work, who will take coaching, who will be a good investment for me.

You need to get your starting point assessments done so I can know who I am dealing with, before I  make a decision.

Find out where you are on the evolutionary scale, on getting a Self… by ordering the combo measurements.

Your vibration is inversely correlated to your resistance.
So do your intelligence, and your health number.

The soul correction shows what you are most intent on hiding from yourself. The “evil” in you… the desire for the self alone. Specifically.

The number of spiritual capacities are the ones that you are willing and able to use on this level of vibration.

  1. your vibration (1-1000 logarithmic)
  2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc.
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health (1-100)
  7. the level of your cell hydration (1-100)
  8. your relationship to feedback, coaching and instruction

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $40… but buying them all at once, I knock off $25.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

After you pay, please wait to be forwarded to a website to register. If you already are a member of my freebies subscribers’ site, please log in through the “already a member” link on the registration page…

To get this information, I have to connect to you energetically… And I find out more about you than just the numbers… I connect to your soul… and I connect to your personal hell… That’s how I make my decision, on that basis. My experience of being you.

I need your date of birth and a picture of you, your face. You can email them to me.

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