The allure of what vs. the how that is the difference between misery and abundance

Your vocabulary, the number and the kind of words you use, is a dead giveaway of the level of your spiritual evolution... simply put your vibrational frequency. If I could not measure it accurately other ways, I would use that to tell you what is your spiritual vibration, your level of consciousness.

How? What? Are you kidding Sophie?

No, I am not kidding.

You have a billion words for "what"... much like apes, by the way... and only a few, imprecise words for "how". How words are adverbs...

In the footnotes there is a long list of adverbs... so long I may have to move them to another article... we shall see 1

Your world, your world view, the possibilities you can see for yourself are directly related to the vocabulary you have. This is one of the benefits you derive from reading.

If you are in my coaching programs... you've been getting to a place where I can actually coach you about that. Congratulations.

Being at the door of the "how world" is an accomplishment. I mean it.

This side of the door is what you have, thus far, paid attention to, what you have words for, what shows up in your world now.

On the other side is what will take you to "the promised land."

In my work - if I took an inventory which is not so easy, but possible - you would see that I give 7% of my brain power to What and 93% to the How.

How is the attitude, the context, the who...

Even the process is a what: You do THIS first and then you do THAT.

No how there...

So how do you open that door?

That is the questions, isn't it?

A know a company that spends their entire time designing programs to train how's and don't get through to people, or not much, not really. 1

So I have no mentor, no teacher, no help... I will have to invent, I will have to enroll you to be my partner in inventing a way to open that door.

One of my students... the one I write so much about... has cracked the door open for himself.

He started to read Sam Walton's autobiography, (Made in America) and it resonated with him.

It is likely that this was the first whole book he ever read.

Now, you need to understand, that the more "what" words you have, the less likely that you will hear the how in a book like Sam Walton's biography, or in Tai's speaking.

Every step in Tai's 67 steps is a how treasury... and you can't hear it.

You hear it all as a what...

Many of you hear only the what even at the second round.

It is NORMAL. But don't stop there.

If you set out to hear the "how", eventually you'll hear it.

I am mighty good at hearing the how... and yet. I read a lot... about 100 books a year. I've seen with several books, only when I re-read them that I start to see the how, the who.

One book I have now read five times (Cobweb by Neal Stephenson) and noticed, that the hero in the book was not interested in saving the world, not interested in being a hero: he was just interested in saving his daughter and his wife.

Now, if you say that that is a "what" you are right. But you are also missing the point.

Because it is mainly a context, a who, and a how...

His cone of vision... what gave him strength, singularity of purpose, inventiveness, courage, was his desire to save his daughter and his wife.

The fact that he saved the world... it doesn't even enter his consciousness. Local yokel... not cosmopolitan are some of the how/who expressions. I missed that the first four times I read it.

I was projecting my own "saving the world" "cosmopolitan" attitude... but I was wrong. That was mine. His was "local yokel" caring about drunk drivers, writing tickets, and saving his daughter's and his wife's life.

I am weeping as I am writing this.

This character, this "local yokel" has done more for humanity that I can even hope to do... seeing that humbles me. I got a sliver of a "how" that I've sorely lacked.

I had been too "high and mighty" before to care about my locality. People.

Suddenly with the insight came possible actions: I donated a shipment of walnuts I didn't want, to my community center.

I muscle tested and gave a nutritional/health report to one of the employees of that center, and the yoga teacher...

And I am going to donate some yoga mats for the center, so they can have walk-ins to the yoga class.

All because of that book because of that insight. Caring about what is close to me, people.

So, as you can see, the path to being masterful at "how" is full of doors... door after door after door.

  • 1. I have suggested one path: find a book that somehow really resonate with you. Read it to shreds... until you go deep enough to access the "how"...
  • 2. Another method that works miracles for me is called: "name it and claim it".I want to change all my sites to look good on mobile devices. At present: I don't like how they look.

    To do that I need to learn new tricks. My brain hasn't engaged fully.

    When I "named and claimed" the how, I saw that I have been hoping to go from nothing to everything... and that I have been resentful of the step by step method... (many of you will recognize yourself here!)

    So I said: Oh, I see, the mistake is in the how... how I am approaching this. I actually have to go and touch every little bit... cannot jump. Darn... but I can do it.

    I haven't done it, but now that I can see how... I have a new opening. I still resent it, but I can see that I will get over it, once I give myself over to being a student again.

    And that is a definite how statement: how? giving myself over to being a student again.

Study the "advert list" in the footnotes. Start seeing your "how you do anything is how you do everything" in there.

If you saw an opening for yourself... please let me know.


  1. I am talking about Landmark Education. Landmark Education only teaches "how" and "who"... but it is like teaching pigs to sing... not very effective.

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  1. devotedly

    A very good one for me. I think it sets up a context that’s not all about me. I can care about someone or something else; I can direct my energy outward.

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