I need your help… I am undecided

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a slide from the secondphase activators courseThe 67 steps coaching is a really good program, but I have a few people who bought it and it is not a good match for them. They are not doing the work.

I am looking at some options:

1. let them go
2. offer them something that has proven itself to create amazing results and transfer their subscription and coaching to that.

What am I talking about? What is the “thing” that has proven itself to create amazing results?

Four years ago I created and ran a program, called the Second Phase Activators.

It ran, if I remember correctly, for 20 weeks… Four sessions a week.

People who graduated from it have such a solid foundation, spiritual foundation, that I can count on them to bounce back from any adversity.

Why? How?

The program had several components:

1. activators… obviously, it was the Second Phase Activators Course…
2. a lot of teaching
3. extra courses delivered when they were needed

It was a live course, and I recorded every session. A few got corrupted, but 99% of the sessions are now on the website.

120 spiritual capacities activated.

If it were that easy: people in that course were geniuses… but it’s not that easy… But people who did that course are way above where they were… and they stayed there.

Now, with the stuff I have found out since then (four years! a lot of stuff!) and the additional skills I have developed, today participants don’t have to be connected to Source… though it makes the activators work better… but it’s not mandatory.

I can sell the recorded course and you’ll do well.

Or I can take a deep breath and decide to do it, not again, but activate those same capacities, teach those same principles, again.

One session a week… I really don’t want to invest more energy into it this time around. Maybe invest energy in creating some exercises…

I bought a book, an old workbook on Amazon, “how you do anything is how to do everything”

A hundred pages of pure exercises to get to know yourself better.

Much like the 67 steps, much like my Second Phase Activators, just without teaching you anything.

I could steal exercises from that workbook…

OK, obviously I am undecided.

But if you want to send me an email, or place a comment below… I could use some input.

If you are in the 67 steps coaching and want to switch and get coached on the Second Phase activators, let me know too. I think that can be a painless transition.

PS: If you want the program… don’t hurry, please… I am moving it all to my activators’ site, and I’ll tweak it a little… especially the price. So please wait…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “I need your help… I am undecided”

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I am in the 67 steps I don’t know if I am one of the people who is not a match. But I would like to switch.

    Many thanks Trish

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