Why Should I Have To… They Should Just Give It To Me…

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should shouldn't racketDo you have this attitude? It sounds something like this: why should I have to work so hard, pay attention, ask for it, earn it, dress up, look good, do well, get a degree, read that book, do my homework… they should just give it to me, because I am pretty, I was good last week, I am already tired…

I got lucky today. I have been playing the Self-discipline activator, and it must work wider than that, or maybe this is the point, but my awareness is over the top. I notice stuff about myself that I never knew I had.

This is how I caught this attitude, the killer of all results, and the genesis of a lot of grumpy, disgruntled people’s anger.

I knew about one aspect of it for a long time. As a business woman I have had this attitude that people should just buy from me because my product is good, without me having to tell them it’s good, without me having to sell it.

It never worked, of course. But I thought that I was over it.

But core issues have a way of shape-shifting, and coming back dressed so different, you don’t recognize it’s the same issue. Or they go underground.

I remember when I first noticed this, some 41 years ago. I was an architect, employed way above my experience and abilities. I had no idea what I was doing, to be quite frank. The manager I had was moved to a different position, and I got a new manager.

He started his job with a personal interview with everyone on staff: it was a small department.

You are going back to being a draftsperson, he told me. Why? I asked indignantly. Because you will need to prove yourself. I thought for a second, and brashly answered: No, I don’t. And I quit.

It wasn’t a problem finding a job, just finding a job worth having was a real issue. I found one that was horrible, with a horrible boss, with horrible projects. It took me a good five-six years to get back to the place where I was before I quit that job in 1972.

I had an attitude problem then, and I have an attitude problem now… a type of entitlement issue. I should not have to… anything, really.

Sounds familiar?

People ask why the seminal work of Wallace D. Wattles is so extraordinary and why so few people benefit from it.

I today saw why.

You see Wattles teaches to put all power into all action. He teaches to not do that to please someone, not do that to get ahead or get awards, do that to become all you can be.

How well can an average American, Hungarian, Canadian, Chinese, or Indian hear that? Not very well, I assert.

The attitude I discovered is behind this failure to hear it, failure to heed it.

Resulting in a life of getting by, surviving, looking good, and never really feeling good about ourselves.

I know, you want to get as much with as little effort that you can get away with… but who are you cheating? Yourself, of course.

In the Soul-Correction Workshop I will find attitudes like this and create a custom activator for them, so you can start becoming all you can be, the person who you were meant to be.

Obviously it is not for everyone. It is definitely not for people who have their hands out, the moochers or the looters. It is not the manifest this, manifest that type of people. It is not for people that wait for miracles. It is not for them. I’ll make you work your behind off to get the result you set out to get.

What would you like to accomplish if you could get all the support, all the tools for yourself? Why don’t you contemplate that.

It sounds something like this: If I stopped [procrastinating,] and finally started that project that I have been thinking of for a long time, and if I stopped [being afraid of making mistakes,] then I would finally accomplish that project… Replace the square bracket items with what you know stops you, like laziness, entitlement, being judgmental, justifying, weak, sickly, clingy, jealous, dependent, etc…

See how it feels just saying that. If it feels good, then just register in the Soul Correction workshop. By the end of the first month you’ll know if it is for you or not.

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