Most people experience stress and suffer from it. But you don’t have to, unless…

Most people experience stress and suffer from it

stress-job-interviewStress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action.

You probably think that stress is the same for everyone, that stress is a physical reality, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.

There is no such thing as stress. Stress only exists when someone says so: it is a lot like most people we deal and struggle with in life: made up by humans. Not real…

how-do-you-handle-stressAnd different people, depending on their upbringing, on their conduct of language, on their education, will say different things. For example I never used the word stress and still don’t… It doesn’t exist for me.

This is why some people, in the exact same circumstances remain calm, collected, and free from the symptoms of “stress”, while the person next to them reacts harshly, getting emotionally upset, etc.

So why is one person reacting one way? What is the difference between people who respond one way or the other?

In this conversation I am going to speak through distinctions: recognizable and predictable ways. Distinctions is recognizable and discrete groups of “stuff” that life is built up from. Atom is a distinction. Molecule is a distinction. Cell is a distinction. Humility is a distinction. Your ancestry is a distinction.


stressedYour reaction to stress depends on…

If you have the word “stress” in your vocabulary… you can still have different reaction to it, than another person! Your reaction to stress depends on you… who you consider yourself as… given by your history, your education, your physical state, your mental state, how many things you recognize in the world correctly, and your world view.

  • stress-responseIf you consider yourself a victim: everything will happen to that victim, and you will have predictable, and repeatable effects consistent with being a victim.

    Things happen to you: you feel powerless, you act powerless, and you feel beaten down, or do what many powerless people do: yell, argue, threaten, hit… punishing another for your suffering.

  • If you have a world view of right and wrong, and what is supposed to be or not to be, your relationship to stress that it shouldn’t be. It should not happen: life should be smooth. And when something shouldn’t be, then your reaction to it is to resist it, hide from it, avoid it, or try to fix it.
  • neuroendocrine_system_grandeIf your education is myopic and did not prepare you for life well… you’ll be able to see only the effect of stress, and you won’t be able to see the cause… You’ll suffer about the effects and maybe try to fix them… but you will not see the causes, especially the causes that you can change.
  • Your physical state, your health, your hydration, your nutritional state makes a huge difference. brain-gut_grandeWhen you are well, balanced, hydrated, and your body works as it is meant to work, you are less prone to get upset from stress, and you will handle everything with more grace and ease.
  • Same with your emotional and mental state. When things go well for you, when you like yourself, things can happen and you can view them with detachment: you can handle them with ease. They don’t feel personal, and they don’t feel threatening: you can feel that you are bigger than what is happening.

“Stress and emotional pain is not caused by external issues, but by the battle between who you really are and the false ideas you’ve been brainwashed to believe about yourself.”

  • gut-brain_axis_largeAnd your response to things depends a whole lot on your level of astuteness

    Astuteness is a number that measures how clearly and accurately you see the difference between different things.

  • stress-loop_choose-a-life-you-loveIf you talk to an Inuit, or an Eskimo, you’ll notice that they have a large vocabulary about weather conditions, like snow.
  • If you talk to a Midwestern person, you’ll notice that they can tell the severity and the nearly exact timing of a storm coming from the West.
  • If you talk to a taylor, you’ll find that they can tell many different shades of black… while you can only see one. Black. You won’t even look again… black is black…

Your emotional astuteness, your societal astuteness, your business astuteness, your political, history, weather, relationship, etc. astuteness, the number, will be an excellent predictor of how stressed you are going to be when things happen.

What are the signs of low astuteness?

Things happen, and you have no idea how, why, when it happened… you are dumbfounded, powerless, and unprepared.

For you, for the mind, Everything is the same as everything else … except not always For you everything is a surprise… you didn’t expect it. For you everyone else is there to bother you, upset you, compete with you, or admire you.

Your world is about you: you are the center… and you are suffering.

In my work with people, I could say, simply: I work with you so you can have a life virtually stress free…

I don’t intend to change your life. You may, but I don’t. I am working with you to change you.

Your astuteness, your physical state, your hydration, nutrition, your world view. Your self image. Your education level.

It’s a lot of work, and the results are unpredictable.

  1. Some people are wise: they take teaching, guidance, intelligently.
  2. Most people are foolish: they have reasons why the guidance doesn’t apply to them, why they can’t do it, why it’s not their fault.
  3. And some people are evil: they feel justified to destroy you in their self-righteous anger against you.

I have all three kinds of clients and students…

I filter who I do business with quite effectively by restricTing people to a very narrow selection of my products.

My favorite way to filter people is to ask them to donate $15 to me to measure their vibration.

Vibration is a very complicated number, but I can tell a world about you through it.

Your vibration number (between 1 and 1000) tells me how you react to things that are happening. Tells me how truthful you are with yourself and others. Tells me the level of your health, your attitude to feedback and guidance. How accurate your world view is, compared to reality.

Based on what I find, I may recommend you a path to follow to raise your vibration.

Want to find out where you are on the vibrational scale?

Here is a whole page that explains it more…

If you think you are ready to get your number, here is a button to send me a donation and get your vibration measured.

Get your Starting Point Measurements

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