Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Can you game the system?

Some of you think you can.

The system is the physical reality with its laws of physics.

How do I know?

We had the Days of Power meditation on December 30th. The “sky” opened at 4:07 pm.

It stays open for 24 hours.

I say it plainly on the call… every time.

If you went to use the recording of the call: your whole life, your how of life is “wanting to game the system”.

And you are guaranteed to be a miserable wretch.

Because your attention is not on what you can do with what you got… but on cheating.

Now, let’s look at what it does to you and your ability to grow, ok?

Wanting to gain unearned benefits is desire to receive for the self alone.

It’s a software-type need… first appearing in humans… not a hardware-type need.

The hardware-type needs are the need for energy supply, the need for safety, the need for a group, the need to procreate, and the need for information.

Whether it answers the need to meet other people’s expectations or your own, it is to attach pleasant feeling marker feelings to your “I”.

Feelings like clever, etc.

But the need to cheat, the need to get something that you didn’t earn, corrupts you. And starts destroying you from the inside out.

Even your hardware-type needs now get filtered through this need to beat the system, and you get sick, unsuccessful, and unhappy.

This preference to unearned benefits develops and is hard to get rid off. Because the alternative is starting over, and actually start earning thing… and work is a 4-letter word by this time.

In my family the expression “I deserve it” came from my little brother. He was six years younger than me, and got everything he wanted. He won’t take any criticism, because his entitled “I” won’t let him.

And he was just the first person I knew who was like this.

Can this marker feeling removed from the I?

Maybe. But only the person can do it for themselves.

I guarantee that no other person can do it.

Unless something is more important than this, this change will never happen.

Now, not surprisingly this person who has an unearned or a bunch of unearned marker feelings attached to their I, won’t have humility.

Humility is the ability to see and acknowledge that you are not as good as you could be, that you could learn new things, because you don’t know everything.

Hah, but humility is dangerous, because new learning creates an internal conflict between this dynamic of “I deserve it” and reality: you don’t deserve something unless you earned it.

So you reject humility. Humility is for the common folks who need to work for what they want. lol.

Work is harder for people like this, because it violates their deeply grained ethic that they should not have to work.

It offends them, and bothers them.

OK… enough for today.

I feel for them. It is a miserable place to get stuck.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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