Working on the thing you want, directly, is a mistake…

you are a liarThe same faulty thinking, the same thinking that makes you not do things that don’t directly produce money, or the results you seek, the same thinking that makes you a chef with no food in the pantry, is what keeps your relationships empty, and causes your vibration to remain low.

I was just looking at a post of mine: an Osho talk.

He says: Allow Silence to Grow

It triggered a distaste in my mouth. I published that article and I am suddenly knocking it? WTF, right?

But there is a reason… I have changed. I see things that even just a week ago could not see

I have to confess something: I am reading a book, called “Feelings” and inadvertently it has knocked my vibration up a notch. How? Why? It managed to put me in touch with some feelings I have been protecting myself from.

A few years ago my vibration went up to 970, and I begged myself back to 940: I wasn’t ready to be that much out of touch with humanity. 970 is so high, humans look like ants.

I don’t understand ants, I don’t know how to talk to them so they “get it”… do you?

And because I learned that everything I ever wanted for myself came through people, I chose to beg myself down a notch.

So I spent a few comfortable years on 940, until a few days ago, when just reading about the mechanism of feelings propelled me to 950.

Not good.

Why? You think the higher the better? The smarter the better?

Not so.

From 950 I see and feel clearer the evilness of some humans, and the sheepness of most.

There is a subtle but important difference between seeing only, feeling only, and seeing and feeling.

I don’t even mention having the thought… that is such a low vibration, I can’t relate to. (Under 200)

You see, I watched all those TV shows on Netflix, and at the heart of the matter, each and every one of them revealed large chunks of evil… and some were all about it.

And millions of people were watching them, and they didn’t feel it, and didn’t quite see it.

But suddenly, at a vibrational level of 950: I am seeing it, I am feeling it, and I find it very distasteful, and to be honest, hopeless.

And I can see that not doing anything effective to change the landscape of humanity makes me an accomplice.

You see, when you don’t see it, when you don’t feel it, then it’s OK.

The same thing it is on all levels.

On the level where you are, you don’t want to see and feel your own guilt in being evil: desire to receive for the self alone.

You don’t want anyone to tell you, to rub your nose in it. Life is a lot more pleasant when you don’t have to look at it: you can just hide it under some rug.

But of course you know it. And therein lies your misery.

You see, I didn’t feel the evil, even though I saw it. But once I feel it, I must do something about it, or die.

But you, you’ve always seen your own Dark Side… And it is killing you that you let it fester. The you don’t do anything about it.

You see, when Osho talks about allowing the silence to grow, he tells you to shut up… What he doesn’t tell you, probably, that you need to get in touch with your Dark Side and start managing yourself for integriy.

You see a liar… and you see he is tormented by the inner tension… and you see it is impossible to have what you want if you maintain the lies, the lying. The Liar Liar movie was a great way to show you that.

You watch that movie, and continue to lie.

And then you come to me to raise your vibration.

Raising your vibration is entirely about cleaning up your act.

That is all I did in these 30 years when I went from 35 to 940… and now 950 🙁

The students that are successfully raising their vibration are doing just that: telling the truth and cleaning up their act.

It is possible to look at the 67 steps as filters you look through to catch most of your lies. Inner and outer lies.

And once you see some you can start reversing… you reverse them.

One at a time.

The excuses. The “I can’t”, the I am not smart enough, the “I am dyslexic therefore i can’t read”, the I can’t keep my attention at one thing, the food has to be tasty for me to eat, the this and the that.

The interesting thing you will see is this: eliminating one lie raises your vibration. And then you have more energy, more feelings, more clarity to deal with the next one.

The first lie I dealt with in my “rise” was this: “I know how it is.” I tested it, and it was a lie. But it had kept me in a safe place where I didn’t do anything I knew already that would not work. That boosted my vibration to 200… but it was temporary… after a wave of “I don’t know how it is” I went back to “I know how it is…” It is hard to keep one thing alive… the more lies you deal with the more “Seqoia root system” you build.

The second lie I dealt with “they did it to me”.
The third was “I can’t…”
The fourth: “I am not lying…”
The fifth: “I am not a gossip”

Each revealed lie resulted in managing the propensity, the evil inclination to do it despite it being revealed.

The two biggest jump came from two energetic interventions that did nothing for others… because they never did the work I did by the time i got to these energy practitioners.

Both times the secret ingredient I provided was: I am 100% responsible, and I am 100% accountable for my speaking, and my results.

And it was not lip-service. I saw stuff about myself that was ugly.

Every time you see something ugly about yourself, take full responsibility for it, and become accountable to manage it, to uproot it, to go beyond… your vibration rises. A little or a lot. Depending only on you. On what else you have going for your. Depending on how much work you have done already. Depending on how many items you have in your pantry. And depending on how many other lies you consciously maintain.

Consciously maintain, I said.

I meant it that way.

There is no reason to do this work.

Doing this work is being unreasonable.

Unless you can make up a reason… very few do.

That reason will be the meaning of your life.

The context inside which everything will look and feel different. That is the essence of the context.

In the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”, a Christmas staple… nothing changes but the context. But that changes everything.

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