If you follow my instructions and don’t feel fantastic…

peanut butter

  • If you eat all/most of the foods on your food list in the right proportion,
  • don’t eat any of the foods that are not on your food list
  • eat only when you have an appetite
  • don’t eat more than what your stomach can handle at a time
  • sleep right at regular hours
  • drink only fully energized water
  • take your vitamins and minerals that you have discussed with me…
  • drink your Energized Water®

…and you don’t feel fantastic, and your numbers are not up to par…

then you are doing something wrong.

When something isn’t working, there is something that you don’t know

So what can be the hidden reason?

I don’t mean to say when you blatantly violate the agreement we made. If you do, all bets are off.

    • 0. But if you think you are doing all the things I said you must do… and yet, you don’t feel well, it is mostly because what’s not obvious to you: the hidden gluten, the hidden fructose, the hidden carbs… in the food you eat.
    • 1. you probably don’t know, but some or all your food is
      genetically modified, or the animals were fed with genetically modified grains. Genetic modification renders the food not compatible with your body… just look up how it kills animals…
    • 2. Maybe some of your foods, accessories (like my coffee filter) are washed and treated with chemicals you are not able to handle. My health is at 70%. Why not 100%? Because I have to buy my lamb in a supermarket. Have you ever heard of any meat having a shelf life of nearly a month? That is the shelf life of the lamb I buy. What does that mean? It means that the meat was, is treated with chemicals, preservatives, bacterial washes… and you cannot be 100% well if you consume those with your food.That is the truth of it…
  • food_inc_1-joel-salatinI just re-watched Food, Inc… a documentary on Netflix. I first watched it years ago, and I watched it again this time because Tai’s first mentor is featured in it… Joel Salatin, just wanted to see him in action.It is interesting to see how much more I saw this time around. My knowledge about food grew ten-fold in the past years.And my fear and panic for humanity with it. My fear and panic for you.
  • 5e36eea4084c8472f2dcc6f916af4156There are hardly any vegetables in my supermarket that I can eat, even though they are on my list… But when I muscle test the actual vegetable, muscle test says “no”. Onions, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers…cornAnd come winter, I am sure the butter and the lamb will have gluten in them… because in the winter feeding the animals with grass is… expensive? lol… not funny at all. I am sure my numbers will be lower this winter…

    “They” are all lying to you. Even organic farmers. Everyone. Actually, organic farmers lie more… And the food that is labeled “organic” is treated with chemicals… or it would not be able to be sold in a supermarket… So honesty… no such thing in the food market.

    food-inc-corn People say what is in their financial interest, and you can be sure their financial interest is not your health… it is their pocket. So they lie.

    soy-beanMy food bill is higher than it used to be.

    2095_3But I have more energy, I am in better spirits, and my income is keeping up with the increased cost.

    food_incI have proof positive that when people get better, their vibration, their intelligence, how they feel goes a lot higher.

    sausage-factoryJust like I have proof positive that when a health client makes dietary mistakes, his intelligence, vibration, productivity, and general mood drops… They don’t have to tell me… I feel it.

Now, let me also share some observations I have just recently made.

As you know, I myself undergo a rigorous and merciless process to get well, and stay well. And to be able to see what I haven’t seen before, I read a lot, observe a lot, test and experiment a lot.

So here are some fresh observations. Some have resolved themselves, some haven’t.

  • 1. Chatty, obsessive thinking instead of sleeping. I have observed this, and have found that it’s a symptom of an overall Vitamin B deficiency. If it happens with some regularity, start taking Vitamin B complex. Some are better than others, I haven’t found one that has all the B’s…Experiment, or ask me. Nutritional yeast flakes from a reputable source are best.
  • 2. Some muscle, joint, bone pain is due to non-use. :-(I have been doing tiny little exercises, in addition to my senior “don’t fall” class.I have found a few video courses that are really good. One for hip/knee/lower back pain and one for overall muscle weakness/strengthening. This latter is priceless for people who notice that in spite of being able to lift weight, they are still a weakling… like myself.I am inspired by the idea to stretch daily, but am still looking for a good regimen. Most muscle pain comes from inflammation from inflammation causing foods and food preparation.
  • 3. Weight plateauing.I am down 30 lbs, and my weight is now plateauing. I had a “wish” to drop another 10 lbs by the end of the year, and it doesn’t seem possible.I have decided to give it time. Instead of forcing, or doing something drastic, just wait. If it is good for my body, it will go there.Truth be told, my current weight is the lowest it’s been since my surgery in 1998. So the plateau is the sign of an ess… evolutionary stable strategy, and I bet the selfish gene is holding on to the fat… it doesn’t remember me being well without it.But muscle test says it will relent… and let go.I look ok the way I am, but would be better off with another 10 lbs off… I think.
  • 4. I found that having enough Vitamin C in the diet is a real challenge. So I did some research and ordered some herbs… I let you know what I see. Gums bleeding, teeth loose… it’s from lack of Vitamin C.So if you have the same problem: Vitamin C…I can’t take Ascorbic Acid, and I can’t take buffered Vitamin C… one messes with my stomach, the other messes with my mineral balance…We’ll see what the herbs do.
  • 5. I found that making cold drip-brewed coffee instead of hot coffee is a good solution to my stomach ache… no more pain. It’s a lot more involved, but I have created a process that makes it painless.
  • 6. I am training myself to be tougher yet… So now I am keeping the temperature at 47 degrees. That is 8-9 degrees Celsius. I may have to raise it when real cold comes, but for now it’s perfect.Being tough is very important if you want to grow. Being comfortable is the enemy of growth.
  • 7. The Days of Power received with the right mindset is a serious boon to keeping my spirits up, in a hopeful place, where in spite of ugly, and disagreeable, and hopeless ways things and people are, I am well, I am in good spirits. So I am not at the effect of the environment and the circumstances, be it a computer crash, a computer virus, or other things that normally make people less than happy.
  • As you know, I am not a doctor. I don’t treat diseases. In my view the body can heal itself if it is given all the right building blocks, and none of the wrong building blocks. Some people can turn around even at death’s door… It is not prayer, it is not energies, it is not “healing”, it is definitely not medication: it is feeding the body with what it needs whether it is sick or not… the daily essentials. And none of the toxic stuff… none of the stuff YOUR body isn’t supposed to know… stuff that you see in the supermarket but your ancestors didn’t eat.That is all processed food. That is all exotic foods… including spices, vegetables, oils, seeds, fruits, nuts…In my health sessions I muscle test all this and people are horrified that 99% of what they had been eating is toxic to their body.Changing is hard, but possible. To change, the desire to be well needs to be bigger than the desire to indulge.water-energizer-setup2And the last element is the correct water, water that lubricates the cells, where your energy to live, think, enjoy is made. At this point it seems to me that only my Energized Water® fits the bill, so that is what I recommend. If I find something better, I’ll let you know.

OK, this is it, for now.

The energy of the Days of Power was already on last night… so I have already got an energy infusion. More today, during our session…

Looking forward to seeing you.

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