The allure of what vs. the how that is the difference between scarcity and abundance

Your vocabulary, the number and the kind of words you use, is a dead giveaway of the level of your spiritual evolution… simply put your vibrational frequency. If I could not measure your spiritual/consciousness level accurately other ways, I would use your vocabulary number to tell you what is your spiritual vibration, what is your level of consciousness.

How? What? Are you kidding Sophie?

No, I am not kidding.

You have a billion words for “what”… much like apes, by the way… and only a few, imprecise words for “how”. How words are adverbs…

In the footnotes there is a long list of adverbs… so long I may have to move them to another article… we shall see 1

Your world, your world view, the possibilities you can see for yourself are directly related to the vocabulary you have. This is one of the benefits you can derive from reading. Fiction. Good fiction.

I have just re-read one of my favorite books, “Chasing the dime” by Michael Connelly. Why? The main character is a scientist. He brings the same methods he wins with in science to solving a problem: being set up for a murder rap. His methods, his attitude, how he thinks have been guiding me, ever since I first read it, in 1914. Connelly wrote it in 2002.

If you are in one of my coaching programs… you’ve been getting to a place where I can actually coach you about that. Congratulations.

Being at the door of the “how world” is an accomplishment. I mean it.

The “what” side of the door is what you have, thus far, paid attention to, what you have words for, what shows up in your world now.

On the other side, the “how” side is what will take you to “the promised land.”

In my work – if I took an inventory which is not so easy, but possible – you would see that I give 7% of my brain power to What and 93% to the How.

How is the attitude, the context, the beingness…

Even the process is a what: You do THIS first and then you do THAT.

No how there…

So how do you open that door to the “how”?

That is the questions, isn’t it?

I know a company that spends their entire time designing programs to train how’s and don’t get through to people, or not much, not really. 2

So I have no mentor, no teacher, no help other than reading fiction… I mostly have to invent, and then enroll you to be my partner in inventing ways to open that door, specifically for you.

One of my students… the one I write so much about… has cracked the door open for himself.

He started to read Sam Walton’s autobiography, (Made in America) and it resonated with him.

It is likely that this was the first whole book he ever read.

Now, you need to understand, that the more “what” words you have, the less likely that you will hear the how in a book like Sam Walton’s biography, or in the 67 steps I have been using to train people.

Every step in Tai’s 67 steps is a how treasury… and you can’t hear it.

You hear the what when you first listen

Many of you hear only the what even at the second round.

It is NORMAL. But don’t stop there.

The same with my Playground students: they hear the what, and cannot hear the how.

Only things done in a certain way produce the results I promise.

The problem with HOW is that it requires DNA capacities to do. Even to recognize.

And the problem with DNA capacities is, that even after I activate one for you, energetically, you still don’t know, and don’t even look at the how. You want to know what you should do, and after I tell you, you’ll do it the same way you have always done things… approximately.

Approximately is your approach to life. In the neighborhood, you say, and you feel satisfied.

And you lose the capacity after 72 hours, unless you use it appropriately.

Devastating to me.

There are exceptions. Not many, only a few.

What is in common with those people is that they immerse themselves in my world… however difficult that is. They increase the number of communications with me, and absorb the how, like a calf absorbs the how from being with the mother.

I have had three cats in my life. I got them all orphaned… and they never caught a mouse. Never learned by watching the mother.

If you set out to hear the “how”, eventually you’ll hear it.

I am mighty good at hearing the how… and yet. I read a lot… about 100 books a year. I’ve seen with several books, only when I re-read them that I start to see the how and the who.

Another book I have now read five times (Cobweb by Neal Stephenson) and noticed, that the hero in the book was not interested in saving the world, not interested in being a hero: he was just interested in saving his daughter and his wife. And he was going to do ANYTHING to stop the enemy.

Now, if you say that that is a “what” you are right. But you are also missing the point.

Because it is mainly a context, a who, and a how…

His cone of vision… what gave him strength, singularity of purpose, inventiveness, courage, was his desire to save his daughter and his wife.

The fact that he saved the world… it doesn’t even enter his consciousness. Local yokel… not cosmopolitan are some of the how/who expressions. I missed that the first four times I read it.

I was projecting my own “saving the world” “cosmopolitan” attitude… but I was wrong. That attitude was mine. His was “local yokel.” Caring about drunk drivers, writing tickets, and saving his daughter’s and his wife’s life.

I am weeping as I am writing this.

This character, this “local yokel” has done more for humanity than I can even hope to do… seeing that humbles me. I got a sliver of a “how” that I’ve sorely lacked.

I had been too “high and mighty” before to care about my locality. About people.

Suddenly with the insight came possible actions:

I shifted my focus and my context. Every person I manage to make a difference with is not a tool in my world I can use to save humanity…

No, each person is a person. I go back to the handful of people who looked at me in my life as a person and thus made a huge difference in my life. My third grade teacher. My French teacher. My coach back in 1998. My coach in 2011. I call that caring.

It is my turn now to give it to my people. That caring. That attitude that if you can make a difference with one person, you didn’t live in vain.

All because of that book because of that insight. Caring about what is close to me, people.

So, as you can see, the path to being masterful at “how” is full of doors… door after door after door.

  • 1. I have suggested one path: find a book that somehow really resonate with you. Read it to shreds… until you go deep enough to access the “how”…
  • 2. Another method that works miracles for me is called: “name it and claim it”.I want to change all my sites to look good on mobile devices. At present: I don’t like how they look.To do that I need to learn new tricks. My brain hasn’t engaged fully. When I “named and claimed” the how, I saw that I have been hoping to go from nothing to everything… and that I have been resentful of the step by step method… (many of you will recognize yourself here!) So I said: Oh, I see, the mistake is in the how… how I am approaching this. I actually have to go and touch every little bit… cannot jump. Darn… but I can do it.I haven’t done it, but now that I can see how… I have a new opening. I still resent it, but I can see that I will get over it, once I give myself over to being a student again.And that is a definite how statement: how? giving myself over to being a student again.

Study the “adverb list” in the footnotes. Start seeing your “how you do anything is how you do everything” in there.

If you saw an opening for yourself… please let me know.

PS: One of the most influential books for me was a non-fiction, Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich“. Its “what” is thin. Truth value is ordinary 10%. It’s how, on the other hand, The Certain Way, is 60% truth value.

The book is useless unless you can learn the how it talks about. I did. And it made a huge difference in my life. Turned my life around.

But how can YOU do the same?

In a fun and enjoyable workshop, the 3-wishes workshop I take you through a process where we discover how and why you have reduced yourself to a thing… and how you can elevate yourself above it.

It is given on Saturday at 4 pm my time, which is New York. It’s 1 pm on the West Coast, 9 pm on the British Isles, and 10 pm in Continental Europe. It is approximately 2 hours long, and it is in a webinar format. You need a microphone to participate, but you don’t need a camera.

Sign up if you are intrigued. Ultimately abundance will be yours.

Learn to take a step towards abundance

Article originally  published almost exactly four years ago… in 2016.


  1. abjectly = in a hopeless resigned manner
    ably = with competence; in a competent capable manner
    abnormally = in an abnormal manner
    abominably = in an offensive and hateful manner
    absently = in an absentminded or preoccupied manner
    absentmindedly = in an absentminded or preoccupied manner
    abstractedly = in an absentminded or preoccupied manner
    abstractly = in abstract terms
    abstrusely = in a manner difficult to understand
    absurdly = in an absurd manner or to an absurd degree
    abusively = in an abusive manner
    abysmally = in a terrible manner
    academically = in regard to academic matters
    accommodatingly = in accommodation
    accusingly = in an accusing manner
    acutely = in an acute manner
    adamantly = inflexibly; unshakably
    additionally = in addition, by way of addition; furthermore
    adequately = in a sufficient manner
    admiringly = with admiration
    adorably = in an adorable manner
    adoringly = with adoration
    adroitly = with adroitness; in an adroit manner
    adulterously = in an adulterous manner
    advantageously = in a manner affording benefit or advantage
    adversely = in an opposing manner
    aesthetically = in a tasteful way
    affably = in an affable manner
    affectedly = in an affected manner
    affectingly = in a poignant or touching manner
    affirmatively = in an affirmative manner
    aggravatingly = in an aggravating fashion
    aggressively = in an aggressive manner
    agilely = in a nimble or agile manner
    aimlessly = without a specific goal or focus
    airily = in a flippant manner
    alarmingly = in an alarming manner
    alertly = in mentally perceptive and responsive way
    allegorically = in an allegorical manner
    alliteratively = in an alliterative manner
    alternatively = in place of, or as an alternative to
    altruistically = in an altruistic manner
    amateurishly = in an amateurish manner
    ambiguously = in an ambiguous manner
    ambitiously = with ambition; in an ambitious and energetic manner
    amiably = in a friendly manner
    amicably = in a friendly manner
    amorally = without regard for the distinction between right and wrong
    amorously = in an amorous manner
    amusingly = in an entertaining and amusing manner
    analytically = by virtue of analysis
    anarchically = in a lawless rebellious manner
    anciently = in ancient times; long ago
    angelically = like an angel
    animatedly = in an animated manner
    annoyingly = in an annoying manner or to an annoying degree
    antagonistically = in an antagonistic manner
    apathetically = in an apathetic manner
    apologetically = in an apologetic manner
    appealingly = in an appealing manner
    appreciatively = with appreciation; in a grateful manner
    apprehensively = with anxiety or apprehension
    appropriately = in an appropriate manner
    approvingly = in an approving manner
    aptly = in a competent capable manner
    arbitrarily = in a random manner
    archly = with playful slyness or roguishness
    ardently = in an ardent manner
    arduously = in a laborious manner
    argumentatively = in a disputatious manner
    aristocratically = in an aristocratic manner
    arrogantly = in an arrogant manner
    artfully = in an artful manner
    articulately = in an articulate manner
    artistically = in an artistic manner
    artlessly = in an ingenuous manner
    ascetically = in an ascetic manner
    ashamedly = with a feeling of shame
    assertively = in an assertive manner
    assiduously = with care and persistence
    assuredly = without a doubt
    astutely = in a shrewd manner
    asymmetrically = in an asymmetrical manner
    atrociously = in a terrible manner
    attractively = in a beautiful manner
    atypically = in a manner that is not typical
    audaciously = in a daring manner
    audibly = in a manner that is heard
    auspiciously = in an auspicious manner
    austerely = in an austere fashion
    authoritatively = in an authoritative and magisterial manner
    autocratically = in an overbearingly domineering manner; as a dictator
    avariciously = in a greedy manner
    avidly = in a zealous manner
    axiomatically = on the basis of axioms
    baldly = in a barefaced manner
    balefully = in a baleful manner
    banefully = in a noxiously baneful way
    banteringly = in a bantering fashion
    barbarously = in a barbarous manner
    barefacedly = without shame
    basely = in a despicable, ignoble manner
    bashfully = in a shy or timid or bashful manner
    bawdily = in a bawdy manner
    becomingly = in a becoming manner
    befittingly = in an appropriate manner
    belatedly = later than usual or than expected
    believably = easy to believe on the basis of available evidence
    believingly = in a credulous manner
    belligerently = in the manner of someone eager to fight
    beneficially = in a beneficial manner
    benevolently = in a benevolent manner
    benignantly = in a benign manner
    benignly = in a benign manner
    beseechingly = in a beseeching manner
    bestially = in an inhumane manner
    bewilderedly = in a bewildered manner
    bewilderingly = in a bewildering and confusing manner
    bewitchingly = in a bewitching manner
    bitingly = extremely and sharply
    blamelessly = in an irreproachable and blameless manner
    blandly = in a bland manner
    blankly = without expression
    blasphemously = in a blasphemous manner
    blatantly = in a completely obvious manner
    bleakly = without hope
    blessedly = in a blessed manner
    blissfully = in a blissful manner
    blithely = in a joyous, carefree, or unconcerned manner
    bloodily = involving a great bloodshed
    bluffly = in a blunt direct manner
    boastfully = in a boastful manner
    boisterously = in a carefree manner
    bombastically = in a grandiose manner
    boorishly = like a boor, “he behaved boorishly at the party”
    boringly = in a tedious manner
    boundlessly = without bounds
    bountifully = in a bountiful manner
    boyishly = like a boy
    brashly = in a brash cheeky manner
    brazenly = in a brazen manner
    breezily = in a breezy manner
    brotherly = like or characteristic of or befitting a brother
    brusquely = in a blunt direct manner
    brutally = in a vicious manner
    brutishly = in an inhumane manner
    buoyantly = in a cheerfully buoyant manner
    cagily = in a cagey manner
    cajolingly = in a cajoling manner
    calculatingly = in a calculating manner
    callously = in a callous way
    calumniously = in a false and slanderous and defamatory manner
    candidly = it is sincerely the case that
    cannily = with foresight
    cantankerously = in a bad mood
    capably = with competence; in a competent capable manner
    capriciously = in a capricious manner
    captiously = in a captious, carping manner
    captivatingly = in a bewitching manner
    carnally = in a carnal manner
    catastrophically = with unfortunate consequences
    caustically = in a caustic vitriolic manner
    cavalierly = in a proud and domineering manner
    ceaselessly = with unflagging resolve
    centrally = in or near or toward a center or according to a central role or function
    ceremonially = in a ceremonial manner
    ceremoniously = in a ceremonious manner
    chaotically = in a manner suggestive of chaos
    characteristically = in characteristic manner
    charily = with great caution; warily
    charitably = in a charitable manner
    charmingly = in a charming manner
    chastely = in a chaste and virtuous manner
    chattily = in a chatty manner
    cheekily = in a brash cheeky manner
    cheerily = in a cheerful manner
    cheerlessly = in an unhappy manner
    childishly = in a childlike manner
    chirpily = in a cheerfully buoyant manner
    chivalrously = in a gallant manner
    chronologically = with respect to chronology
    churlishly = in a churlish manner
    circularly = in a circular manner
    circumspectly = in a cagey manner
    circumstantially = according to circumstances
    civilly = in a civil manner
    clammily = in a clammy manner
    classically = in the manner of Greek and Roman culture
    cleanly = in a manner that minimizes dirt and pollution
    climatically = with respect to climate
    clinically = in a clinical manner
    clumsily = in a clumsy manner
    coarsely = in coarse pieces
    coaxingly = in a cajoling manner
    coherently = in a coherent manner
    coincidentally = happening at the same time
    cold-bloodedly = in cold blood
    collectedly = in a self-collected or self-possessed manner
    collectively = in conjunction with; combined
    combatively = in a bellicose contentious manner
    comfortingly = in a comforting or consoling manner
    comically = in a manner arousing or provoking laughter
    compactly = in a compact manner or state
    compassionately = in a compassionate manner
    competently = with competence; in a competent capable manner
    competitively = in competition
    complacently = in a self-satisfied manner
    complainingly = with complaints
    complexly = in a complex manner
    composedly = in a self-collected or self-possessed manner
    compulsively = in a compulsive manner
    compulsorily = in a manner that cannot be evaded
    conceitedly = with conceit; in a conceited manner
    concernedly = in a manner showing concern
    concisely = in a few words
    conclusively = in a conclusive way
    concurrently = overlapping in duration
    condescendingly = with condescension; in a patronizing manner
    conditionally = subject to a condition
    confidentially = in a confidential manner
    confidently = with confidence; in a confident manner
    confidingly = with trust; in a trusting manner
    confoundedly = in a perplexed manner
    confusedly = in a confused manner
    confusingly = in a bewildering and confusing manner
    congenially = in a congenial manner
    conjointly = in conjunction with; combined
    conscientiously = with extreme conscientiousness
    consciously = with awareness
    consecutively = in a consecutive manner
    conservatively = in a conservative manner
    considerately = in a considerate manner
    consolingly = in a comforting or consoling manner
    conspicuously = in a manner tending to attract attention
    constructively = in a constructive manner
    contagiously = in a contagious manner
    contemptibly = in a manner deserving contempt
    contentedly = with equanimity
    contradictorily = in a contradictory manner
    contrarily = in a contrary disobedient manner
    contrastingly = in a contrasting manner
    contritely = in a rueful manner
    contumaciously = in a rebellious manner
    contumeliously = without respect; in a disdainful manner
    conversationally = with the use of colloquial expressions
    conversely = with the terms of the relation reversed
    convincingly = in a convincing manner
    convivially = in a convivial manner
    convulsively = with convulsions, in a convulsive way
    cooperatively = in close cooperation
    coordinately = in a coordinated manner
    copiously = in an abundant manner
    coquettishly = in a flirtatious manner
    correspondingly = in a corresponding manner
    cosily = in a cozy manner
    courageously = in a courageous manner
    covertly = in a covert manner
    covetously = with jealousy; in an envious manner
    coyly = in a coy manner
    cozily = in a cozy manner
    craftily = in an artful manner
    crazily = in an insane manner
    creakily = in a creaky manner
    creatively = in a creative manner
    credulously = in a credulous manner
    crisply = in a well delineated manner
    critically = in a critical manner
    crookedly = in a crooked lopsided manner
    crossly = in an ill-natured manner
    crudely = in a crude or unrefined manner
    crushingly = in a crushing manner
    cryptically = in a cryptic manner
    cunningly = in a sly or crafty manner
    curmudgeonly = brusque, surly, and forbidding
    cursorily = without taking pains
    curtly = in a curt, abrupt and discourteous manner
    customarily = by custom; according to common practice
    cutely = in an attractive manner
    cuttingly = in an intentionally unkind way
    cynically = with cynicism; in a cynical manner
    daftly = in a mildly insane manner
    daintily = in a refined manner
    damply = in a damp manner
    daringly = in an adventurous manner
    dashingly = in a highly fashionable manner
    dauntingly = to a degree or in a manner that daunts
    dauntlessly = without fear
    dazedly = in a daze; in a dazed manner
    dazzlingly = in a manner or to a degree that dazzles the beholder
    deceitfully = in a corrupt and deceitful manner
    decently = in a decent manner
    deceptively = in a misleading way
    decisively = with firmness
    decoratively = in a decorative manner
    decorously = in a proper and decorous manner
    defencelessly = without defense
    defenselessly = without defense
    defensively = in an apologetic and defensive manner
    deferentially = in a respectfully deferential manner
    defiantly = in a rebellious manner
    deftly = in an agile manner
    dejectedly = in a dejected manner
    deliciously = so as to produce a delightful taste
    delightedly = with delight
    delightfully = in a delightful manner
    deliriously = in a delirious manner
    demandingly = in a demanding manner
    dementedly = in an insane manner
    demonstrably = in an obvious and provable manner
    demonstratively = in a demonstrative manner
    demurely = in a demure manner
    densely = in a stupid manner
    dependably = in a faithful manner
    deplorably = in an unfortunate or deplorable manner
    deprecatively = in a deprecative manner
    depressingly = in a depressing manner or to a depressing degree
    derisively = in a disrespectful and mocking manner
    descriptively = by giving a description
    desolately = in grief-stricken loneliness
    despairingly = with desperation
    despondently = with desperation
    destructively = in a destructive manner
    determinedly = with ambition; in an ambitious and energetic manner
    detrimentally = in a detrimental manner
    devilishly = as a devil; in an evil manner
    deviously = in a devious manner
    devotedly = with devotion
    devoutly = in a devout and pious manner
    dexterously = with dexterity; in a dexterous manner
    diabolically = as a devil; in an evil manner
    diagonally = in a diagonal manner
    didactically = in a didactic manner
    diffidently = in a diffident manner
    diplomatically = with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner
    dirtily = in a filthy unclean manner
    disagreeably = in a disagreeable manner
    disappointedly = in disappointment; in a disappointed manner
    disappointingly = in a disappointing manner
    disapprovingly = showing disapproval
    disastrously = in a disastrous manner
    disbelievingly = in an incredulous manner
    disconcertingly = in a disturbing or embarrassing manner
    disconsolately = in grief-stricken loneliness
    discontentedly = with discontent; in a discontented manner
    discordantly = in a discordant manner
    discouragingly = in a discouraging manner
    discourteously = in an impolite manner
    discreetly = with discretion; prudently and with wise self-restraint
    disdainfully = without respect
    disgracefully = in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree
    disgustedly = with disgust
    disgustingly = in a disgusting manner or to a disgusting degree
    dishonestly = in a corrupt and deceitful manner
    dishonorably = in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree
    disingenuously = in a disingenuous manner
    disinterestedly = without bias; without selfish motives
    disjointedly = in a disjointed manner
    dismally = in a dreadful manner
    disobediently = in a disobedient manner
    disparagingly = in a disparaging manner
    dispassionately = in an impartially dispassionate manner
    dispiritedly = in a dispirited manner without hope
    disproportionately = to a disproportionate degree
    disquietingly = in a disquieting manner
    disrespectfully = in a disrespectful manner
    disruptively = in a disruptive manner
    dissolutely = in a dissolute way
    distantly = from or at a distance
    distastefully = in an offensively distasteful manner
    distinctively = in an identifiably distinctive manner
    distractedly = in a distracted manner
    distrustfully = with distrust
    disturbingly = in a disturbing manner
    divertingly = in an entertaining and amusing manner
    divinely = by divine means
    dizzily = in a giddy light-headed manner
    doggedly = with obstinate determination
    dogmatically = in a narrow-minded dogmatic manner
    dolefully = with sadness; in a sorrowful manner
    domestically = with respect to home or family
    domineeringly = in a domineering manner
    doubtlessly = without doubt; certainly
    dourly = in a sullen manner
    downwardly = spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position
    drastically = in a drastic manner
    dreamily = in a dreamy manner
    drearily = in a cheerless manner
    drowsily = in a drowsy manner
    drunkenly = showing effects of much strong drink
    dubiously = in a doubtful manner
    dully = without liveliness
    dumbly = in an inarticulate manner
    dutifully = out of a sense of duty; in a dutiful manner
    dynamically = in a forceful dynamic manner
    ebulliently = in an ebullient manner
    eccentrically = in an eccentric or bizarre manner
    economically = in a manner using the minimum of time or resources
    ecstatically = in an ecstatic manner
    educationally = in an educational manner
    eerily = in an unnatural eery manner
    efficaciously = in an effective manner
    efficiently = in a manner that wastes no time or effort
    effortlessly = without effort or apparent effort
    effusively = in an effusive manner
    egotistically = in an egotistical manner
    elaborately = with elaboration
    elegantly = with elegance; in a tastefully elegant manner
    eloquently = with eloquence
    emotionally = in an emotional manner
    empathetically = in a sympathetic manner
    enchantingly = in a bewitching manner
    encouragingly = in an encouraging manner
    endearingly = in an adorable manner
    endlessly = continuing forever without end
    energetically = in an energetic manner
    engagingly = in an engaging manner
    enigmatically = in a cryptic manner
    enjoyably = in an enjoyable manner
    enquiringly = in an inquiring manner
    enterprisingly = in an enterprising manner
    entertainingly = in an entertaining manner
    enthrallingly = in a bewitching manner
    enthusiastically = in an eager manner
    entreatingly = in a beseeching manner
    enviably = in an enviable manner
    enviously = with jealousy; in an envious manner
    equivocally = in an ambiguous manner
    erectly = in a straight-backed manner
    erratically = in an erratic unpredictable manner
    erroneously = in a mistaken manner
    eruditely = with erudition; in an erudite manner
    euphemistically = in a euphemistic manner
    evasively = with evasion; in an evasive manner
    evilly = in a wicked evil manner
    exaggeratedly = in an exaggerated manner
    exasperatingly = in an exasperating manner
    excellently = extremely well
    excitingly = in an exciting manner
    excruciatingly = in a very painful manner
    exhaustively = in an exhaustive manner
    exorbitantly = to an exorbitant degree
    expansively = in an impressively expansive manner
    expectantly = in an expectant manner
    experimentally = in an experimental fashion
    expertly = in an expert manner
    explicitly = in a clearly expressed manner
    explosively = in an explosive manner
    expressively = with expression; in an expressive manner
    extemporaneously = without prior preparation
    extemporarily = without prior preparation
    extortionately = to an exorbitant degree
    extravagantly = in a rich and lavish manner
    exuberantly = in an exuberant manner
    exultantly = in an exultant manner
    exultingly = in an exultant manner
    facetiously = not seriously
    factually = as a fact or based on fact
    faithlessly = in a disloyal and faithless manner
    falteringly = in an unsteady manner
    familiarly = in an friendly or informal manner
    famously = in a manner or to an extent that is well known
    fanatically = in a passionately fanatic manner
    fancifully = in a fanciful manner
    fantastically = exceedingly; extremely
    farcically = in a farcical manner
    fashionably = in a stylish manner
    fastidiously = in a fastidious and painstaking manner
    fatally = with fatal consequences or implications
    fatefully = in a prophetically fateful manner
    fatuously = vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish
    favorably = showing approval
    favourably = showing approval
    fearlessly = without fear
    fearsomely = in a fearsome manner
    fecklessly = with ineptitude; in an incompetent manner
    feelingly = with great feeling
    felicitously = in a felicitous manner
    ferociously = in a physically fierce manner
    fervidly = with passionate fervor
    feudally = in a feudal manner
    feverishly = in a feverish manner
    fiendishly = as a devil; in an evil manner
    figuratively = in a non-literal sense
    filthily = in a filthy unclean manner
    firstly = before anything else
    fishily = in a questionably unusual manner
    fitfully = in a fitful manner
    fittingly = in an appropriate manner
    fixedly = in a fixed manner
    flagrantly = in a flagrant manner
    flamboyantly = in a fancy colorful manner
    flashily = in a fancy colorful manner
    flatly = in an unqualified manner
    flawlessly = in an adroit manner
    flexibly = with flexibility
    flimsily = in a weak and flimsy manner
    flippantly = in a flippant manner
    flirtatiously = in a flirtatious manner
    floridly = in a florid manner
    fluently = in a fluent manner
    forbiddingly = in an unpleasant or menacing manner
    forcefully = with full force
    forgetfully = in a forgetful manner
    forgivingly = with forgiveness; in a forgiving manner
    forlornly = in a forlorn manner
    formidably = in a formidable manner
    formlessly = in a formless manner
    forthrightly = directly and without evasion; not roundabout
    fortuitously = by good fortune
    foully = in a wicked and shameful manner
    foxily = in an artful manner
    fractiously = in a fractious manner
    fraternally = in a brotherly manner
    fraudulently = in a dishonest and fraudulent manner
    freakishly = unpredictably
    frenetically = in a very agitated manner; as if possessed by an evil spirit
    frenziedly = in a frenzied manner
    fretfully = in a fretful manner
    frighteningly = in an alarming manner
    frightfully = used as intensifiers
    frigidly = without warmth or enthusiasm
    friskily = in a playfully frisky manner
    frivolously = in a frivolous manner
    frontally = in, at, or toward the front
    frostily = without warmth or enthusiasm
    frothily = in a frothy manner
    frowningly = with a frown; while frowning
    frugally = in a frugal manner
    fruitfully = in a productive way
    fruitlessly = in an unproductive manner
    fulsomely = in an unctuous manner
    functionally = with respect to function
    funnily = in a strange manner
    furtively = in a secretive manner
    fussily = in a fussy manner
    futilely = in a futile and unproductive manner
    gamely = in a plucky or sporting manner
    garishly = in a tastelessly garish manner
    garrulously = in a chatty loquacious manner
    gaudily = in a tastelessly garish manner
    genially = in an affable manner
    genteelly = in a genteel manner
    geographically = with respect to geography
    giddily = in a giddy light-headed manner
    gingerly = in a manner marked by extreme care or delicacy
    girlishly = like a girl
    gleefully = in a joyous manner
    glibly = with superficial plausibility
    gloatingly = in a gloating manner
    gloriously = with glory or in a glorious manner
    gloweringly = in a glowering manner
    glowingly = in an enthusiastically glowing manner
    glumly = in a sullen manner
    gluttonously = in a gluttonous manner
    good-naturedly = in a good-natured manner
    gorgeously = in an impressively beautiful manner
    gracelessly = without grace; rigidly
    grammatically = in a grammatical manner
    grandiloquently = in a rhetorically grandiloquent manner
    grandiosely = in a grandiose manner
    grandly = in a grand manner
    graphically = in a graphic way
    gratifyingly = in a gratifying manner
    gratingly = in a harsh and grating manner
    gratuitously = in an uncalled-for manner
    greasily = in a greasy manner
    greedily = in a greedy manner
    gregariously = in a gregarious manner
    gropingly = in an uncertain groping manner
    grossly = in a gross manner
    grotesquely = in a grotesque manner
    grouchily = in an ill-natured manner
    grudgingly = in a reluctant manner
    gruesomely = in a gruesome manner
    gruffly = in a gruff manner
    grumpily = in an ill-natured manner
    guardedly = in a conservative manner
    guiltily = in the manner of someone who has committed an offense
    gushingly = in a gushing manner
    gutturally = in a guttural manner
    haggardly = in a haggard manner
    half-heartedly = without enthusiasm; in a half-hearted manner
    haltingly = in a halting manner
    handily = in a convenient manner
    haphazardly = in a random manner
    harmfully = in a detrimental manner
    harmlessly = in a harmless manner
    harmonically = with respect to harmony
    harmoniously = in a harmonious manner
    hatefully = in a hateful manner
    haughtily = in a haughty manner
    hazily = through a haze
    healthily = in a levelheaded manner
    heartlessly = in a heartless manner
    heatedly = in a heated manner
    heedfully = in a careful deliberate manner
    heedlessly = without care or concern
    heinously = in a terribly evil manner
    hellishly = extremely
    helpfully = in a helpful manner
    hermetically = in an airtight manner
    heroically = in a heroic manner
    hesitantly = with hesitation; in a hesitant manner
    hesitatingly = with hesitation; in a hesitant manner
    hideously = in a hideous manner
    hilariously = in a hilarious manner
    historically = throughout the past
    honorably = in an honorable manner
    honourably = with honor
    horizontally = in a horizontal direction
    horridly = in a hideous manner
    horrifyingly = in a horrifying manner
    hospitably = in a hospitable manner
    hostilely = with hostility; in a belligerent hostile manner
    huffily = in a huffy manner
    hugely = extremely
    humanely = in a humane manner
    humorlessly = in a humorless manner
    humorously = in a humorous manner
    humourlessly = in a humorless manner
    hungrily = in the manner of someone who is very hungry
    huskily = in a hoarse or husky voice
    hypnotically = by means of hypnotism
    hypocritically = in a hypocritical manner
    hypothetically = by hypothesis
    hysterically = in a hysterical manner
    icily = in a cold and icy manner
    identically = with complete identity; in an identical manner
    idiotically = in an idiotic manner
    ignorantly = in ignorance; in an ignorant manner
    illegibly = in an illegible manner
    illiberally = in a narrow-minded manner
    illogically = in an illogical manner
    imaginatively = with imagination
    immaculately = in an immaculate manner
    immaturely = in an immature manner
    immeasurably = to an immeasurable degree; beyond measurement
    immoderately = without moderation; in an immoderate manner
    immodestly = without modesty; in an immodest manner
    immovably = so as to be incapable of moving
    immutably = in an unalterable and unchangeable manner
    impalpably = not substantially
    impartially = in an impartial manner
    impassively = in an impassive manner
    impeccably = flawlessly
    imperatively = in an imperative and commanding manner
    imperceptibly = in a manner that is difficult to discern
    imperiously = in a manner showing arrogant superiority
    impersonally = without warmth
    impertinently = in an impudent or impertinent manner
    impetuously = in an impulsive or impetuous way; without taking cautions
    impiously = in an impious manner
    impishly = in an appealing but bold manner
    implausibly = not easy to believe
    implicitly = without ever expressing so clearly
    imploringly = in a beseeching manner
    impolitely = in an impolite manner
    importantly = in a significant way or to a significant degree
    importunately = in a beseeching manner
    imposingly = in an impressive manner
    impotently = in a helpless manner
    imprecisely = in an imprecise manner
    impressively = in an impressive manner
    improbably = not easy to believe
    improperly = in an improper way
    improvidently = in an improvident manner
    imprudently = in an imprudent manner
    impudently = in an impudent or impertinent manner
    impulsively = in an impulsive or impetuous way; without taking cautions
    inaccurately = in an inaccurate manner
    inadequately = in an inadequate manner or to an inadequate degree
    inadvertently = without knowledge or intention
    inanely = vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish
    inappropriately = in an inappropriate manner
    inarticulately = without eloquence; in an inarticulate manner
    inattentively = in an absentminded or preoccupied manner
    inaudibly = in an inaudible manner
    inauspiciously = in an inauspicious manner
    incautiously = without caution or prudence
    incestuously = by incest
    incoherently = in an incoherent manner
    incompetently = in an incompetent manner
    incompletely = not to a full degree or extent
    inconceivably = to an inconceivable degree
    inconclusively = not conclusively
    inconsequentially = lacking consequence
    inconsequently = lacking consequence
    inconsiderately = without consideration; in an inconsiderate manner
    inconsistently = without showing consistency
    inconspicuously = in a manner intended to avoid attracting attention
    inconveniently = in an inconvenient manner
    incorrectly = in an incorrect manner
    incredulously = in a disbelieving manner
    incurably = in a manner impossible to cure
    indecently = in an indecent manner
    indecisively = lacking firmness or resoluteness
    indecorously = without decorousness
    indiscreetly = without discretion or wisdom or self-restraint
    indiscriminately = in an indiscriminate manner
    indistinctly = in a dim indistinct manner
    indolently = in an indolent manner
    indulgently = in an indulgent manner
    industrially = by industrial means
    industriously = in an industrious manner
    ineffectively = in an ineffective manner
    ineffectually = in an ineffectual manner
    inelegantly = without elegance
    ineloquently = without eloquence; in an inarticulate manner
    ineptly = with ineptitude; in an incompetent manner
    inexactly = in an imprecise manner
    inexcusably = in an unpardonable manner or to an unpardonable degree
    inexorably = in a manner impervious to change or persuasion
    inexpertly = in a crude and unskilled manner
    inexpressively = without expression; in an inexpressive manner
    infectiously = in a contagious manner
    inflexibly = in an inflexible manner
    influentially = exerting influence
    informally = without formality
    informatively = in an informative manner
    infrequently = not many times
    ingeniously = in an ingenious manner
    ingenuously = in an ingenuous manner
    ingratiatingly = in a flattering and ingratiating manner
    inhospitably = in an inhospitable manner
    inhumanely = in an inhumane manner
    iniquitously = in an iniquitous manner
    injudiciously = in an injudicious manner
    inoffensively = in a not unpleasantly offensive manner
    inopportunely = at an inconvenient time
    inordinately = extremely
    inquiringly = in an inquiring manner
    inquisitively = with curiosity
    insanely = (used as intensives) extremely
    insatiably = to an insatiable degree
    inscrutably = in an inscrutable manner
    insecurely = in a tentative and self-conscious manner
    insensibly = in a numb manner; without feeling
    insensitively = in an insensitive manner
    insidiously = in a harmfully insidious manner
    insignificantly = in an insignificant manner
    insincerely = without sincerity
    insinuatingly = in an insinuating manner
    insipidly = in an insipid manner
    insistently = in an insistent manner
    insolently = in an insolent manner
    instantaneously = without any delay
    instructively = in an informative manner
    insubstantially = not substantially
    insufficiently = to an insufficient degree
    insultingly = in a disrespectful and insulting manner
    intelligently = in an intelligent manner
    intelligibly = in an intelligible manner
    intemperately = indulging excessively
    intentionally = with intention; in an intentional manner
    interestingly = in an interesting manner
    interminably = all the time; seemingly without stopping
    intermittently = in a manner of stopping and starting at irregular intervals
    internally = on or from the inside
    interrogatively = in a questioning format
    intolerantly = in an intolerant manner
    intractably = in an intractable manner
    intrepidly = without fear
    intricately = with elaboration
    intuitively = in an intuitive manner
    inventively = in an inventive manner
    invitingly = in a tantalizing manner
    irately = in an irate manner
    ironically = in a manner characterized by incongruity or unexpectedness
    irrationally = in an irrational manner
    irregularly = in an irregular manner
    irrelevantly = in an irrelevant manner
    irresistibly = incapable of being resisted
    irresolutely = lacking determination or decisiveness
    irresponsibly = in an irresponsible manner
    irreverently = in an irreverent manner
    irrevocably = in a manner that cannot be taken back
    irritably = in a petulant manner
    irritatingly = in an irritating manner
    jaggedly = with a ragged and uneven appearance
    jarringly = in a manner that jars and irritates
    jauntily = in a jaunty fashionable manner
    jealously = with jealousy
    jeeringly = in a disrespectful jeering manner
    jejunely = in an immature manner
    jerkily = with jerking motions
    jestingly = in jest
    jocosely = with humor
    jointly = in collaboration or cooperation
    jokingly = in jest
    jovially = in a jovial manner
    joylessly = in a joyless manner; without joy
    joyously = in a joyous and gleeful manner
    jubilantly = in a joyous manner
    judiciously = in a judicious manner
    justifiedly = with honesty
    knavishly = in an artful manner
    knowingly = with full knowledge and deliberation
    laboriously = in a laborious manner
    lackadaisically = in an idle and lackadaisical manner
    laconically = in a dry laconic manner
    lamely = in a weak and unconvincing manner
    languidly = in a lethargic manner
    languorously = in a languorous manner
    lasciviously = in a lascivious manner
    laterally = to or by or from the side
    lavishly = in a rich and lavish manner
    lawfully = by law; conforming to the law
    laxly = in a permissively lenient manner
    learnedly = with erudition; in an erudite manner
    lengthily = in a lengthy or prolix manner
    leniently = in a permissively lenient manner
    lethargically = without energy; in a lethargic manner
    lewdly = in a lewd and obscene manner
    licentiously = in a licentious and promiscuous manner
    lifelessly = in a lifeless manner
    limitedly = in a limited manner
    limpidly = in a clear and lucid manner
    limply = without rigidity
    lingeringly = in a slow, leisurely or prolonged way
    linguistically = with respect to language
    lispingly = with a lisp
    listlessly = in a listless manner
    lividly = in a livid manner
    loftily = in a lofty manner
    logically = according to logical reasoning
    long-windedly = in a verbose manner
    longingly = in a yearning manner
    lopsidedly = in a crooked lopsided manner
    loquaciously = in a chatty loquacious manner
    loyally = with loyalty; in a loyal manner
    lucidly = in a clear and lucid manner
    ludicrously = so as to arouse or deserve laughter
    lugubriously = in a sorrowful lugubrious manner
    luridly = in a lurid manner
    lustfully = in a lustful manner
    lustily = in a healthy manner
    luxuriously = in an indulgently rich manner
    lyrically = in a lyrical manner
    magisterially = in an overbearingly domineering manner; as a dictator
    magnanimously = in a magnanimous manner
    magnificently = extremely well
    magniloquently = in a rhetorically grandiloquent manner
    maidenly = befitting or characteristic of a maiden
    majestically = in a majestic manner
    malevolently = in a malevolent manner
    maliciously = with malice; in a malicious manner
    malignantly = in a malignant manner, as of a tumor that spreads
    manageably = so as to be manageable
    manfully = in a manful manner; with qualities thought to befit a man
    maniacally = in a maniacal manner or to a maniacal degree
    manipulatively = in an artfully manipulative manner
    mannerly = socially correct in behavior
    manually = by hand
    marginally = in a marginal manner
    markedly = in a clearly noticeable manner
    martially = in a martial manner
    marvelously = (used as an intensifier) extremely well
    masochistically = in a masochistic manner
    massively = to a massive degree or in a massive manner
    masterfully = in a skillfully masterful manner; with the skill of a master
    materialistically = in a materialistic manner
    maternally = in a maternal manner; as a mother
    mathematically = with respect to mathematics
    matronly = befitting or characteristic of a fully mature woman
    maturely = in a mature manner
    mawkishly = in a mawkish and emotional manner
    meanderingly = in a meandering manner
    meaningfully = in a meaningful manner; so as to be meaningful
    meanly = poorly or in an inferior manner
    measuredly = in a deliberate unhurried manner
    medicinally = in a medicinal manner
    meditatively = in a meditative manner
    mellowly = (obsolete) in a mellow manner
    melodically = with respect to melody
    melodiously = in a melodious manner
    melodramatically = as in a melodrama
    menacingly = in a menacing manner
    mendaciously = in a mendacious and untruthful manner
    mercifully = in a compassionate manner
    mercilessly = without pity
    messily = in a messy, untidy manner
    metaphorically = in a metaphorical manner
    methodically = in a methodical manner
    meticulously = in a manner marked by extreme care of details
    mincingly = in a mincing manner
    mindfully = in a careful deliberate manner
    mindlessly = without intellectual involvement
    minimally = to a minimal degree
    minutely = in painstaking detail
    mirthfully = in a joyous manner
    mischievously = in a disobedient or naughty way
    misleadingly = in a misleading way
    mistakenly = in a mistaken manner
    mistily = in a misty manner
    mistrustfully = with distrust
    mockingly = in a disrespectful jeering manner
    moistly = in a damp manner
    momentously = in a momentous way
    monosyllabically = in a monosyllabic manner
    monotonously = in a monotonous manner
    monstrously = in a hideous manner
    moodily = in a moody manner
    morbidly = in a morbid manner or to a morbid degree
    mordaciously = in a mordacious manner
    morosely = in a sullen, moody manner
    mortally = in such a manner that death ensues
    motherly = befitting a mother; warm and nurturing
    motionlessly = without moving; in a motionless manner
    mournfully = in a mournful manner
    movingly = in a moving manner
    mulishly = in a stubborn unregenerate manner
    mundanely = in a mundane manner
    munificently = in a generous manner
    murderously = as if bent on murder
    murkily = unclearly; opaquely
    musically = in a musical manner
    musingly = in a reflective manner
    mutely = without speaking
    mystically = in a mystical manner
    naively = in a naive manner
    nakedly = without clothing
    narrow-mindedly = in a narrow-minded manner
    nasally = in a nasal manner
    nastily = in a nasty ill-tempered manner
    nattily = in a natty manner; with smartness
    naughtily = in a disobedient or naughty way
    nebulously = in a nebulous and indefinite manner
    needfully = in an essential manner
    needlessly = without need
    nefariously = in a nefarious manner or to a nefarious degree
    negatively = in a harmful manner
    neglectfully = in a neglectful manner
    negligently = in a negligent manner
    nervelessly = in a composed and unconcerned manner
    neurotically = in a neurotic manner
    niggardly = petty or reluctant in giving or spending
    nimbly = in a nimble or agile manner
    noisily = with much noise or loud and unpleasant sound
    nonchalantly = in a composed and unconcerned manner
    noncompetitively = in a noncompetitive manner
    nonverbally = without words
    northeastwardly = in a northeastward direction
    northwestwardly = in a northwestward direction
    nostalgically = in a nostalgic manner
    noticeably = in a noticeable manner
    noxiously = in a detrimental manner
    numbly = in a numb manner; without feeling
    nuttily = in a mildly insane manner
    obdurately = in a stubborn unregenerate manner
    obediently = in an obedient manner
    objectively = in a manner not influenced by emotion
    obligatorily = in an obligatory manner
    obligingly = in accommodation
    obliquely = to, toward or at one side
    obnoxiously = in an obnoxious manner
    obscenely = in a lewd and obscene manner
    obscurely = in an obscure manner
    obsequiously = in an obsequious manner
    observantly = in an observant manner
    observingly = in an observant manner
    obsessively = in a compulsive manner
    obstinately = in a stubborn unregenerate manner
    obstreperously = in manner that attracts attention
    obtrusively = in an undesirably noticeable manner
    obtusely = in a stupid manner
    offensively = in an unpleasantly offensive manner
    offhandedly = without previous thought or preparation
    officiously = in an officious manner
    oily = containing an unusual amount of grease or oil
    ominously = in a manner suggesting something bad will happen
    onerously = in an onerous manner
    opportunely = at an opportune time
    oppositely = in an opposite position
    oppressively = in a heavy and oppressive way
    optimally = in an optimal and most desirable way
    optimistically = with optimism; in an optimistic manner
    organizationally = with regard to organization
    ornamentally = in an ornamental, nonfunctional manner
    ornately = in an ornate manner
    ostensibly = from appearances alone
    ostentatiously = in a manner intended to attract notice and impress others
    outlandishly = in an outlandish manner
    outrageously = to an extravagant or immoderate degree
    outspokenly = in an outspoken manner
    overbearingly = in an overbearing manner
    overtly = in an overt manner
    overwhelmingly = incapable of being resisted
    owlishly = in an owlish manner
    painlessly = without pain
    painstakingly = in a fastidious and painstaking manner
    palely = in a pale manner; without physical or emotional color
    pallidly = in a manner lacking interest or vitality
    paradoxically = in a paradoxical manner
    parenthetically = in a parenthetical manner
    parochially = in a parochial manner
    passably = to a moderately sufficient extent or degree
    passively = in a passive manner
    patently = unmistakably
    paternally = in a paternal manner
    pathetically = in a manner arousing sympathy and compassion
    patriotically = in a patriotic manner
    patronisingly = with condescension; in a patronizing manner
    patronizingly = with condescension; in a patronizing manner
    peaceably = in a peaceable manner
    pedantically = in a pedantic manner
    peevishly = in a peevish manner
    pejoratively = in a pejorative manner
    pellucidly = in a clear and lucid manner
    penetratingly = with ability to see into deeply
    penitentially = showing remorse
    penitently = showing remorse
    pensively = in a pensive manner
    perceptibly = in a noticeable manner
    perceptively = in a keenly discerning manner
    peremptorily = in an imperative and commanding manner
    perfidiously = in a perfidious manner
    perfunctorily = in a set manner without serious attention
    periodically = in a sporadic manner
    peripherally = in or at or near a periphery or according to a peripheral role or function or relationship
    perkily = in a perky manner
    permissively = in a permissive manner
    perpendicularly = in a perpendicular manner
    perplexedly = in a perplexed manner
    perseveringly = with perseverance
    perspicuously = in a clear and lucid manner
    persuasively = in a persuasive manner
    pertinaciously = in a dogged and pertinacious manner
    pertinently = in a pertinent way
    pertly = in an impudent or impertinent manner
    perversely = deliberately deviant
    pessimistically = with pessimism; in a pessimistic manner
    pettishly = in a petulant manner
    petulantly = in an easily irritated or annoyed manner
    philosophically = in a philosophic manner
    phlegmatically = in a phlegmatic manner
    picturesquely = in a picturesque manner
    piercingly = extremely and sharply
    piggishly = in a piggish manner
    piously = in a devout and pious manner
    piquantly = with strong spices; in a spicy manner
    piteously = in a piteous manner
    pithily = in a pithy sententious manner
    pitifully = to a pitiful degree
    pitilessly = without pity; in a merciless manner
    pityingly = in a compassionate manner
    placatingly = in a placating manner
    placidly = in a quiet and tranquil manner
    plaintively = in a manner expressing sorrow
    plausibly = easy to believe on the basis of available evidence
    playfully = in a playful manner
    pleadingly = in a beseeching manner
    pleasingly = in a pleasing manner
    pleasurably = in a very pleasurable manner
    plentifully = in a bountiful manner
    pluckily = in a plucky manner
    poetically = in a poetic manner
    poignantly = in a poignant or touching manner
    pointedly = in such a manner as to make something clearly evident
    pointlessly = in a pointless manner
    poisonously = in a very malevolent manner
    pompously = in a pompous manner
    ponderously = in an uninterestingly ponderous manner
    portentously = in a portentous manner
    possessively = in a possessive manner
    potently = in a manner having a powerful influence
    powerlessly = in a powerless manner
    pragmatically = in a realistic manner
    precariously = in a manner affording no ease or reassurance
    preciously = extremely
    precipitately = at breakneck speed
    precipitously = abruptly; in a precipitous manner
    precociously = in a precocious manner
    predictably = in a predictable manner or to a predictable degree
    preferentially = in a preferential manner
    prematurely = too soon; in a premature manner
    preposterously = so as to arouse or deserve laughter
    presentably = in a presentable manner
    pressingly = in a pressing manner
    presumptively = by reasonable assumption
    presumptuously = in a presumptuous manner
    pretentiously = in a pretentious manner
    prettily = in a pretty manner
    priggishly = in a priggish manner
    primitively = in a primitive style or manner
    primly = in a prissy manner
    prissily = in a prissy manner
    problematically = in such a way as to pose a problem
    prodigally = to a wasteful manner or to a wasteful degree
    productively = in a productive way
    profanely = in an irreverent or profane manner
    professionally = in a professional manner
    proficiently = in a proficient manner
    profligately = in a dissolute way
    profusely = in an abundant manner
    progressively = advancing in amount or intensity
    prohibitively = to a prohibitive degree
    prominently = in a prominent way
    promiscuously = in a licentious and promiscuous manner
    promisingly = in an auspicious manner
    prophetically = in a prophetic manner
    propitiously = in an auspicious manner
    prosaically = in a matter-of-fact manner
    prosily = in a prosy manner
    protectively = in a protective manner
    protractedly = in a slow, leisurely or prolonged way
    providently = in a provident manner
    provincially = by the province; through the province
    provisionally = temporarily and conditionally
    provocatively = in a provocative manner
    prudently = in a prudent manner
    prudishly = in a prudish manner
    pruriently = in a prurient manner
    pryingly = in a curious and prying manner
    puckishly = in an appealing but bold manner
    pugnaciously = in a pugnacious manner
    punctiliously = in a punctilious manner
    punctually = at the proper time
    pungently = with a sharp taste or smell
    punishingly = in a punishing manner
    punitively = in a punishing manner
    puritanically = in a prudish manner
    purposefully = in a purposeful manner
    purposelessly = without a clear purpose
    pusillanimously = with a lack of courage and determination
    quaintly = in a quaint old-fashioned manner
    quaveringly = in an unsteady quavering manner
    queasily = in a queasy manner
    queerly = in a strange manner
    querulously = in a peevish manner
    questionably = in a questionable and dubious manner
    questioningly = in a curious and questioning manner
    quixotically = in a quixotic manner
    quizzically = in a questioning manner
    racily = in a racy manner
    radiantly = in a radiant manner
    raggedly = in a ragged uneven manner
    rakishly = in a rakish manner
    ramblingly = in a rambling manner
    randomly = in a random manner
    rapturously = in an ecstatic manner
    rashly = in a hasty and foolhardy manner
    raspingly = in a harsh and grating manner
    rationally = in a rational manner
    raucously = with a raucous sound
    ravenously = in the manner of someone who is very hungry
    ravishingly = in a ravishing manner or to a ravishing degree
    realistically = in a realistic manner
    reassuringly = in a reassuring manner
    rebelliously = in a rebellious manner
    rebukingly = in the manner of someone delivering a rebuke
    receptively = in a receptive manner
    recklessly = in a reckless manner
    reflectively = in a reflective manner
    refreshingly = in a pleasantly novel manner
    regally = in a regal manner
    regretfully = with sadness (used in polite formulas)
    relentlessly = in a relentless manner
    relevantly = with relevance
    reliably = in a faithful manner
    religiously = with extreme care, regularity, and conscientiousness
    reminiscently = in a reminiscent manner
    remorsefully = in a rueful manner
    remorselessly = without pity; in a merciless manner
    remotely = to a remote degree
    repellently = in a repellent manner
    repentantly = showing remorse
    repetitively = in a repetitive manner
    reprehensively = in a shameful manner
    reproachfully = in a reproving or reproachful manner
    reprovingly = in a reproving or reproachful manner
    repulsively = in an offensive and hateful manner
    resentfully = with resentment; in a resentful manner
    reservedly = with reserve; in a reserved manner
    resignedly = with resignation and acceptance; in a resigned manner
    resoundingly = in a resounding manner
    respectably = in a decent and morally reputable manner
    resplendently = in an impressively beautiful manner
    responsibly = in a responsible manner
    restfully = in a restful manner
    restively = in a restive manner
    restlessly = in a restless manner
    restrictively = in a restrictive manner
    reticently = with reticence; in a reticent manner
    retroactively = after the fact
    retrospectively = in a manner contemplative of past events
    revengefully = in a vindictive, revengeful manner
    reverently = with reverence; in a reverent manner
    revoltingly = in a disgusting manner or to a disgusting degree
    rewardingly = in a rewarding manner
    rhapsodically = in an ecstatic manner
    rhetorically = in a rhetorical manner
    rhythmically = in a manner recurring with measured regularity
    ridiculously = so as to arouse or deserve laughter
    righteously = in a righteous manner
    rightfully = by right
    rigidly = in a rigid manner
    rigorously = in a rigorous manner
    riotously = in a tumultuous and riotous manner
    ripely = with mature or developed appearance
    ritually = in a ceremonial manner
    robustly = in a robust manner
    roguishly = like a dishonest rogue
    rollickingly = in a carefree manner
    romantically = in a romantic manner
    roomily = with ample room
    rottenly = in a terrible manner
    rotundly = in a sonorous manner
    roundly = in a round manner
    routinely = according to established practice
    rowdily = in a rowdy manner
    royally = in a royal manner
    ruefully = in a manner expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
    ruggedly = in a rugged manner
    ruthlessly = in a ruthless manner
    sacredly = by religion
    sacrilegiously = in a sacrilegious manner
    sagaciously = in a shrewd manner
    sagely = in a wise manner
    salaciously = in a lascivious manner
    sanctimoniously = in a sanctimonious manner
    sanely = in a sane or lucid manner
    sarcastically = in a sarcastic manner
    sardonically = in a sarcastic manner
    satirically = in a satirical manner
    satisfyingly = in a gratifying manner
    saucily = in an impudent or impertinent manner
    scandalously = in a scandalous manner
    scantily = in a sparse or scanty way
    scarily = in an alarming manner
    scathingly = in a scathing and unsparing manner
    sceptically = with scepticism; in a sceptical manner
    scholastically = with respect to scholastic activities
    scientifically = with respect to science; in a scientific way
    scoffingly = in a disrespectful and mocking manner
    scrumptiously = so as to produce a delightful taste
    scrupulously = with extreme conscientiousness
    scurrilously = in a scurrilously manner
    searchingly = in a searching manner
    secondarily = of secondary import
    secretively = in a secretive manner; with a preference for secrecy
    sedately = in a sedate manner
    seductively = in a tempting seductive manner
    sedulously = in a sedulous manner
    selectively = by selection; in a selective manner
    self-consciously = in an uncomfortably self-conscious manner
    self-indulgently = in a self-indulgent manner
    self-righteously = in a sanctimonious manner
    selfishly = in an egotistical manner
    selflessly = in an altruistic manner
    semantically = with regard to meaning
    sensationally = in a sensational manner
    senselessly = in a meaningless and purposeless manner
    sensibly = with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner
    sensitively = in a sensitive manner
    sensually = in a sultry and sensual manner
    sensuously = with aesthetic gratification or delight
    sententiously = in a pithy sententious manner
    sentimentally = in a sentimental manner
    sequentially = in a consecutive manner
    serenely = in a peacefully serene manner
    servilely = in an obsequious manner
    shabbily = so as to appear worn and threadbare or dilapidated
    shaggily = in a shaggy manner
    shakily = in a manner characterized by trembling or shaking
    shallowly = in a shallow manner
    shamefacedly = in a shamefaced manner
    shamefully = in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree
    shamelessly = without shame
    shapelessly = in a shapeless manner
    sheepishly = in a sheepish manner
    shiftily = in a shifty manner
    shockingly = extremely
    showily = in a fancy colorful manner
    shrewdly = in a shrewd manner
    shrewishly = in a shrewish manner
    shrilly = in a shrill voice
    shudderingly = with a shudder
    shyly = in a shy or timid or bashful manner
    sickeningly = in a disgusting manner or to a disgusting degree
    silkily = in a silky manner
    simperingly = with a lack of courage and determination
    single-handedly = without assistance
    single-mindedly = in a single-minded manner
    sinuously = in a sinuous manner
    skeptically = with scepticism; in a sceptical manner
    sketchily = in a sketchy incomplete manner
    skillfully = with skill
    skimpily = in a skimpy manner
    skittishly = in a skittish manner
    slackly = in a relaxed manner; not rigid
    slanderously = in a false and slanderous and defamatory manner
    slavishly = in a slavish manner
    sleekly = in a sleek glossy manner
    sleepily = in a sleepy manner
    slenderly = in a slim or slender manner
    slickly = with superficial plausibility
    slightingly = in a disparaging manner
    sloppily = in a sloppy manner
    slovenly = negligent of neatness especially in dress and person
    sluggishly = in a sluggish manner
    slyly = in an artful manner
    smarmily = in an unctuous manner
    smartly = in a clever manner
    smilingly = with smiles; in a smiling manner
    smolderingly = with barely repressed anger
    smugly = in a smug manner
    smuttily = in a smutty manner
    sneakily = in a surreptitious manner
    sneeringly = with a sneer; in an uncomplimentary sneering manner
    snidely = with a sneer; in an uncomplimentary sneering manner
    snobbishly = in a snobbish manner
    snootily = in a snobbish manner
    snugly = warmly and comfortably sheltered
    sobbingly = with sobs
    sociably = in a sociable manner
    solicitously = in a concerned and solicitous manner
    solidly = with strength and soundness
    solitarily = in solitude
    somberly = in a serious and solemn manner
    somnolently = in a drowsy manner
    sonorously = in a sonorous manner
    soothingly = in a soothing manner
    sordidly = in a sordid or squalid way
    sorrowfully = in a sorrowful manner
    soulfully = in a soulful manner
    soundlessly = without a sound
    sourly = in a sour manner
    southeastwardly = in a southeastward direction
    southwestwardly = in a southwestward direction
    spaciously = with ample room
    sparingly = to a meager degree or in a meager manner
    sparsely = in a sparse manner
    spasmodically = in spurts and fits
    spatially = with regard to space
    speciously = in a specious manner
    speculatively = with speculation; in a speculative manner
    speechlessly = without speaking
    spicily = with strong spices; in a spicy manner
    spiritedly = in a spirited or lively manner; with animation and vivacity
    spiritually = in a spiritual manner
    spitefully = in a maliciously spiteful manner
    spontaneously = in a spontaneous manner
    spookily = in an unnatural eery manner
    sporadically = in an irregular or unpredictable manner
    sportively = in a merry sportive manner
    spotlessly = in a spotless manner
    sprucely = in a stylish manner
    squeamishly = in a squeamish manner
    stably = in a stable solid fixed manner
    staidly = in a grave and sober manner
    standoffishly = in a standoffish manner
    starkly = in a stark manner
    startlingly = in a startling manner
    staunchly = in a staunch manner
    steadfastly = with resolute determination
    steely = resembling steel in hardness
    steeply = in a steep manner
    stickily = in a sticky viscid manner
    stiltedly = in a stilted manner
    stingily = in a stingy manner
    stodgily = in a stuffy manner
    stoically = without emotion; in a stoic manner
    stolidly = in a stolid manner
    stonily = in a stony manner
    stormily = in a stormy or violent manner
    straightforwardly = with firmness and conviction; without compromise
    strategically = with regard to strategy
    strenuously = strongly or vigorously
    stridently = in a strident manner
    stringently = in a stringent manner
    structurally = with respect to structure
    stubbornly = in a stubborn unregenerate manner
    studiously = in a studious manner
    stuffily = in a stuffy manner
    stunningly = in a spectacular manner
    stupendously = to a stupendous degree
    stupidly = in a stupid manner
    sturdily = in a sturdy manner
    stylishly = in a stylish manner
    suavely = with suavity; in a suave manner
    subconsciously = from the subconscious mind
    subjectively = in a subjective way
    submissively = in a servile manner
    subserviently = in an obsequious manner
    subtly = in a manner difficult to detect or grasp
    succinctly = with concise and precise brevity; to the point
    suggestively = in a suggestive manner
    suitably = in an appropriate manner
    sulkily = in a sulky manner
    sultrily = in a sultry and sensual manner
    summarily = without delay; in a summary manner
    sumptuously = in a sumptuous and opulent manner
    sunnily = in a cheerful manner
    superbly = (used as an intensifier) extremely well
    superciliously = with a sneer; in an uncomplimentary sneering manner
    superficially = in a superficial manner
    superfluously = in a superfluous manner
    superstitiously = in a superstitious manner
    supposedly = believed or reputed to be the case
    surlily = in a churlish manner
    surprisedly = in the manner of one who is surprised
    surreptitiously = in a secretive manner
    sweepingly = in a sweeping manner
    symbolically = in a symbolic manner
    symmetrically = in a symmetrical manner
    sympathetically = in a sympathetic manner
    systematically = in a consistent manner
    tacitly = by unexpressed agreement
    taciturnly = without speaking
    tactfully = showing tact or tactfulness; in a tactful manner
    tactically = with regard to tactics
    tactlessly = without tact; in a tactless manner
    tactually = by touch
    talkatively = in a chatty loquacious manner
    tamely = in a tame manner
    tangentially = in passing
    tantalizingly = in a tantalizing manner
    tardily = later than usual or than expected
    tartly = in a tart manner
    tastefully = with taste; in a tasteful manner
    tastelessly = without taste or in poor taste; in a tasteless manner
    tastily = in a tasty manner
    tauntingly = in a playfully teasing manner
    tautly = in a taut manner
    tawdrily = in a tastelessly garish manner
    tearfully = with tears; in a tearful manner
    teasingly = in a playfully teasing manner
    tediously = in a tedious manner
    tellingly = in a telling manner
    temperamentally = by temperament
    temperately = with restraint
    temptingly = in a tempting seductive manner
    tenaciously = with obstinate determination
    tensely = in a tense manner
    tentatively = in a hesitant manner
    tenuously = in a tenuous manner
    tepidly = in an unenthusiastically lukewarm manner
    territorially = with respect to territory
    tersely = in a short and concise manner
    testily = in a petulant manner
    tetchily = in an ill-natured and tetchy manner
    thankfully = in a thankful manner; with thanks
    theatrically = in a stagy and theatrical manner
    theoretically = in theory; according to the assumed facts
    therapeutically = for therapeutic purposes
    thinly = in a widely distributed manner
    thirstily = in a thirsty manner
    thoughtlessly = in a thoughtless manner
    threateningly = in a menacing manner
    thriftily = in a thrifty manner
    thusly = in the way indicated
    tidily = in a tidy manner
    timorously = in a timorous and trepid manner
    tiredly = in a weary manner
    tirelessly = with indefatigable energy
    tiresomely = in a tedious manner
    tolerantly = in a tolerant manner
    tonelessly = in a monotone
    topically = to a restricted area of the body
    torpidly = in a daze; in a dazed manner
    torturously = in a very painful manner
    touchily = in a touchy manner
    touchingly = in a poignant or touching manner
    toughly = in a ruggedly tough manner
    tragically = in a tragic manner; with tragic consequences
    traitorously = in a disloyal and faithless manner
    tranquilly = without emotional agitation
    transparently = so as to allow the passage of light
    treacherously = in a disloyal and faithless manner
    treasonably = in a disloyal and faithless manner
    tremendously = extremely
    tremulously = in a tremulous manner
    trenchantly = in a vigorous and effective manner
    trepidly = in a timorous and trepid manner
    trickily = in an artful manner
    trimly = in a trim manner
    tritely = in a trite manner
    truculently = in a defiantly truculent manner
    trustingly = with trust; in a trusting manner
    truthfully = with truth
    tumultuously = in a tumultuous and riotous manner
    tunefully = in a melodious manner
    tunelessly = in a tuneless fashion
    turbulently = in a turbulent manner; with turbulence
    turgidly = in a turgid manner
    unabashedly = in an unabashed manner
    unaccountably = in an unaccountable manner
    unambitiously = in an unambitious manner
    unappreciatively = in an ungrateful manner
    unashamedly = without shame
    unassumingly = in an unassuming manner
    unattractively = in an unattractive manner
    unavoidably = by necessity
    unbearably = to an unbearable degree
    unbecomingly = without decorousness
    unbelievingly = in an incredulous manner
    unblinkingly = showing no emotion
    unblushingly = without blushing
    uncannily = in an uncanny manner
    unceremoniously = in an unceremonious manner
    uncertainly = showing lack of certainty
    uncharacteristically = in uncharacteristic manner
    unchivalrously = in an unchivalrous and ungallant manner
    uncivilly = in an uncivil manner
    unclearly = in a manner that is unclear
    uncomfortably = in physical discomfort
    uncomplainingly = without complaining
    uncompromisingly = in an uncompromising manner
    unconcernedly = in an unconcerned manner
    unconditionally = not subject to a condition
    uncontrollably = in an uncontrolled manner
    unconvincingly = in an unconvincing manner
    uncouthly = in an uncouth manner
    uncritically = in an uncritical manner
    unctuously = in an unctuous manner
    undecipherably = in an illegible manner
    undeniably = to an undeniable degree or in an undeniable manner
    underhandedly = slyly and secretly
    understandably = in an intelligible manner
    understandingly = with understanding
    unemotionally = in an unemotional manner
    unendingly = with unflagging resolve
    unenthusiastically = without enthusiasm; showing no enthusiasm
    unequally = in an unequal or partial manner
    unequivocally = in an unambiguous manner
    unerringly = without making errors
    unethically = in an unethical manner
    unevenly = in an unequal or partial manner
    unfairly = in an unfair manner
    unfaithfully = in an unfaithful undependable unreliable manner
    unfalteringly = with determination; in a determined manner
    unfashionably = in an unfashionable manner
    unfavorably = showing disapproval; in a disparaging way
    unfavourably = showing disapproval; in a disparaging way
    unfeelingly = without compassionate feelings
    unforgivingly = without forgiveness; in an unforgiving manner
    ungainly = lacking grace in movement or posture
    ungraciously = without grace; rigidly
    ungratefully = in an ungrateful manner
    ungrudgingly = in a generous and ungrudging manner
    unharmoniously = in a discordant manner
    unhelpfully = in an unhelpful manner
    unhesitatingly = without hesitation
    unhurriedly = without haste
    unimaginatively = without imagination
    unimpeachably = without question
    unimpressively = in an unimpressive manner
    uninformatively = in an uninformative manner
    unintelligently = in an unintelligent manner
    unintelligibly = in an unintelligible manner
    unintentionally = without intention; in an unintentional manner
    uninterruptedly = without interruption
    uninvitedly = without invitation
    uniquely = so as to be unique
    unitedly = with cooperation and interchange
    unkindly = lacking in sympathy and kindness
    unknowingly = without knowledge or intention
    unmelodiously = in an unmelodious manner
    unmercifully = without pity; in a merciless manner
    unmindfully = in a careless and thoughtless manner
    unmusically = in an unmusical manner
    unnaturally = by artificial means
    unnecessarily = without any necessity
    unnoticeably = in an imperceptible manner or to an imperceptible degree
    unobtrusively = in an unobtrusive manner
    unofficially = without official authorization
    unpleasantly = in an unpleasant manner
    unprecedentedly = in an unprecedented manner
    unpredictably = in an erratic unpredictable manner
    unpretentiously = in an unpretentious manner
    unproductively = in an unproductive manner
    unpropitiously = in an inauspicious manner
    unquestioningly = in an unquestioning manner
    unrealistically = in an unrealistic manner
    unreasonably = to a degree that exceeds the bounds or reason or moderation
    unrelentingly = in a relentless manner
    unrepentantly = in an impenitent manner
    unreservedly = without reservation
    unrestrainedly = in an unrestrained manner
    unromantically = without romance; in an unromantic manner
    unsatisfactorily = in an unsatisfactory manner
    unscrupulously = without scruples
    unseasonably = not in accordance with the season
    unselfconsciously = in a comfortable unselfconscious manner
    unselfishly = in an unselfish manner
    unshakably = with determination; in a determined manner
    unsmilingly = without smile; in an unsmiling manner
    unsociably = in an unsociable manner
    unsparingly = in a scathing and unsparing manner
    unsteadily = in an unsteady manner
    unstintingly = in an unstinting manner
    unsuccessfully = without success
    unsuspectingly = without suspicions
    unswervingly = in a constant and steadfast manner
    unsymmetrically = in an asymmetrical manner
    unsympathetically = without sympathy; in an unsympathetic manner
    unsystematically = in an unsystematic manner
    unthinkingly = in a thoughtless manner
    untruly = in a untrue manner
    untruthfully = in a mendacious and untruthful manner
    unwantedly = in an undesirable manner
    unwarily = without heed or caution
    unwaveringly = with resolute determination
    unwillingly = in an unwilling manner
    unwisely = without good sense or judgment
    unwittingly = without knowledge or intention
    uprightly = in an upright position
    uproariously = in a hilarious manner
    upwardly = spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position
    urbanely = in an urbane manner
    urgently = with great urgency
    usefully = in a useful manner
    uselessly = in a useless manner
    uxoriously = in a loving and uxorious manner
    vacantly = in a vacant manner
    vacuously = in a vacuous manner
    valiantly = with valor
    validly = with validity; in a valid manner
    valorously = with valor; in a valiant manner
    vapidly = in a vapid manner
    vauntingly = in a boastful manner
    venally = in a corrupt and deceitful manner
    vengefully = in a vindictive, revengeful manner
    venomously = in a very malevolent manner
    verbally = by means of language
    verbosely = in a verbose manner
    vertically = in a vertical direction
    vicariously = indirectly, as, by, or through a substitute
    viciously = in a brutal manner
    victoriously = in a victorious manner
    vigilantly = in a watchful manner
    vilely = in a vile manner
    vindictively = in a vindictive, revengeful manner
    virtuously = in a moral manner
    virulently = in a virulent manner
    visually = with respect to vision
    vivaciously = with vivacity
    vocally = in a vocal manner
    vociferously = in a conspicuously loud manner
    voluptuously = in a shapely and voluptuous manner
    voraciously = in an eagerly voracious manner
    voyeuristically = like a voyeur
    vulgarly = in a smutty manner
    vulnerably = in a vulnerable manner
    waggishly = in a waggish manner
    wanly = in a weak or pale or languid manner
    wantonly = in a wanton manner
    warily = in a manner marked by keen caution and watchful prudence
    watchfully = in a watchful manner
    weightily = as something very heavy
    weirdly = in a weird manner
    wheezingly = with a wheeze
    whimsically = in a fanciful manner
    wholeheartedly = without reserve; without reservation
    wickedly = in a wicked evil manner
    wilfully = in a willful manner
    willfully = in a willful manner
    wily = marked by skill in deception
    winsomely = in an engaging manner
    wishfully = in a wishful manner
    witheringly = in a withering manner
    wittily = in a witty manner
    wittingly = with full knowledge and deliberation
    woefully = in an unfortunate or deplorable manner
    wolfishly = in the manner of a wolf
    wonderingly = in a curious and questioning manner
    wondrously = (used as an intensifier) extremely well
    woodenly = without grace; rigidly
    wordily = in a verbose manner
    wordlessly = without speaking
    worriedly = in a worried manner
    worthily = in a worthy manner; with worthiness
    worthlessly = in a worthless manner
    wrathfully = in a wrathful manner
    wretchedly = in a wretched manner
    wrongly = without justice or fairness
    wryly = in a humorously sarcastic or mocking manner
    yearningly = in a yearning manner
    yieldingly = in an obedient manner
    youthfully = in a youthful manner
    zealously = in a zealous manner
    zestfully = with zest
    zestily = with zest
  2. I am talking about Landmark Education. Landmark Education only teaches “how” and “who”… but it is like teaching pigs to sing… not very effective.

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1 thought on “The allure of what vs. the how that is the difference between scarcity and abundance”

  1. devotedly

    A very good one for me. I think it sets up a context that’s not all about me. I can care about someone or something else; I can direct my energy outward.

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