What life did you choose in the first hour of your day? The Backdrop

being-firstEvery day works best if and when you have a context set in the first hour of the day. 1

For most of you this is the same old, same old, because you put your attention to everything the same old way. I am not saying you should DO something different every morning, that is not what I am saying.

Doing different will not set the context, doing different will not change your beingness, doing different will not change what is the backdrop that all of life, everything that happens during that day, will happen.

Context, backdrop are beingness phenomena… They are like hunger.

Hunger is the best chef… claims the proverb. When you are hungry, when you have an appetite, the enjoyment level of the food goes up.

That’s exactly how context, or backdrop works: it changes how you experience life.

The best context, the best backdrop is anticipation. The anticipation of a future: so close you can taste it. 2

Have you ever observed a person in a new relationship on the morning of their date? All fresh, all smiles…

One could be like that every day, probably, if it didn’t get all same old, same old, by not having created the context… by having the context thrust upon them, by circumstances.

Joel Salatin, who tapdances to work, created his context. He is the grower of good food, and that is a context worth tapdancing for, it makes him rare, it makes him a celebrity.

I have my own created context that keeps me excited, but in addition to the “base context” I have daily context as well.

On Mondays, most Mondays, I allow the Monday Morning Memo to shed light to something that I’d enjoy as a context.
On Tuesdays I have Rob Brezsny, my exercise class… my walks up and down the hill… I am a hero that day doing impossible things… lol.

But this Tuesday it’s even richer… I have another reason and occasion to be a hero: the first of many workshops is this afternoon: I’ll attempt to create turning points for people deeply stuck in their ways, deeply stuck in some way of being that is not joyful, not productive, does not allow them to grow.

I am excited.

I picked Capricorn’s weekly horoscope to give voice of what I am attempting to do:

In his book *The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,* John Koenig coins words to describe previously unnamed feelings. I suspect you may have experienced a few of them recently. One is “monachopsis,” defined as “the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.” Then there’s “altschmerz,” meaning “weariness with the same old issues you’ve always had.” Another obscure sorrow you might recognize is “nodus tollens,” or “the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense anymore.” Now I’ll tell you two of Koenig’s more uplifting terms, which I bet you’ll feel as you claw your way free of the morass. First, there’s “liberosis”: caring less about unimportant things; relaxing your grip so you can hold your life loosely and playfully. Second, there’s “flashover,” that moment when conversations become “real and alive, which occurs when a spark of trust shorts out the delicate circuits you keep insulated under layers of irony.”

Not the whole thing… in my view it is quite pretentious, as is Rob Brezsny… big words, titillating. 3

But these words:

“claw your way free of the morass. … caring less about unimportant things; relaxing your grip so you can hold your life loosely and playfully.”

These words are a good way to say what it is I am intending to accomplish with these workshops.

Especially the “relaxing your grip” bit.

If you read more than just my vibrational reviews (they get 50% of all the visitors) then you know that I have been digging deeper and deeper into the inner dynamics of your psyche to see what keeps you stuck in never doing anything worth doing, really.

Resistance, belligerence, stinginess.

Why you say, in your heart: it is not worth my time, it is not worth my effort. But you only say it to things that ARE worth your time, that ARE worth your effort, never to things that don’t matter today, won’t matter five years from now.

Surface, irrelevant, unimportant, inconsequential things you give a lot of your time, a lot of your effort.

What people may think about you.
Who to socialize
What other people are doing
What to eat, where to eat out
Your car
Your stuff

I remember three Christmases in my life.

One, when I was about 10 maybe 11 years old and I played the Quiet Night on my violin under the tree, and it was magical.
Another, when I wrapped bags of candy to my “adoptive” family members… I had no money to my name. I decorated the wrappers to make them works of art… they were worth more than the candy, for sure.
And the third Christmas was when I discovered Harry Potter, and the Tolkien books… when I discovered fiction for myself again after decades of not touching them, after decades of not allowing magic into my life.

It wasn’t what Christmas seems to be (gifts) that I remember. It was the magic I created by my actions. For myself… I don’t think anyone gives a hoot about my accomplishments, but I do.

I really care about my accomplishments. Maybe that is what is at the root of my ambition to have more and more accomplishments.

And I think that is what you don’t have. Accomplishments. Or rarely, if ever.

Learning enough of a musical instrument to bring magic to an otherwise not necessarily magical evening, create artwork that is worth more than the paper it was put on, and bring magic into your life so you can be impregnated by magic…

If you are not a creator then you are not… what are you not? I wanted to say you are not “human”… But factually that is not true.

You are not tapped into the fundamental desire that separates humans from animals: to use their large brains for something magical, something creative, something extraordinary.

But it takes work, it takes effort, it takes time.

And you live saying: it is not worth my time, it is not worth my effort.

But, what I hope is underneath that, is that instead you say yes to worthless, inconsequential, and maybe the exercise in today’s workshop may divorce you from the worthless and the inconsequential… so you can become available for what IS worth your time, what IS worth your effort…

Some things are worth doing poorly… other things are NOT worth doing well.

And this is where the rubber hits the road.

Which one did you choose to do today?

PS: One other way I tell myself who I am is how I choose to allocate the funds I intend to donate. According to Judaic law every person needs to allocate 10% of their “harvest” to charity, to help others.

I support entrepreneurs. I take on students who can make gold with what I give them, but can’t spend the funds. I support Wikepedia. And I support Avaaz. Because they are doing stuff that is NOT your ordinary slothful, “not worth my time” work. Because if all of humanity disappeared but these people… we would bring in the 10 thousand years of peace in a jiffy.

The UN just announced Aleppo is fast becoming ‘one giant graveyard’ and residents risk ‘extermination’. Not one of our governments is in there saving lives, but an extraordinary group of Syrians are: The White Helmets.

73,530 lives in fact. That’s how many people they have saved, rushing to the scene of bombings to pull people from the rubble and carry them to safety.

What’s amazing is these heroes are just ordinary people — bakers, teachers, tailors — who felt they couldn’t stand by, and threw themselves right into the line of fire. For their bravery, they were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the $1 million of critical funding it comes with — but they lost!

Forget the Nobel Prize — together we have the power to give the White Helmets the recognition they deserve and the funding they desperately need.

Click here to donate to Avaaz to support Aleppo’s White Helmets

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  1. If you prefer the imprecise New Agey language of Esther Hicks, the original quote is here

    Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take the time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference.

    She is trying to say the same thing. Trying.

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  3. Rob Brezsny on using your imagination:

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  1. I just ran across a “meme” that you would think is a good context, a good backdrop to choose in the first hour of your day. But unfortunately it is a lie. And if you choose it as backdrop, you choose delusion… and you probably have.
    lies, lies, lies

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