Do you understand digestion? The process?

education-is-a-good-thingAs you know I do health consulting. Most of it is about how to eat and what to eat.

Yesterday I found out that my clients don’t know how digestion works, and therefore they guess at how to eat… Because this seems to be the general picture, that people never learned about digestion, I see that I need an emergency article…

In this article I rant about widespread ignorance, your ignorance… about how things work. Then I teach you stuff you want to know but never learned… about your body, about eating, about the secrets of being well…

If you want to skip the rant… click here…

If you went to school and have nothing to show for it: you are not alone.

I don’t know what happened to schools, what happened to children, what turned your curiosity off… but obviously your curiosity was already turned off when you went to school.

Because you could have learned a general education without any higher education then and there. I did.

Obviously what you do outside of school matters almost as much as what you do in school: your family activities, your parents level of general education, the conversation, the books, the TV.



It seems that you have to make up for lost opportunity now.

You have to learn biology if you want to be able to be responsible for your well-being, for bringing out of your body the best it can give you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and forrest-gumps-life-lessons-24-638intellectually.

I mean it.

And I can hear you moaning.

I didn’t say: you have to go back to high school…

Luckily today’s youtube is more entertaining, and more educating than your high school ever was.

So you knew that… but never thought of going to youtube and fill out the blanks of your education. You went there for useless crap… entertainment, gossip, curiosity. Cute cat videos.

As you can see, I am 1. disgusted 2. exasperated 3. not understanding… and I am struggling to fight off the hopelessness that creeps up on me when it comes to you: your future, and the new humanity.

But… let’s see if I can get, at least a few of you, watch a few videos, and then come back to hear the specific instructions and insights I have with regards to making your eating habits more in line with health, as I see it.

On a side note: I have been seeing all these movies where women are surprised to find themselves pregnant… now I know why? They never learned biology.

OK, enough ranting…

OK, this is what you do:
1. go to
2. Type into the search box on the page: digestive system
3. watch any and all videos.

Warning: You’ll probably behave how you have always behaved, by the way. Remember: how you do anything is how you do everything.

So if you want your “ass wiped for you” then you’ll ask me to teach you what is specific to you… only.
If you get sidetracked on youtube… or get bored… or just plain leave this page… you get the drift… this is how you do life.

If this behavior has got you all the good life you ever wanted, excellent. Keep it up.

But if it hasn’t, if your life in the areas of health, wealth, love and happiness are not quite there… then please use this as an opportunity to do what I say, and watch those darn videos.

It is never too late to start. Who knows, this may add ten-twenty years to your life. I mean it.

After all that is what it would do to your car if you finally learned how to drive and take care of the dear thing…

I learned driving in Hungary, where you had to learn how cars work… you had to be able to make small repairs, diagnose trouble, change tires.

I have had seven cars in my life. I bought all of them at around their tenth birthday.

I drove all of them for years after that. Three cars till their mileage went over 250 thousand miles.

Why? Because of that little knowledge I gained preparing for the drivers license exam.

The same is true about your body… if you know how it works, if you know how to make it last… it will last.

Remember my other favorite saying: When something is not working, there is something you don’t know. 1

It could be said that when your body isn’t working, when your love life isn’t working, when your brain isn’t working, when your happiness isn’t working… there is something you never bothered to learn, and you can learn it any time.

Instead of looking for tips, and tricks, and pills, and magic, and energy healing, and superfoods, and diets… shore up your knowledge, and learn stuff others who are more successful than you have learned.

I know you don’t think they know more than you. But their results show that you are wrong: they learned a lot of stuff you avoid in favor of entertainment, fun, and momentary joy.

66634667In life you get what you deserve. Every time.

Now go and deserve more.

Go to the videos.

And then come back and let me know you did it.

I will invite you to a special webinar where I’ll answer your questions about digestion specifically… so you get both the general education and the specific answers relating to your situation. I even have an amazingly detailed pdf for you… But first you need to prove to me that you did your part! No exception.

Remember: stupid as the stupid does… you continue doing stupid: you guessed, you end up stupid.

PS: When I look at my students and clients, even the ones that read… they read about all kinds of stuff, while their bodies fall apart, or doesn’t generate as much energy as it could.

When your body isn’t fine-tuned, your intellect, your understanding, your emotional resilience, your spiritual growth are hindered.

Reading books about intellect and understanding, and spirituality is a pretentious act at this point. You need to learn to operate your machinery, your body before you do anything else. A life built on an ineffective “chassis” (meaning ineffective physical, knowledge, habit foundation) is an ineffective life. Chassis is the foundation of a car. You can’t build a good car on a poorly constructed foundation. 2

You have a poorly built, poorly cared for chassis… your results are going to be meager, unsatisfying, giving you no pleasure.

Have a problem with focus? Attention? Remembering? Understanding?

31b3b9b75cbae347ffe9cc5716c73793You, I promise you, have a digestive issue…

Now get cracking, and head over to

Remember: there are three types of people: wise, foolish, and evil. Become a wise person and start following my instructions. It is never too late.

Or if you don’t want to… then please go away and don’t come back.

PPS: You might think it is too late for you. A week ago I probably would have thought so myself.

food_incBut there was a line in the movie Food, Inc. that changed my mind about that.

You see, cows are fed corn to make them fat fast. But cows digestion isn’t built to do well with corn. Cows are “designed” to do well with grass.

In the movie they show a cow whose stomach was directly manipulated by a researcher to see what happens there… and see what they can do with the inevitable result of feeding the wrong food to the cow: E-coli bacillus production, a bacteria that kills people.

They found that feeding the cow grass, just for four days, reverses the process and reliably kills the e-coli.

Of course they don’t do it. Instead they pump antibiotics into the cows and hope for the best.

What they sell as “grass-fed” on the market is the cow meat, beef, of the cows that were “grass finished”… four days…

But if cows can get well in just four days by doing the right thing… don’t you think you can get well by learning what is the right thing for you?

You get the basics you missed in high school, and I give you the specifics, the specifics for your body.

Is it worth it? I hope you can see that it is.


  1. Meaning: there is a hole in your education!
  2. chas·sis
    noun: chassis; plural noun: chassis

    the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance.
    synonyms: framework, frame, structure, substructure, shell, casing
    “the chassis of the car is in mint condition”
    the outer structural framework of a piece of audio, radio, or computer equipment.
    synonyms: framework, frame, structure, substructure, shell, casing
    “the chassis of the car is in mint condition”

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