One model for a satisfying life is the battery.

cell-battery-rundownIf you suck the last little bit of energy out of your battery and then charge it, next day it will give you a little more… 2

PS: I wrote an article on the importance of the capacity to feel, experience awe in the presence of an act worthy of awe.

And I just had the insight that if and when you don’t: it is because you can’t dare to measure yourself to that action, because you, yourself have been cowardly and stingy with your life.

If you have been craving uplifting experiences: you are in for an unpleasant surprise: unless you are big enough, uplifting experiences will not come to you: your pretense mechanism will block it.

What you may call awe… being “amazed” by high achievers or pretty people is greed… desire to have something you haven’t earned, what you are not willing to earn.

When I read about Sam Walton: I am inspired to make decisions like he did. When you read about Sam Walton: you want his results…

Miserable… ugh.

Start using up your energy (battery) every day for tasks that are important to you, especially if they don’t come naturally to you. Do it every day… Maybe even go beyond exhaustion… You won’t believe how much more is in that battery… they call it “second wind”… and there is even a third wind, and a fourth wind.

Eventually you’ll be able to experience awe… first about your own self… Sweet. Trust me… Nothing sweeter than that.

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  1. I just read that this is not true for all types of batteries… well, it is true for most people…)

    But if you suck the energy sparingly, if you are more worried about the battery than about building something with the energy… at the end of the day energy is left in the battery.

    You charge it overnight, and next day the battery will show full, but its full is only the 70% you used the day before…

    And little by little, your sparing the battery attitude, your stinginess leaves you with hardly any energy to get things done, to think, to dream, to imagine, to be creative.

    This is how life works.

    The energy-loss, the loss of vibrancy, capacity loss can be gradually reversed…

    Another analogy is the car.

    Most people buy a car that can drive a lot faster and a lot farther than they intend to drive it.

    All my cars were used cars, and all my cars gave their owner less and less “juice” over time.

    battery-loses-capacity-to-be-fully-chargedThey were like old people who lost it… Use it or lose it.

    It took me, each time, months to retrain the cars to be springy, to speed up fast, to erupt into speed and save my ass in a situation… and they did. All of them.

    My first car was a 600 cc East German car. With my training it could beat any car “off the rack” and I have competed (raced) with that car, just to prove it was nurture v nature… and nurture won. Every time.

    People accused me or using special fuel injection, or whatever. But I didn’t… I just trained the car.

    Now, why am I sharing all this with you?

    Because you and your life are both like a battery and a used car.

    You have trained your body and your energy to give you just enough to get by.

    battery-conditioningYour base “instinct” in life is to hold back, give as little as you can, do as little work as you can, so you can feel like you are getting more than you are giving… a kind of winner?

    You never experience life fully, because you are operating with clogged pipes and lazy batteries…

    You follow instructions a little bit.

    What you are not getting is that the satisfaction, the happiness you seek is the result of hard, exhausting, where you give till it hurts and beyond.

    People who have it easy are not happy. Not fulfilled. Not love life.

    They look happy to you, because you have no idea what happiness looks like, happiness feels like. You’ve never given life a chance to show it to you.

    To me it is easiest to see this on actors… No one runs away because I am staring… lol.

    In the movies, TV shows I watch, there is no acting… it got to a place where it is expected maybe once in a whole series. Where genuine anger would need to be shown, for example. That would be acting… But they, the actors, actresses don’t know how to do it… they have never learned, never practiced acting, they just say their lines and go home or to the pub to get high, to get drunk.

    The ones that actually invest in their craft are famous, this prize, that prize…

    Same in sports. Same everywhere.

    battery-lifeBut one needs to stop dancing to the socially accepted norms. It is socially accepted to be a numbskull, a wind bag, a boaster, a pretentious half-educated pompous prick.

    And even if you claim you get really tired by the end of the day… if you check yourself, what you got tired of, what you used your life for, is inconsequential. You did not get done what would matter most.

    I have had days when I got more tired that usual… and when I looked I spent most of the day binging on Netflix. Not what matters to me or anyone.

    When you look: you’ll see that you avoid doing the hard, you avoid doing the important… Because you are trying to spare yourself.

    If you were my newly bought old car, it would take me driving you really hard for months to burn out this “sparing nature”… so you can apply yourself to what you were born for: hard work.

    The meaning of life is to work hard, to do your best every day, to make sure today’s best is more and better than it was yesterday.

    And do it in all areas of life. Health, wealth, love and happiness.

    Neglecting any of those areas, giving up on any of those areas will leave you not happy, not fulfilled, with a life you didn’t live well.

    I have a theory: if you lived well, you’ll die well.

    Everyone is afraid of death… because they are not living well.

    I am living well, finally, and I am not afraid of death.

    It the twice a month workshop series I’ll go deeper in this. 1What’s the truth about you workshop series. Starting on December 6, 2016

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  1. I’ve read the adrenal glands are the battery. Do you agree with this Sophie?

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