Tai Lopez’s 5 Steps To ‘The Good Life’

tai-party-croppedI am a coach. But spirituality is a tricky thing: not much action: most things happen on the inside as a result of some shift.

But… but it is only possible to coach someone who is in action.

For decades I tried to coach people who weren’t… and it was a waste of my efforts. Decades. I hated my life… 🙁

Finally I wisened up when I myself bought Tai’s program and started to do it.

It was action. Daily or five times a week action. I either did it or didn’t do it. I either paid attention or I didn’t. I was either humble and soaked it up like a sponge, or judged it. I was either growing or shrinking. It had a what and it had a how aspect. Excellent.

I saw that it is the perfect thing for my clients and students to do: do the 67 steps… and then suddenly there will be sense in coaching them. 1

This is how my 67 step coaching program was born. I buy the 67 steps program for the student, they do it, document it on their forum thread, and I answer… It is successful. All the doing, not doing issues,  all the mindset issues, all the delusions, all the soul corrections come up and can be coached, as people do the 67 steps, however and whenever they do them.

All the problems that keep people dead, sick, worthless, undeserving, come up and can be dealt with inside the context of the program. And all the successes can be celebrated.

I don’t think it works as well without the coaching… because people have no foundation from which to do much about anything… so for most people in the 67 steps is building a foundation.

In addition to that: without redirection, people only see what they have always seen, do things the way they have always done things… What and how is what got you where you are… and people want to move up.

Some people refuse to build a foundation… And will get nothing out of the program. Some will build some foundation. And a few will use it as a springboard to greatness.

You work with what you have… I myself work, feverishly, to keep up with the new type of issues that come up. To become a better coach, to be able to move even the immovable.

I say it’s possible… in spite of what anybody says… lol

OK, here is in Tai’s words:

Tai Lopez’s 5 Steps To ‘The Good Life’

by Tai Lopez

Everyone wants the good life, but not everyone gets the good life.

The good life consists of the right balance between health, wealth, love, and happiness…

There’s no set path to get there. Everyone has to take a different road to achieve their good life…

But there are guidelines, and in this article I lay out five steps to help you get there.

The first step is one of the most important. You need to double down on your strengths, but there’s just one problem with that….

Most people don’t know their real strengths. They perceive things as strengths, but their egos get in the way of the truth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said,

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

You need to analyze your struggles before you can know what your true strengths are. And it’s no easy task. If you start today, it’ll probably take you a couple of years to discover them…

Another great quote is from Steve Martin in his book Born Standing Up. He said,

It’s easy to be great. What is hard is being consistently good.

What he means is we all get lucky sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in the occasional wins, and letting them go to your head.

The hard thing is continually being successful and having steady, reliable results.

So when you are trying to achieve the good life, the first thing you should do is: before you make a big decision, write down the goal of the outcome. In 12 months come back to it and ask…

  • Did I achieve that goal?
  • How much did I struggle to get it?
  • Was I willing to struggle, and if not why?
After a few years of analyzing your struggles, you’ll know your real strengths and not your perceived strengths.

5-steps to the good life by tai lopez

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