What is it that doesn’t allow you to learn that you have been wrong?

The biggest issue is not what you have. The biggest issue is how you use it.

I get a lot of emails. People want better health. People want more money. People want to make a difference. People want to have a higher vibration.

What no one has said to me: I want to know more. I want to see more. I want to grow.

One of my students wrote to me this morning: How must it be to see so clearly the truth of things invisible to others? I wonder.

If I took you on the top of the Empire State building, you would be able to recognize a few landmarks, more if you are from New York.

Vibration, the number, is like the number of floors you are above street level.

But it is not enough to be higher, it is important to see things for what they are.

Actually: what raises your vibration is seeing things for what they are. The more precisely and accurately you see things for what they are, the higher your vibration. Astute is the common name for it.

It takes learning, awareness, observation and a ton of humility.

Why humility, you ask?

Because you already think you know everything correctly. It may not be your conscious mind that thinks that. But unfortunately your conscious mind has very little to do with your actions, your attitude, and how you listen. 1 

Very little.

I don’t have a name, yet, for the part of you, the aspect of you, that makes all the decisions as far as knowledge and learning goes. Maybe that is what Ego is? I don’t know.

I have just sent off a letter to my teacher, the Hungarian sage (I don’t know if he knows that he is a sage, lol) asking him to start working on that. Because my ability to see it as a machine are not as good as his.

It’s a valve. A valve that doesn’t want to open to new things, if the new things make wrong, invalidate what is already there. It’s not a personality thing… it is deeper than that.

I remember clearly when I first released that valve. I was 40 years old. The valve wants to close as if it had a spring pushing it.

The need to be right. The need to see things as finished, missing no parts, needing no improvement.

The more accomplished a person is, the less tight that spring is, and the longer the valve can open.

No accomplishments? I can pry it open for you for a minute or less.

I did my “famous” What’s the truth about you? workshop yesterday. And yes, I recorded it. And no, you can’t have access to it. Only the people who were on the call.

I had done that workshop many many times before. Every time I did it before was identifying a way of being, much like a character flaw. And then invent a new way of being.

This time, with my newfound, newly learned feelings, needs, guiding feelings, strategic feelings, and a host of other new distinctions, I was paying attention to the inner dynamic, instead of the character flaw.

It was a lot more nurturing. I didn’t manage 100%: there are still missing stuff, either they are there but I have missed it, or they are not distinguished yet. Either way, they were not available to me. Yet.

But, you see, I needed a lot of humility to learn something that makes what I have been doing for the past 30 years wrong. Or weak. Or cruel. Or not that effective, not that loving, not that precise.

And I learned that way of looking at people from Landmark Education. Locked into a way of things… despising feelings, making self-righteous little machines that work just as poorly as before, but we have some better sounding words…

It takes incredible courage to do the Landmark Forum. And then it takes incredible humility to consider that what it says is true about you.

Courage is less rare than humility.

I am courageous. And even with all my humility, all my willingness to find out that I was wrong, it’s taken me these decades to find something that goes beyond.

I’ve been doing it in health as well.

The word is disconcerting… I have no idea what the word means, but I tell you how it feels: life feels coherent, my knowledge feels complete… and along comes something, an idea, that makes it all go topsy turvy… incoherent.

Like a brick wall where you need to take it all apart to fix a wrong brick. All apart. You cannot just dig out what was wrong… no, you need to build a new wall. Some bricks are ok, some bricks need to stay in a pile, on the ground. Not part of the new wall.


But, you see, if your picture, if your map of reality is off, you cannot hope for the good life, you cannot hope for a high vibration, because what you do will always bump up against reality… making you simply stuck… or maybe even bloody in the process.

In every area of life. Health, wealth, love and happiness.

So, you see, without humility you are stuck with the faulty map, and the life that is not as life could be…

People think that if they just learned new things, and read more books, and did this and that… that would be a solution. That is like putting some new bricks on the top of the wall…

As long as the wall is wrong, as long as your map of reality is at odds with reality, no learning will help, no new skills will help, because the foundation is wrong.

The 67 steps works on the foundation. It works on your map of reality. It doesn’t teach you anything.

People who do it with the intention of learning something are not benefiting from it. The benefit that is available is unlearning.

Unlearning is the new game.

It’s not beliefs that keep you stuck on a low vibration, it is what you know. And that needs to be unlearned.

No magic wand can do that for you.

If Pam Ragland could wipe your brain clean, if the energy stirring of Christie Marie Sheldon could wipe your knowledge away, if making new and beautiful mind movies could replace what you know, then they would be useful.

But they don’t. They are trying to do something, that is YOUR job, like eating… eating for you.

You pay them handsomely, while no work gets done. Because only YOU can do it.

No one can eat for you, have sex for you, or learn and unlearn for you. This is how life works.

It is time to look at life and accept its rules. Or be OK your life is, and take the consequences.

OK, one more thing:

When you find yourself doing mundane stuff most of your day:

why aren’t you using your considerable brain power, your intelligence for something useful?

Have you even pondered why? I bet you have.

I suggest that you probably tried to use yourself, and you bumped up against the areas where your map is out of alignment with reality. And you, instead of having humility and find out what you know wrong, you started to behave like Martin Seligman’s dogs: you decided that you can’t, or life won’t allow you, or you are not enough, or it’s too painful.

And you live in learned helplessness, with billions of other people, instead of saying: the heck with it, so I was wrong. So what? Who cares… Let me find out how it really is…

And then keep being willing to find out that the new thing is also wrong, and then the one that replaces that is also wrong, just maybe a little less wrong.

And you’ll find yourself steadily climbing the steps towards higher floors of the vibrational tower.

Because that is the way…

You see, Dr David Hawkins was wrong. You can have any emotion on any level of vibration, just they will feel different, because your map of reality will be less out of whack. But you still will feel hate, and anger, and disgust, and contempt, because you feel therefore you exist.

Once you stop feeling you are dead.

Suppressing feelings only means you stop heeding them… which is stupidity on its own right.

But who said you are smart? You? lol

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  1. What we call your conscious mind is your left brain…

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