The habit of reading, nodding, and moving on…


Talk about useless activity! Tree of Knowledge, mind candy, justifying self... all the bad stuff. Bad for you... keeping you exactly where you are... and if that is a bad place... then it keeps you firmly anchored to that bad place.

And it is the overwhelming habit of readers of my site.

But to make it even worse: it is the habit of some of my 67 step students.

Useless, waste of time, unless all you want is entertainment. Then I understand.

So if you actually wanted, what you read/listen to, to make a difference for you, what should you do?

What is the habit of achievers as opposed to you?

Achievers are not interested in mind candy. Achievers are always looking to benefit from what they invest time in: reading an article, or watching a video.

The way they do it is

They map what they hear on themselves, on their lives, on their business, on issues they may face.

This is step one.

Which means: they don't bring an ordinary listening to things: they listen FOR finding out more, so they can grow from what they hear.

Obviously, if you have a gossipy interest in what you are reading: you are listening FOR gossip, for titillation, for curiosity, for extraordinary.

Little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the commonplace.

If you are a "little mind", you know it.

Another way to see it is through this quote:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

99% of the visitors of this site come to find out and talk about people... My vibrational reviews simply backfired... because I really have nothing to say to small minds... I don't even have to say anything to average minds.

So people self-select... 99% leave, 1% remain. 1% of the 1% is a good fit for this kind of work.

That is about one new person every 2-3 months.

So what else do achievers do when they read something or watch a video?

They, the achievers, if they find the information a good match to what they are dealing with, they pick out one action, and they decide to do that. If they are really smart: they write it down. And if they border being a genius, they schedule it.

This is the third way you know you are an underachiever if you don't even have a place to schedule... you live life without a compass, with vague yearnings.

In the 67 step program people are "forced" to look at their own lives, and answer some crucial questions.

It's not an accident that those questions are there. Whether they are good questions or not: we can argue about that. But just make sure you are not turning your life-altering course into cheap entertainment.

Unless you do something every step, you'll never grow.

It doesn't have to be an earth shattering action, it just has to be something.

The Destiny Map no one is willing to make for themselves

For example, in one of the steps there is a method introduced to find out what would be a good area, a good direction for you to push your life, given the reality of your life... your past, what you grew up around, the impression you make on strangers, and what you are able and take pleasure in talking about.

I haven't had one student: not even one, who actually did this "destiny map".

Why? Here is another difference between you and an achiever: an achiever knows that every result is on the other side of something uncomfortable.

None of the questions in the 67 step are comfortable. They all lead you to contemplate changing something. Change is not comfortable.

If you are waiting for me to push you every step to do your work: you have to pay me a lot more money than $15 a week! While what I'd tell you is the same you already know you need to do: it is in the text file accompanying the step!

There is one ingenious process I give you in one of my FAQ's... interviewing people who know you. A totally life altering experience. I have had two people do it... with one person each. I have asked, in my own time, every person that worked for me, every client, everyone who gave me the time of day.

Why? Because I realized that everything I ever wanted was coming to me through people. So learning what people thought about me, what they needed to give me money or love or friendship, or trust, or cooperation was really important.

I bet you never ask people about yourself! No wonder you don't have what you want! 1

I was watching a sales pitch today for an intensive apprentice program for marketing.

$2000 for four months.

My prediction is: not one person will actually do the program as if their lives depended on it.

Why? Because $2000 doesn't keep you in line: unless you are already an achiever it is too cheap. I mean it.

Unless you, somehow, decide that "this is it" and no more moping around... you'll spend your time and money moping around.

I don't really care, just don't do it in my programs, please.

There is something interesting about integrity:

If people in your environment violate integrity: it is your integrity that is damaged or shows damage...

Just like any other "evil" thing... judgment, envy, jealousy, just add your favorite complaint about "others" here.

They cannot be that way unless you are that way too.

Why? Because we are connected energetically.

Your politicians are a reflection of you.
Your boss, your employees, your colleagues are a reflection of you.

And unfortunately my clients and students are a reflection of me.

No escape... other than firing students, firing clients, or setting some serious boundaries.

This is the week for them.

If you are a client or a student and you are full of crap: be prepared for some serious conversations. This week, or the next...


  1. What are the 5 interview questions to show you where you would want to change?

    The five interview questions will be useful…

    if you REALLY want to know what your loved ones think of you, how they see you, there is this really great interview you can do. you have to be COMPLETELY OPEN AND WILLING to hear their honest responses. you ask them these 5 questions and let them know they can be totally honest and you won’t freak out or get defensive. you have to listen actively but without reacting. Write down what they say, verbatim, the mind will forget!

    1. what do you like about me?
    2. what don’t you like about me?
    3. what do you see as my strengths?
    4. what do you see as my weaknesses?
    5. is there anything else you’ve ever wanted to say to me?

    if you are up for it, it can be a pretty AMAZING experience. very enlightening.

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