How is living like writing a book? Good writing is re-writing…

writers-gif2Let’s observe how you write… and then we’ll see how you live your life.

Most people first-draft-people… they never re-write. Others carefully craft the format, but don’t touch what they said… the content. And then others wait until they think they have something profound to say… and that is rarely.

All good writing is re-writing. Both writing literature and “writing”, crafting your life, your story. 1 If you are not willing to write badly you are not willing to write well either. And if you can’t see that your first draft is bad, you will never look at it again.

In this article I’ll focus on the category who is afraid to take actions that would re-write their life… they stick with the first draft.

slide_7But what is it that makes bad writing and then re-writing so distasteful to you?

What thinking mistake, what awful aberration renders you unable and unwilling to live life fully, on an upward trajectory?

I am in search of a distinction, a thought pattern, a horribly paralyzing misunderstanding of how you think life works and how reality is for you, with you in it.

  • You must think that everything is effortless and a miracle.
  • You must think that magicians were born that way…
  • That Mozart was a prodigy… and he knew things and did things without working on it.

piechart-firstdraftYou must be a special kind of retard… who never went beyond the starry eyed existence of a 2-year old.

It’s time to grow up. Really.

It’s one thing to live waiting for a miracle when you are two years old… and quite another thing when you are an adult.

rewriting-is-the-essence-of-writing-wellNo matter what fake gurus teach you… enlightened mystics of one sort or another… they are snake oil salesmen at best.


  • It is one thing to throw out bad writing… and never look back. Like the dog that never truly covers its poop…
  • It is quite another thing to come back to the bad writing and re-write it.

Translated to life: do something poorly. Evaluate it… and do it again. This time better. Rinse and repeat until you perfect it.

Now, caveat here: seeing the action clearly is often a big issue… a big missing.

academic-writingExample: you can’t hear what others are saying (same with reading!) because your own mind speaks louder and you are fascinated by it saying the same things over and over: I agree, I don’t agree, I am smart, I am stupid… or whatever it says… I haven’t listened to my mind in decades.

Before you can get really good at this,

  • you need to know that what the mind says is noise.
  • You need to know that your attention comes from a different part of the brain: it is independent of the mind.
  • That you can LEAN INTO what someone else says, and away from the mind… and then you can hear one louder than the other.
  • That you don’t have to silence the mind… you can just ignore it. Make something louder than it is.

Each of the above knowledge comes from “rewriting”… meaning you discover what you did wrong, and correct it, and go one step further.

Now, practice that, and get good at it. Until you get good at it, you are foolish… because you don’t hear half of what is being said.

Your life will change like magic. Because everything that you need is outside of the mind. You have been listening to the noise…

I learn from my coaching students, I learn what are the things you need to learn or re-learn.

The listening example came from a student today.

In the back and forth exchange things get clearer and clearer. The topic of discussion always comes from the student… I am just there to true their direction of looking.

The back and forth is a lot like rewriting.

The topic comes up because they are doing one of the steps of the 67…

Here is an example, also from today:

“My takeaway from this step is to take little steps. Build up courage, turn on that gene, practice, make it a character trait.

Tai says: Courage is doing the stuff you probably know you ought to be doing. I’ll look there. Getting past everyday resistance. Last night I went home and went right to work on that wall project. I worked for two hours, without changing clothes. Simple. I have been avoiding the wall for a few weeks now.

Looking at this sentence without flinching and trying to get the lesson out of it, is that courage?

My muscle test says that he abandoned art/sculpting because he didn’t want to face that he wasn’t as good as he thought he was.

If you are not gasping, read the last sentence. I wrote that. It’s a gasp-inducing feedback.

calvin-writingEverything I write will rattle your cage. I only do it, start doing it, when the student gets to a level where they are ready to deal with it. That is when the real coaching can begin.

That is why my main criteria when contemplating taking a new student is the last question in the starting point assessment: 2 how do you take feedback. Feedback meaning: unfavorable feedback. Hard, maybe even harsh feedback.

writing-process-blimpI have made only few mistakes in that in the past but mistakes of this type hurt.

I had a student whose real attitude to feedback is to attack. Like my cats… bite me, scratch me. Then hide and sulk. I hate cats… lol.

I had a student who never did the thing I suggested that she did… and in the end I got clear why not: she preferred staying miserable and small to growing.

Heartbreak for me.

OK, back to the student with the desire to develop courage, to stand in front of that which is unconfrontable, and mine it for what it’s worth, what it can teach, so he can true his path. So he can be successful, even though he doesn’t have enough “juice” in any single area that would make him a winner.

They call the principle of winning this way, “the edge effect.”

Nearly every person you know who is successful is using it. But unless you know and internalized the principle: edge effect, made it a pattern you can recognize, a distinction you can use for clarity, you can’t see it.

Bill Gates: coding plus the Trojan Horse… a marketing move. without that edge effect he would still be a two-bit coder, not a billionaire.

Steve Jobs: product design plus marketing savvy plus public speaking. A winning combination.

There is literally not one man who “made it” who wasn’t, isn’t using the edge effect.

For me: being an empath… plus being hyper aware and accurate about what is going on inside (pantomime!) plus recognizing and being able to see what energies do… developing a relationship with Source with humility… and the courage to stand out and say something different, unpalatable to most… and just keep on saying it. To never be swayed by money.

revising-cartoonA multiple edge effect… like a tiny country, like the country I was born in. Surrounded by big ones… and it is still holding its own. (I am doing better nowadays than that tiny country, or so I hear.)

The secret is to thrive on controversy. To learn doing what is hard and what doesn’t come easy. To have the courage to be a beginner, a bumbling idiot, a complete blockhead… so you get the first draft done… so you can re-write.

No action? No bad version? No growth.

If it is all in your head only… then you’ll remain the same.

And Rob Brezsny is accurate again for my Scorpio students who are famous for a lot of talk, very minimal if any action:

Between now and the solstice on December 21, you will have extraordinary power to transform into a more practical, well-grounded version of yourself. You may surprise yourself with how naturally you can shed beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. Now try saying the following affirmations and see how they feel coming out of your mouth: “I am an earthy realist. I am a fact-lover and an illusion-buster. I love actions that actually work more than I like theories that I wish would work. I’d rather create constructive change than be renowned for my clever dreams.”

or for the artist student of mine, who is a Capricorn:

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet,” said George Bernard Shaw, “you had best teach it to dance.” This advice is worthy of your consideration, Capricorn. You may still be unable to expunge a certain karmic debt, and it may be harder than ever to hide, so I suggest you dream up a way to play with it — maybe even have some dark fun with it. And who knows? Your willingness to loosen up might at least alleviate the angst your skeleton causes you — and may ultimately transform it in some unpredictably helpful way.

and let me show you another aspect of “rewriting”… from Roy Williams

creativityVast Project, Half-vast Commitment

You have a dream, a hope for the future. But are you willing to spend what it costs to achieve it, endure what is required of you and fight for as long as it takes?

Unrelenting action is what turns starry-eyed daydreams into steely-eyed objectives.

You say you have a goal.
Let me look into your eyes.
Now tell me what you did today.

Unrelenting Action
(From the Monday Morning Memo of Oct. 27, 2002)
Would you like to learn the magic of the elbs?

Elbs are Exponential Little Bits, tiny but relentless changes that compound to make a miracle.

The power of an elb lies not in its size, but in its daily occurrence. For an elb to work its Exponential magic, the Little Bit must happen every day… every day… every day.

Every day.

Funny thing… When daily progress meets with progress, it doesn’t add, it multiplies.

To harness the magic of Exponential Little Bits you must learn to ask yourself, “What difference have I made today?” And never go to sleep until you have done a Little Bit to move yourself closer to your goal.

But you must do a Little Bit every day, no matter how tiny it might be.

Exponential Little Bits work both ways. They can lift you up or hold you back.

Start with a dollar. Double it every day for just 20 days and you’ll have 2,097,150 dollars. But if you diminish each day’s total by just 10 percent (a Little Bit) before the next day’s doubling, you’ll amass only 793,564 dollars. Diminish each day’s doubling by 35 percent (a larger Little Bit) and you’ll have only 56,784 dollars – a shortfall of 95.83 percent.

There is nuclear power in the elbs.


  1. Most people never re-write. They present their first draft in everything. A real good secret of how not to amount to anything or much
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