Are you stingy with yourself? Skimping?

I am watching you… lol. Not like Big Brother, more like I learn from you what you need. Where you are defeating your best intentions, where you leak energy, where you get it wrong.

Some articles don’t make any noise: there is no one to hear them. My last article was like that. A tree that falls in a forest… doesn’t make any noise, even though it fell… Why? Because no one heard it.

Because you are here (I hope at least some of you) to get help in attaining to the good life, You want me to watch you… it is for your benefit.

I was just telling one of my students the biggest missing he has: The principle that

everything you ever wanted comes to you through other people

or as Wallace D. Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich: the gold coins won’t roll out and to you, they will be in the hands of others.

All people who ever got rich knew that. So they were more interested in what other people wanted than what THEY wanted.

You’ve been completely missing this, or ignoring this. Why? Because you’ve been able to get along, socially, through fraudulent behavior.

By being a shyster. Duping people.

But unless that lifestyle, the lifestyle of a shyster, the inner torment of a shyster is attractive to you (I don’t care either way) you’ll need to turn yourself around and start looking what they need and how you can provide it.

Between seeing their need and providing: you need a vehicle. A shyster uses themselves as a vehicle… but it makes very little money. You need a vehicle.

Bill Gates would have never become rich had he not paid attention what others wanted: a good operating system for free… built in their computer. He had to work with only a few people… and never the end user. But what decided what he worked on is the end user’s need and desire.

This is true for every person I know, even fake prophets and gurus: they have a vehicle to get money from the end user.

You have nothing, because you haven’t realized that all money comes from people… and you have a vehicle in your hand to exchange.

That is as good a context as any.

Your current understanding of context is wrong… but don’t worry about it, just take the context I am giving you, and start working with it.

Building skills is all about being able to act on an opportunity in a moment’s notice: when you get a glimpse of what people want.

Like a master chef: you go to your pantry and you can provide it to them.

Eventually you’ll find your best and strongest vehicle. Where you are unique and have no competition.

For me: it is being a true empath: no one can do what I do. No one can tell you what supplements you miss, no one can tell you what to eat, because they can’t trust their muscle testing. Also they have NO accurate knowledge, so they are asking the wrong questions.

My hunch is that your life is about yourself… and having that as the context of your life, you are building the life of a beggar.

Now, let me get back to skimping on yourself:

Another principle you forget: How you do anything is how you do everything.

If you skimp on yourself: it shows that you are

1. not willing to do anything whole-heartedly
2. that you are stingy: meting out as little as you can.
3. that you have no love for yourself

Now, if you are like that with yourself, you are like that with others.

It is not easy to gain enough distance from yourself to actually see this. It took me years.

But when I became merciful with myself, I could be merciful with you.
When I became generous and loving with myself, I could be that with you.

It is an “I can” phenomenon… you can still choose to be stingy, nasty, unforgiving… but barely.

Now, given that everything that you ever wanted comes through other people, that is not a good way to approach getting to the good life, health, wealth, love and happiness.

Pay attention: I did not say it comes FROM other people. I said “it comes THROUGH other people.”

It’s a big difference: one makes you a whore (the FROM), the other makes you a BILL GATES. A Warren Buffet. A Sam Walton.

If you have a mix, if you have never distinguished between the FROM and the THROUGH, then you can be a Tai Lopez.

Depending on your bread and butter with every minute, every word, every breath you take. Not a good life.

I am still in a daily struggle to separate myself from the FROM… and I am winning. But it takes work… I am still straddling the fence.

But obviously getting better, because I am healthier, financially more secure, able to experience love, and happier that before.

But until I really give myself what I need, generously, and until I fully get that all I ever wanted comes to me through other people, I am still going to have less because I deserve less.

YOU skimp on yourself, yet you expect others to give you till it hurts.

A client just asked to be put in touch with students in his country.

He says:
I see. Do you think it would be possible for me to contact them?
I am living with my parents but if I could take the energized water and recommended food with their help, it would be great as I can get started right away.
That is if they are willing to help of course.


My answer:

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”
~ Charles T. Munger

Oh, what do I see you skimp on? You are trying to get yourself in better health but you are not getting the best equipment, and you fail. You don’t want to get the water pitchers, not even the FIJI bottles…
You get the cheapest filter, and you skimp on food. Or you keep on eating the wrong food for you.

Taking care of yourself is the first place you start to earn what you want. Why?

If you are not for you: who is for you?

No one will care about your best interest more than you… ever. No matter how much they love you. Not even me.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Are you stingy with yourself? Skimping?”

  1. This article really speaks to me. Thank you. Distinguishing between getting “from” or “through” will take some fine tuning.

  2. as long as you confuse the two, you live the life of a prostitute… and you have to give, directly of yourself to get what you want.

    When you get the through… you get that what you want is given to you but not for what you do, but for your product.

    Struggle with it. It will be probably THE MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE for you.

  3. Loved it..!!! I could relate.
    I have distanced myself from nearly everone around me… as their perspective, judgement or opinion about me doesn’t matter to me… It reflects more about them!
    I am trying to figure out what can i give to masses on internet( consuming less time)..without dealing with them face to face.. and that earns me(and my 1.5yr old son) a good living… making us financially independent.

  4. Distancing yourself is not a smart move, if you don’t know what you can create that they would pay for.

    And what they think about you should matter to you. If you evolve normally, along the lines of normal growth for a person, you need to be able to adhere to society’s and other people’s norms, or you’ll never make it. Not all norms, but the ones you value.

    Only from that common place can you create something that matters. Matters to them enough to pay for it.

    Read The White Tiger (a novel) and see that he has a profound understanding and appreciation of what people want… or he will never make money as an entrepreneur…

    And you need to build skills to have something to provide.

    You being happy because I say “get your money through people, not from people” is not a good sign unless you have a vehicle. And given your vibration: you have none.

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