Distaste: the orienting feeling that you want to observe in yourself to learn about yourself

We all want to learn about ourselves… Knowledge is power. Understanding allows us to make sense of why things happen the way they do.

We are going to learn a new word that expresses a feeling that has been collapsed, confused with others… to take away our clarity.

One of the gems I’ve mined from the book “Feelings1 is isolating a particular feeling, the orienting feeling of distaste.

Distaste has wide range. What is common in any range is a slight desire to vomit. You feel it going from the stomach to the throat and back.

That is the essence of distaste? It is a feeling that indicates: purge because it is not good for you. Whatever the “it” is…

Distaste is very useful when it comes to food.

It is not “I don’t like the taste of this”… it is really connected with nausea.

Most of what the food industry serves us needs to be carefully designe and composed, so the distasteful stuff they want us to eat is covered, mixed, and masked by the tastes of salt, sugar and fat. So you are not oriented by distaste.

Remember the scene in The Matrix where the rebels are eating some disgusting gelatinous stuff? And contrast it with the steak the traitor eats IN the matrix. The difference is computer graphic…

The same treatment the food industry uses, is used everywhere, in politics, self-growth, guru culture… Similarly to the distasteful foods… the the mixing, and masking of the distasteful elements is readily felt… by me, a true empath.

And even though every empath 2 can feel, few empaths know what they feel, few empaths use empathy as a fine tuned instrument, to glean information from the hidden, the masked, from below the surface. And recognize things with astuteness. 3

Why? Because it is hard work, just like becoming a virtuoso on any musical instrument. And the rewards are doubtful, uncertain at best. If you are a Paganini: you can perform for kings… but if you are a master empath: it is not so obvious to the client whether you are a fraud or a master… Thousands of self-proclaimed “empaths” and “psychics” who are sweet-talkers and talk you out of your money a testament to that. It’s easier to recognize mastery on the violin.

When I look into my history I have to talk about my mother. She died 21 years ago.

My mother, an empath herself, had a distaste for most things, for most people in life. Her soul correction was “Long Range Vision”. She habitually acted on her distaste, even if it resulted in bad consequences on the long term.

One of the things she had a distaste for is money… something about money… maybe what it did to people? so it’s more a distaste for the people and their inner world… I think, probably greed?

And I “inherited” this distaste: empaths entrain 4 each other.

By the way, empathy is inherited. Not learned. If your mother wasn’t an empath, you are probably NOT an EMPATH.

The empathy of an empath is a lot like musical talent: you can become a Mozart, or you can become a songwriter… or someone who hums along. The different stages of musical talent…

Sometimes the gene jumps a generation: I have musical talent: I inherited it from my father’s father.

OK, but this article is not about musical talent, this article is about distaste.

Distaste is an orienting feeling. Orienting means: guiding. Guiding towards or guiding away from something.

There are a few orienting feelings, and distaste is one. Fear, trepidation is another. Desire, hunger are also orienting feelings.

Interestingly, when you ask your gut feeling to guide you, you always misinterpret the guidance.

In every instance when my students listened to their gut, they heard: stay put. Shrink. Your gut will always tell you to shrink.

So you see, if your instrument is working, but you have the wrong code book to decode the feeling: you will be lead astray. Or you will be guided

  • to stay the same… survive.
  • Consume everything that is edible.
  • Spend the money you have. All of it, because tomorrow may never come.
  • Steal, lie, cheat. Skimp on work, cut corners.
  • Never build anything. It’s not worth it. If you love something it will hurt if it is taken away. No, not if… when it is taken away.

OK, back to distaste:

For most, orienting feelings come from the genes. The Selfish Gene. The competing gene. The gene that wants ONLY your gene to survive.

It is also the gene that looks around and everything, every face, every behavior that is not like yours is suspect, and undesirable.

Racism, hate, both come from this genetically programmed orienting feeling.

I am reading, one novel after the other, best selling books written by John Grisham.

His thinly veiled distaste for blacks and Jews is obvious, to me. It’s also obvious that he fashioned a character who is in at least too books, Lucius, to speak, behave like a Jew.

Just like with food, you can hide your distasteful opinion thickly covered up by something that is able to mask it.

If he were openly racist, he would have just as many readers, but many of those would be different that the readers he has now.

When someone sends for their starting point measurements, I connect to them. I feel their distaste. Or I feel MY distaste. For an empath the two feel the same.
If it is your distaste, I won’t be able to make a difference with you.

In the last measurement: how you take feedback/guidance is where the distaste is expressed: if you are the third kind, not wise, not foolish, but evil… the distaste is thick.

You won’t take guidance, and you’ll hate me.

I don’t like dogs. I know them through feeling them, and I know that at a moment’s notice they can turn around and show their teeth, even bite you. It is in their nature.

They are a lot like the processed food: you take the bad with the tasty.

What makes these books so popular is because they connect to the lower desires in you. On the top, on the surface you may be appalled, or sympathetic, but in the deeper spheres its evil resonates with you.

Through all my observation, all my readings, I have come to the conclusion that raising your vibration, desire to go from human animal, purely self-preservation driven, to a level, a state, where the inner and the outer, where the deep and the surface are in harmony.

Where what appalls you on the surface appalls you in the depth, instead of how it is now: you wish it were you who is a billionaire at the expense of others… just an example from one of the John Gresham books.

Or you wish you were the Fisk character who, despite all his pretending, knows that he is bought for evil… and he may know he will suffer from the inner tension… but money, respectability, position are more important.

The thing is this: the lower energies, desire for the self alone are in daily conflict with the higher values that are already programmed into your DNA.

Of course, it’s individual, to what degree they are expressed.

The number of spiritual capacities is a good indication to what degree “good” or “higher” is represented in the inner battle. And whether good is winning, ever.

Most of you are quite OK with looking “good”. After all, for self-preservation that is all you need.

Want to know more about yourself? Want to know your vibration?

let me measure your vibration

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  1. From Amazon, by the author: On feelings, in a completely different way…
    The fact that I can explain why Phineas P Gage used foul language may be interesting only to a few neurologists or psychologists at best.

    My statement that Descartes’s famous saying “Cogito ergo sum”, i.e. “I think, therefore I am” should be modified to “Sentio ergo sum”, i.e. “I feel, therefore I am” will give a real headache only to a few philosophers.

    “Okay, but then why should simple mortals read this book?” you may ask.
    Because it can help you find your way in the world, one of the many individual worlds, but the only world that exists for you as well: the world of feelings – the world of your feelings.

  2. there are eight thousand empaths in the world
  3. Astuteness increases with the rising vibration
  4. see entrainnment

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