I have been in a special place where words are not

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whereof-one-cannot-speak-thereof-one-must-be-silent-quote-1I have been in a special place where words are not…

I remember in Landmark I heard “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”~Wittgenstein

I had no idea what it meant… I felt it. I felt it solemn, I felt it exuberant, I felt it exhilarating, I felt it divine.

And then 20 years passed… lots of talking… words and more words.

And today I was transported back there…

I have been watching a lot of foreign movies, and pondering, almost wordlessly evil… I even wrote an article about it.

And then I found a quote… I followed it down the rabbit hole, listened to a lecture by Abraham Joshua Herschel… and I am in that space… where one must be silent…

Why “must”?

wonder-rather-than-doubt-is-the-root-of-all-knowledge-abraham-joshua-heschelBecause in the presence of divine, speaking breaks the spell… speaking adds lies to the truth.

Arrogance. Arrogance destroys the arrogant one.

Not everyone will hear the truth, just like scarcely anyone will even listen.

I have thousands of visitors to my site, and about 30 people who actually read my articles.

The rest? I am shrugging my shoulders… I don’t know…

Eventually I’ll find the words to teach and train and transform, to liberate and return people to home.

Not yet. That doesn’t mean you won’t find your way home… that only means that I am in awe… and when in awe one must be silent. You talk, you break the spell.

OK… here is the video I listened to.

It’s long, occasionally I could not make out what he said… but I was left with magic, hope, and tears in my eyes.

It’s not for everybody. Is it for you? You tell me…

Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity, the sense of being human grows with the ability to say no to oneself.

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