Are you eating the babies of another species?

One of the areas where humanity is growing and evolving backwards is eating.

When you eat right, your vibration goes up and you are a hell of a lot more intelligent.

But eating right requires you to have knowledge. Knowledge that you don’t have.

One thing I have noticed that you think:

if it is edible then it is ok to eat. As much as I want.

…or if you have your food list: if it is edible, I can eat the edible foods in any combination, and in any quantity.

And if you think that, and if that thinking reflects your behavior, your vibration is going lower.

Back to the Selfish Gene we go… because a lot of things in life can be understood from there.

Each vehicle for the genes, plant, insect, animal lives by the credo of the gene: procreate and protect your young so they can procreate too.

Animals protect their young, and often sacrifice themselves so the next generation can survive.

Plants protect their seeds with inedible, prickled, hard, disgusting outer layers, so animals don’t eat them. Or hide them in soft and tasty flesh so animals eat the flesh and the seeds in whole and carry the seeds far and wide. ( berries, pomegranate, melons).

Some plants ensure that enough of their seeds survive by adding enzymes to the seed that make the consumer sick.

Animals, or humans acclimated to eating other species’ offspring… and their bodies developed enzymes and other strategies to counter the damage.

Now, when it comes to humans… today’s humans consider themselves invincible.

So let’s see what we eat that is the offspring of another species:


Each and every one of these has self-protecting agents in them. Self-protecting agents that, unless your ancestry lived on the stuff, you need to counter by adding something else to your diet.

The first such phenomenon I discovered was eggs. If you eat eggs, you need to add Biotin, a vitamin-like substance, to your supplementation… or you’ll get sick.

If you are one of my health clients, and eat eggs in quantity: you are getting worse… and actually sick from your misunderstanding your food list.

Eggs are the chicken’s offspring… like a seed. Willing and ready to kill you if you are too stupid to eat too much of them.

The second I discovered was seeds… Specifically with Chia seeds and Sesame seeds… both made me balloon… the enzymes in the seeds slowed down my metabolism to a crawl.

The third were almonds: unless I soaked the almonds long enough, so long That the seeds started the sprouting process, the almonds made me sick. Slowed down my metabolism, made me fat, and made me foggy.

I have the same relationship to all legumes, all grains.

This is one of the reason coconuts are not good for 99% of all people who swear by it.

It is the baby of the coconut tree! You are killing it!

Your nutritional profile shows, very accurately, what dietary mistakes you make. Because the nutritional deficiencies, more often than not, are caused by eating the babies of another species.

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