Change… The hardest thing. Why? Do you really want to change? I didn’t think so.

If you wanted to change… if you actually wanted to change… so your life can change too… where would you make the change?

I just had a conversation with one of my students who shows promise to be able to change.

The conversation was about how to behave, what to do when you notice mistakes, mistakes YOU make.

Mistakes are like the fruit on the fruit bearing tree. Symptoms. Show what kind of tree you have…

On a side note: where do I look when I assess who will change and who will not?

I will look at two places:

  • 1. do they argue or offer explanations or excuses when they get feedback from me. Argument, explanations, and excuses are the sign of a foolish person who won’t take feedback, and either won’t change, or will do it to either curry approval from you, or to prove you wrong.
  • 2. An immediate testing tool is the 5-question exercise. If they do it, that is a very good sign that they will be willing to change.

The first instinct is to change the fruits… after all your life is happening on that level: your money, your enjoyment, your love-life… at least really it seems that way, right?

You want apples, you get cherries… you want to change your cherries to apples… fix the mistakes you make.

But, as with anything, this approach doesn’t work. The mistakes are just symptoms.

Just look at medicine… all medicine does, doctors of every kind, even chiropractors, massage therapists, and energy healers… all they do is make attempts to fix the cherries… to change them to apples.

But none of it works, unless there is a strong placebo effect. Then it seems to be working. Why?

Where is the placebo more effective than the medicine and the treatment? On the root level. Your attitude, your how, your how. The placebo often changes your attitude, and you heal.

But if you look at the fruit bearing tree: changing the tree on the root level is both a lot of work requiring catching and pruning all the cherry tree shoots coming from the root.

Changing the cherry tree into an apple tree is not a natural process. We could say that the benefits don’t quite outweigh the costs… the constant vigilance.

This is what you see with the positive thinking people… it is not natural for them to think positive thoughts… so they have to be vigilant, militant, merciless, and avoid negative people… and all that crappy stuff they have to do will cost more than the flimsy results of the positive thinking.

OK, but what other level is there?

To your surprise… I see, there is an even deeper level: the seed level.

The level of your beingness. The level of consciousness

That is the level we want to make changes at.

The seed level… the level of your consciousness, the level of your beingness.

You plant an apple seed and you are going to end up with an apple tree.

You need to plant a cherry seed to get a cherry tree.

But unlike with actual trees, if you can find your seed level, and if you can alter the seed, the life, the tree that you have will change. Automatically.

Much like in the movie Back to the Future… the character played by Michael J. Fox goes to the past (seed level of their parents’ marriage) makes some changes and when he comes back, they live in a different house, and his parents look and behave differently. The whole dynamics changed.

This is what you want.

Now, is that easy?

Yes and no.

This is where your vibration level comes in.

The lower your vibration the less you are able and willing to go deeper into the causes.

I have observed that on myself as well.

So do I change on the seed level easily and often?

Not really. The feedback (eager beaver) I got yesterday, could prompt going back to the seed level and altering something about the DNA, the consciousness… so I can get closer and therefore more influential to people… get in with them, so they can change. (that would be my self-interest in changing)

Being an eager beaver makes them defensive or resistant.

It takes looking, astutely. I haven’t done the work yet. But the more I talk about it, the more it makes sense to me that it’s worth doing the work.

I have had a Hungarian pop song knock around in my head for a few months now.

Today I paid attention to the words. The words say: It is worth for me to do whatever I need to do… The song, like most pop songs, is about love. But it could be about anything. Including taking humanity to the next evolutionary stage.

Or helping you change, if you are so inclined.

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