Dethroning the mind… not a minute too early.

I have muscle tested dozens of teachers that teach or have taught the power of your mind religion. They are all miserable and wretched. Low vibration, inner disharmony, incoherence.

If the teachers that teach it can’t make it work for them, probably it is time for you to decide that it doesn’t work. That it’s junk science. A lie. Fraud. Deception. Tool to enslave humanity… successfully enslave it, so far.

Humanity as humanoids is about 200,000 years old.

Life has been largely the life of little kids, who are afraid of some god and some devil and of their own shadow.

Because humanity’s knowledge about what is behind the curtain has been faulty.

And faulty is a lot like Iatrogenic illnesses: the fault will kill you. And it has. Made humanity fat, made humanity stupid, and has given the power over to what makes us descend to hell.

I read my horoscope this morning and cried heartily. It says:

French painter Henri Matisse (1869-1954) turned out to be one of the supremely influential artists of the 20th century. But he was still struggling to make a living well into his thirties. The public’s apathy toward his work demoralized him. At one point, he visited his dealer to reclaim one of his unsold paintings. It was time to give up on it, he felt, to take it off the market. But when he arrived at the gallery, his dealer informed him that it had finally been bought — and not by just any art collector, either. Its new owner was Pablo Picasso, an artist whom Matisse revered. I think it’s quite possible you will have comparable experiences in 2017, Virgo. Therefore: Don’t give up on yourself!

I cried not for me. I cried for humanity? For Margoczi? For relief?

It has taken an engineer, Gyozo Margoczi, a Hungarian engineer to go behind the curtain, as Toto in the Wizard of Oz, and show us the levers and the dials, what runs us, how, how it can be manipulated to drive us into the desire trap, the fear trap, the comfort trap, obesity, and addictions.

An unknown. No credentials. No PhD. Through thinking. He is not even an empath.

A discovery worthy of several Nobel Prizes.

And his new discovery could put a ton of people out of business, people have been teaching you to make yourself stupid, make yourself addicted, and to make yourself never be able to experience real joy, satisfaction, pride, even if by chance you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

The discovery that can usher humanity to the next evolutionary level: human being.

The missing link between human and human being… the one I have been searching for 30 odd years.

I have a healthy ego, but not a big one. I love to be an innovator. I don’t care if I am unknown as long as the innovation lives.

Something this new needs ushering in, like Matisse’s work needed it

Something this new needs me to experiment with it to prove it, to teach it, and show the world the results. Now I wish I had more credibility… 🙁

I still haven’t finished the book, (Feelings by Gyozo Margoczi) I am at 58% in Kindle terms. A true eye opener. 1
the dynamic of orienting feelingsThere are 48 thousand books on feelings, all written without any accurate knowledge of how it works, why it works that way… thus with any real hope and chance to gain control over one’s life.

They know good feelings and bad feelings… and hope to change bad feelings to good feelings with the mind… doesn’t work, and will never work.

This is what happens when you don’t know how things work: those who can use you: will use you. Those who can abuse you will abuse you. Those who can whip you into a frenzy so you lose your mind, will do so, for their own interests.

Addiction is caused by those who want to abuse you.
Fanatics are caused by those.
Trump would have never been able to be elected.

Their mouths say: the power of your mind… their actions all work on your feelings, not your mind. Your feelings you know nothing about…

All in a 380-some page book. Originally written in Hungarian, and masterfully translated.

I can hear the hearty Hungarian humor.

I first encountered it in George Mikes writings 50 years ago. Delightful. Fresh. And very funny.

Language is the secret to thinking.

A language that is unsuitable to thinking will produce less thinkers than others.

I have a hunch that Hungarian is uniquely suited for thinking beyond the paradigm already known. A fresh approach to the world… that fresh is impossible, or near impossible in other languages.

Languages that are best suited for poetry.

English is not one of them. Hungarian: heartbreakingly precise and beautiful in an ice shattering way.

Words, his other book… I don’t think an American could have seen what he saw.

So he is Matisse, and I am Picasso… and my job is to prove to the world that what he teaches doesn’t just sound good, but it actually alters how people relate to themselves, bringing clarity and power.

And a lot less meaningless suffering, emptiness, purposelessness, and the blahs.

Depression? hah, a matter of the past.

OK, I am running ahead of myself. I am still reading, then will come the re-reading, the experimenting with my students, and seeing the results I am predicting above.

I have been close to the curtain… I have been intuiting what may be behind the curtain, but without actually knowing the mechanics. Knowing it like a machine, with pistons, and fuel, and rhythm, and range, and all that, my work has been disappointing at best.

I did the best I could with what I learned from Landmark, with what I felt… Shall I apologize? Shall I feel guilty?

I won’t. Instead I am bringing all my emotional energy to explore and make this new science, the science of feelings, to practical application.

I am excited.

It is a practical science, a science whose time has come.

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  1. Gyozo Margoczi

    My name is Gyozo Margoczi. How would I live my life, if I could start it again? I do not think I would change many things. I was born in August in the year 1955 of our Lord. We lived on the outskirts of the forest, right above the paper mill, you know, in Szilvás-völgy. Where is Szilvás-völgy? In Miskolc, Hungary, a little back from Lillafüred, towards the city. It felt good to be a child there. We used to go rambling in the forest or pilfering the orchards on the other side making the farmers grumpy. Then the school started and we had a young and very pretty teacher and, as a matter of fact, I owe it to her that I took to physics and maths. Later on, I went to a secondary school which specialised in maths and physics and then to university. With my degree in electrical and mechanical engineering in my pocket, I set out into LIFE. I thought I understood everything. As time passed, I came to realise I did not. Do you know how much that pisses off an engineer? Engineers hate confusion. Their soul is happy if everything is in its place and if they have answers for their whys. As time went by, I got one slap in the face after the other from life. “It cannot go on like that any longer!” I thought. So I sat down and started thinking.

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