The Second Phase Activators Course or what does cancer have to do with your how?

Human DNA has 160 spiritual capacities hard-coded. These are the capacities that can and hopefully will take humanity to the “human being” level, (and beyond,) where beingness causes action, not greed and other survival energies. At present there are eight individuals on the human being level on the planet. I don’t know who they are… I know I am one of the eight. You need 60 active spiritual capacities to be on that level.

80 of these capacities is activated in the Second Phase Activator Course.

A “normal” human has 2-5 spiritual capacities active, helping them to grow, make money, get along with others and themselves. Be healthy, be wise, be happy. 2-5 is mighty few…

The Starting Point measurements include this measure: how many of the 160 spiritual capacities you have active. And often someone asks me to pay to tell them what capacities they have active.

I never do it… because it’s useless, gossipy knowledge, a way to lord over other people.

But you need to know that certain levels of achievements in life need certain number of capacities. Or you won’t achieve those levels.

People have capacities open by genetics (inheritance) and they can open up capacities by the sweat of their brow… struggling through hard tasks.

You may be able to see that having capacities active helps you get more capacities activated. So the distance between the have’s and the have not’s is potentially increasing with every generation…

  1. Engineers, chiropractors, and some motivational gurus do well with 13 capacities active.
  • Medical doctors, especially surgeons need 20 capacities.
  • Billionaires have 30-40 capacities: they need to be sharper than the rest.
  • Presidents of the United States: needs 30 capacities. Trump has 14. Obama has 30. Hillary has 14, her husband: 30.

So, how do you get spiritual capacities activated?

Capacities that are not needed for your lifestyle, for the things you are actively pursuing, will not turn on, or even if I turn then on, they will turn off.

So the number one requirement to increase the number of spiritual capacities is active ambition1 And both my 67 step coaching program and my Second Phase Activators Course shine in helping you become more ambitious and turn on spiritual capacities.

Now let me go deeper into the how, the why, and the what:

The Second Phase Activators’ Course 2

The course is nearly impossible to do till the end… without an accountability partner. I have iron will, but I would not be able to stay the course by myself, on my lonesome.

Which means that if I can offer myself as an accountability partner, you have a chance.

Now, how you do anything is how you do everything… so if you know yourself of losing momentum, of being discouraged, of slacking off, this course will be no different. This is how you do things.

But you can change… and change how you do things everywhere in your life.

Because if you the abandoning type, you probably need to; you probably are the worst underachiever, you don’t do things unless you have to.

The same thing that causes cancer is the same thing that causes being an underachiever. The how of life.

The flitting from thing to thing, looking for the easy, avoiding the hard, the challenging, the not-immediate. In everything.

The underlying speaking is (mindspeak) is it is not worth it, there has to be a better, faster, easier way.


Feeling a certain arrogance and superiority over lesser people, and hate for people who have it easy…

Spending too much time about about fretting little thing, and not enough time about being aware, being loose, seeing wide and far.

So how do you change? And maybe even a better question is: can you change?

Changing your how is a lot like turning around an oceanliner… You can do it the way you do everything, and you’ll cover several square miles before you are turned around. And, simply put, you’ll be out of control the entire time, because you can’t have eyes everywhere. Big circle… big troubles.

Thousands of little or big damages…

I have another simile for you: A dragon turning around. You see a dragon has a long tail… and while it’s turning, it sweeps dead everything in its wake. Not necessarily a good idea…

So instead of how you normally attempt to change… and how you normally keep things the same, or cause them to be worse than before, is this sweeping turn.

Your health turns to worse. Your relationships turn to worse. Your whole life is turning to shit… You know who you are!

So a better way to change who you are is instituting a tiny change, across all aspects of your life.

And that is the methodology of both the 67 steps coaching and the Second Phase Activators Course.

So what is the difference?

There is a difference, and the difference is big.

The 67 Step Coaching takes you back in your life to where you abandoned being an Expanding Human Being…

The 67 Step Coaching takes you back in your life to where you abandoned being an Expanding Human Being… and starts raising you again. two-year old, two-year old, seven year old… It helps you build a solid, knowledge rich, principle-rich, fertile foundation on which you can build anything. A vocation, a healthy body, riches, happiness… anything.

You will see who you are, how you can navigate the waters of life, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, how societal and familial “memes” want to keep you a slave, a dreamer, a loser.

It is the fastest way to go from dumb shit to doctorate. You may have to go the whole three-four cycles, but it’s the cheapest and surest method I know.

The Second Phase Activators Course is for people who desire to be good, bigger than life, high vibration, feel good about themselves and life.

That is the spiritual dimension of life.

But in the practical dimension: they do not want to put out. They do not want to produce. They do not want to compete, to measure up, to have value to offer.

In the Second Phase Activators Course you do not have to put out.

It is for you if you are someone who cannot see that you can, or even want to.

And this last sentence: you can’t see that you can or even want to do for others is your “How”.

Can either of the courses change your How in life? No.

YOU can, the course can only give you tools, ideas, inspiration, but unless you change your how, it will not change.

Your how is hard-wired in your soul correction.

Your soul correction is your “how” of betraying Life, avoiding becoming an Expanding Human Being.

Both courses will make it plenty obvious how you do it. And depending on your level of willingness, you’ll either change how you do things, or you won’t.

It is entirely up to you.

It is hard-coded in your DNA to want to become an Expanding Human Being… Heard me right? NOT Expanded! Expanding.

There is no such thing: Expanded Human Being.

The process will never change: your hard-wired how will be like gravity: pulling you back.
Your hard-coded DNA will propel you up…

Every minute of every day.

You are here probably because the hard-coded DNA said to you: you need help. So it’s talking. It’s alive.

But you know that talking a good talk is just that: talk…

Even if you can see making a living through talking, you have to get there somehow… and getting there is a different “how”… most people who like to talk, like the two sissy boys in my shopping van, are talking in a van where people silently curse under their breath: shut up already!

OK, obviously you have a hard choice.

Here is my suggestion: if you want to accomplish something: making a living, making a difference, or getting fit, trim, and energetic, or turning around your relationship that isn’t working, or getting one… I recommend the 67 step coaching.

And if you want to feel good, feel like you are growing, but have no desire, no concern, no need to do anything other than just live: choose the Second Phase Activators Course.

If you are in the 67 steps coaching program now: unless I expressly recommend that you switch: don’t switch.

If you have done the original Second Phase Activators Course: you still have access to it. If you want to go through it again, with coaching, your fee will be $10 a week.

If you haven’t done the course, then your fee is $100 every 10 weeks, or $15 a week.

And lifetime access is also available.

Why am I pricing my course and Tai’s course the same?

They are very similar: a bunch of videos that help you turn your life around in tiny nudges. It is the process that matters, and it is you who is doing the turning.

The approach is different, but the goal is the same.

And I am the common piece…

And whichever program you choose, you have to go through the evaluation piece: getting your starting point measurements.

Why? Because, as you remember, I have to be willing to work with you, I have to be able to see that you can and will do it, I have to be optimistic about you, or I will be useless in coaching you.

That’s why.

I used to coach groups and individual people 14-week programs that cost $150. The price included coaching. 3

The initial questions would always be

  1. Decide now if you want the $150 course, the $5000 course, or the 100,000 dollar course. It will tell me how much I can push you.
  2. Tell me now what is going to take you out of this course, or doing the work necessary… and tell me what I should do, now, to return you to doing it.

I never lost a person, and my group always ended the program producing more results than the 4-5 other groups combined.

So whether you are in a program now, or you’ll be starting one now, I am going to start to ask the same questions… I think that it sets the context inside which you do the program.

OK, what should you do now?

Email me. Really.

Why not in the comments box? Because I don’t want this private conversation in public forum. It is between you and me.

If you are in Reclaim, do it in your thread. Please.

If I don’t know you at all, start with getting your Starting Point Measurements Report.

Click to get your Starting Point Measurements Report
No obligation… on any point you can, of course, change your mind.

Why? Because it is you who will do or won’t do the work… and if you can’t see yourself doing it, you won’t… Guaranteed… until you can.

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  1. Not for spiritual capacities, mind you. For a fuller life, for doing things that require those capacities! Desiring a capacity for its own sake won’t turn it on!
  2. Why it’s called Second Phase?

    When I created this course I was naive. I thought: Here I am. I can cause the evolution of humankind single-handedly.

    I was, obviously, young and clueless.

    And yet, I have been causing something, slowly.

    So, if I wanted to say what it is a reason this could make sense to be called “Second Phase” I can make up a lot of likely stories.

    One of them: it can reliably raise your vibration to about 395… if you do the work. If and when.

    Why not higher? I do have a third phase, fourth phase, fifth phase and sixth phase too…

    Of course you want to jump from miserable, resigned, judgmental straight to enlightened… right?

    Nothing in reality works that way. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Elephants spend four years or so in their mothers’ belly to be able to become an elephant. And making an elephant is a lot easier than making a human being out of a human… Trust me, I know. I have learned my lesson.

  3. This was in the Landmark Education program called Self-Expression and Leadership Program, SELP. I coached eight of these… years ago, when I lived in New Jersey.

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