There is no hurry on the creative plane…

there-is-no-hurryWallace D. Wattles said that. One Hundred years ago. 1

Of course he was mistaken in 70% of what he said; your thoughts do not create, etc. and yet. The 30% is worth its weight in gold.

I have been practicing being on the creative plane: no hurry, no competition, no scarcity, you can’t miss anything… Not easy to stay on it… wasn’t even easy to “climb” on it.

It’s been the best thing ever happened to my life.

I see it even clearer by observing my students who are always in a hurry.

Tai has this “patient-impatient” and “impatient-patient” going, and I have to admit that it goes right over my head… just like his PACE categories… but I completely get that if you start anything with the idea that it is going be fast, that it is going to be easy, you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to run out of steam.

The Reclaim framework I use to deliver my 67-step coaching program: I call it the tiny steps framework, for a reason.

No matter what area of life you are looking at, hurry, fast, is always hasty as well. It comes from scarcity. It comes from fear or greed or both.

The last hasty mistake I made was last November (2015) and it cost me so many thousands of dollars I am horrified to look at it now. I did get one good thing out of it: I overhauled my sleeping hours: I get up a lot earlier now… And a lesson that woke me up.

As any coach or energy practitioner or blogger… anyone who needs clients is also a marketer.

Marketing, internet marketing is so full of wannabe greedy incompetent fools, who will buy anything that offers them quick results…

I used to be one of them.

Anything that should be built fast I now forego… skip… don’t even look back.

Some, very few people teach techniques that are for the long haul… and today I got why wannabe’s don’t buy those…

You need to have a long term vision, or a big picture view of what the technique does and what you want to do with it… on the long haul. And with the vision comes trust. Trust in yourself, trust in a system, trust in a future you are causing.

Unless you have that, or until you have that, you are floating without a rudder… I did.

But this is where my coaching program shines best: you can always return to building your foundation, taking those tiny steps to read, to look at your life, just look and see, to internalize and integrate distinctions, principles, ideas. And the long vision will show up when it’s ready. When you are ready. Not before that.

It’s taken me three and a half cycles, since February, 10 months, to see what I am doing as a marketer, and have a strategy, finally. Please don’t laugh if you are better than me… It often takes that long or longer.

But if I hadn’t started the first cycle of steps in February, I would be still far from being able to see the strategy that can work best, and I would still do wild turns, false starts, and would still buy every shiny object.

I got to a place where I can actually cause the increase of my income, without being salesy, without trying to sell… Serve the people who come to me…

And have a hope for my financial future, for the first time in my life.

And this is my fifth full time business… so I am definitely not new to business… but new to hurry free strategic thinking… Brand new. And loving it.

PS: any area where you are in a hurry is an area where I guarantee you’ll flop, crash and burn. Please don’t hurry.

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