Your mutt factor… and food processing. Questions answered

Why certain spices, food mixes, supplements, when I check them for you (or me), are counter indicated?

There are quite a few factors…

One of them is your “mutt-factor”.

Your mutt factor is how close your DNA is to what it was ten thousand generations ago

That is 200,000 years.

Depending on how much of your oldest ancestral DNA remained matching your current DNA: you are sensitive or not to “modern” food models, chemicals, preservatives, drying agents.

And the more mixed you are genetically, the more resistance you have built up to things that damage or bother a purer “breed”.

I am obviously a purer breed… I am sensitive to everything.

Using spices that always have anti-caking agents… it’s a no-no to me. To my body they are carcinogen. They make my esophagus blister. So are the additives that make something shakable, pourable, stay fresh, stay crisp, easy to put in a capsule, easy to package and keep fresh.

My life expectancy AND the quality of my life depend on me avoiding these chemicals.

Every deviation to how my ancestors ate reduces my life expectancy by some time…

Now, few are as sensitive as myself, but I am not as rare as one would think… what makes me rare is the level of awareness I am bringing to my well-being.

And even during my 69 years, most of the time I was not aware, and thus abused my body… a lot.

Now, all of those things, whether you are a mutt or a pure breed, effect you, just more or less than others.

When you succumb to the trend and start eating from a can, from a box, from capsules, tablets, powders…every time you do that, you harm your body… more or less.

In addition to the additives to keep the stuff smooth, pourable, dry, crisp, crunchy… you also expose yourself to the additives for taste.

The best advice I have ever heard was this: want to be healthy? Don’t eat anything that has ingredients.

Near impossible.

Unless you grow your own food, all of it, you will have ingredients. If not directly then through fertilizers, through animal feed… through your water filter (yes!).

But you can keep this as a guideline.

Many of my clients who are not getting well, whose health numbers stagnate are guilty of the “ingredients”. And often they also get packaged goods that have tons of food that are not on their food list.

One of my clients asked me about iherb’s raw sprouted food mix. 99 out of the 100 ingredients was not on her food list.

You can make a rare exception, and still be well. For example in my store bought Jalfrezi simmer sauce there is coconut oil… not on my list. The whole jar has about one tablespoon of oil… I never use more than a quarter of the jar… and I never use it more often than twice a week… more like once a week. So I am OK.

But taking a superfood powder that has to have crisping agents in it, daily: it is the death of me.

And so are the different capsules I need to take if I want to lubricate my joints, counter the effects of eggs, or make my bowels move.

So I can see that I will never surpass the 70% health number… given the stuff I have to eat. But the rest of the “commandments” I keep religiously: I don’t eat food not on my list, I don’t eat unless I have a healthy appetite, I don’t mix food in a meal, and don’t eat more than my stomach can comfortably handle.

If you haven’t gotten well, you haven’t surpassed my numbers, now you know why… you’ve been violating the commandments.

But without your health you have nothing.

PS: Broth, cooking methods, etc.

If you are a sensitive “purebred”… like me, you also need to give some thoughts to Neanderthal cooking methods.

I have found, time and time again, that broth: flesh cooked in water, is deadly for me. I love it… but it is deadly.

Why? I don’t know. My feeling is that the juices from the meat change as they cook diluted… And my “purebred” ancient digestion can’t take it.

I can eat flesh raw: no problem. I can eat flesh grilled. No problem. I can sear the flesh and make the meat ready halfway before I put the lid on: no problem. Put the lid on early? I have a problem.

Watch yourself. Your energy level, your digestion. If there is any doubt: don’t eat broth, make sure your meat, lamb cook without leaking juices… Ancients did not cook meats that way… No dish, no lid.

Here we come again to cooking.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Your mutt factor… and food processing. Questions answered”

  1. Really interesting article Sophie. It made me consider my supplements. I take one by Alive which has a whole list of whole food ingredients like the one in the photo. I think this will be one of my problems. I will try to find tangy tangerine in the UK and see how that goes. Interestingly ever since childhood I always made sure each type of food always had its own place on my plate and never touched. I also generally eat each section alone and save the meat until last.

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