Custom Activators, Clarity, or How To Get Out Of Your Rut? Clue: Changing habits


The thought of getting out of this hole, this interminable rut, going around in circles, doing the same thing over and over again, is positively thrilling!!!!” – A Student in the Soul Correction Workshop

We had our first session of the Soul Correction workshop yesterday. When I got off the call, I realized that I didn’t record it correctly: the audio settings were off, and there was no sound.

I was bummed out. I have, earlier, distinguished, that what keeps me from winning in life is a habit, I can describe better by telling you what I don’t do: I don’t look before I leap.

Not checking if the audio settings were correct, is one symptom, one expression of this issue.

I am working on this new “thing”, custom activators, and the custom activator I am creating for myself, is going to be the first of its kind.

Until this moment I’ve thought it was going to be called: “Look before you leap…” but because I wasn’t quite sure, I was letting it gather some energy by itself.

leachesBy the way, I do that a lot. Until I am clear I let things sit. I allow the answers to come to me, and they do.

The problem is: most things I need to do don’t offer the luxury for me to wait for answers, and I need to act. In these instances I act hastily. I just jump into the deep end, without looking if there is any water in the pool.

In the soul correction workshop we identified that just catching the behavior will give us a great story to tell, but no change will happen. What we need to catch is the trigger.

The trigger can be a situation, an emotion, a feeling, or a thought.

I, so far, have managed to catch the emotion: impatience, and a fragment of the thought: “I’ll figure it out later…”

1267But later, normally, never comes: I get myself in a mess, and that’s the end of it, I waste my time, I produce no result, bad result, or even harmful result.

So I started to experiment, as I always do, with Freecell. It’s a great experimentation tool: in 2 minutes you can mess up royally, or win. While I played, I watched my emotional, mental state, and this is what I saw: that the moment I got clear about what I needed to do, I could do it. But normally I have no strategy, no short term goals, no plan, no nothing, I just push the cards around and hope.

I have previously shared, that if I spend a minute or two looking through the cards, looking if there are any sticky points, any easy paths, then I can be 100% sure that I can win. Meaning, that when I have an idea of what’s going on, there is hardly any things I can’t figure out.

But, of course, impatience interferes with this strategy. I’ve already started to play, without looking, without knowing what’s going on? I am in the middle of it, and it doesn’t look good. So, I tested what happens if I take that minute of reflection in the middle. I saw that if I stop and do what I missed, the looking, then I have a 90-95% chance for success.

But today now I had never done that. I had been just trudging along, hoping for the best.

Look-before-you-leap-2Which means that a big chunk of success has been totally missing for me: to get clear on what I intend to do, what I need to do, before I start (or at any point).

I “know” that this is business or success 101, but this is the first time I actually distinguished it for myself. This is my chance to turn it from Tree of Knowledge to Tree of Life, from a good idea to something I have experienced, tested, and saw working.

Now, I still have to do a lot of looking, because there is a “first trigger” and I am not clear yet what it is. But I am starting to see, that this one custom activator is what I’ve been praying all my life, and it is so near, I can smell it, I can taste it, I am excited. First thing that made me excited in years.

With that my soul correction will be underway.



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