Out of sight, out of mind… the death of all intentions

A lot of years ago a guy, another participant stood up in a Landmark Education seminar and shared something that has impacted my life to this day.

Here is what he said:

“The other day I was lying on the couch, working on a report for my workplace.

I didn’t like what I wrote, so I crumpled the paper and pitched it to the waste basket that was on the other side of the room. After missing it several times, my wife picked up the waste basket and put it right next to me.”

That was all he said. I was shaken to the core. Move the things you need close to where you need them… Hah.

Because we don’t live that way. We hope to get everything done. We make to-do lists, but something always falls by the wayside.

If and when you add a new thing to do, which happens all the time, something else falls off, or you forget to do it.

You live a life that is set up to remain the same. No matter what you want… no matter what you say.

You forget to take your supplements, you forget to bring your food-list to the grocery store, you forget to plug in your audio to energize your water, you forget what you invented in my workshop…

Out of sight – out of mind.

Unless you set it up to be unavoidable, it will never happen.

Of course you need intelligence for that.

If your vibration is low, then your intelligence is low.

And you live in a permanent unjustifiable hope…

I have several headphone mp3 players set up and ready for me.

The white one hangs on the doorknob on Tuesdays… the white one is the 67 steps recordings.
The black one is on my computer desk: that is the one with the dance music. It reminds me to get up and move a few minutes a day.
The blue one has the audio book I am listening to about creating a winning company. It is for my clients’ benefit who have companies. I have no desire to create a company. But I have a desire to cause success where I can.

My supplements are right next to my coffee… I never forget to take them.
My kindle is in bed… that is where I read.
When I get up, I see my students’ communication to me: I do that first.
Then I write my articles.

My calendar beeps me to remind me of things I promised to do that way, including appointments.

Very rarely I have something fall through the cracks. And when they do, I tighten my system, so it never happens again.

This forethought makes my life very smooth.

Now I am contemplating to do some specific exercises every day, and I am in the planning stage. I haven’t seen how I can make myself bump into it naturally… because these exercises need to be done upstairs where I have carpet. And room to exercise.

I may decide on a sign, if I can’t figure out something more creative. Signs work too… but often they become invisible.

Nature made sure that the feelings signaling you that you have to use the bathroom are strong enough so even the most left brain people notice it.

Hunger and thirst… not that strong: some of my “Eliminate hatred” or “Revealing the Dark Side” students miss the signals. Why them? Because those signs are about self-hatred and self-judgment… very unpleasant feelings… And when these people are unevolved, they suppress anything unpleasant… including hunger and thirst.

But the call of a vision, the desire to be well, the many feelings that could guide you to a life worth living need you to prepare the ground, so when the feeling shows up, the corresponding action can be done… immediately.

But it takes knowing that the genes don’t like change much. And the tendency is to go back to low vibration, low discomfort, low activity state.

And unless you set up the physical environment to support the new direction or the new activity, it will die as fast as the plan was born. Real fast.

Out of sight, out of mind.

If I didn’t have skype I would never think to talk to my brothers, or to my university friend. They are only part of my life sideways…

I would only talk to the people who have something to do with my work…

And I would be worse for it.

If I didn’t leave the tabs for some articles open, I would forget that I wanted to write about them, maybe even re-publish them.

If I didn’t have my vitamin B injections right in front of me, I would forget to use them, and I would only remember when I have already complained to a hundred people how bad my sleep is… lol.

A good life requires about 20 systems set up. They have to “occur”, because no one can keep 20 things in their mind.

And every of the 20 you miss, or drop, or forget to do, reduces the quality of your life.

Most of you have no systems for the good life.

Am I correct about you?

PS: The garbage is picked up on Tuesday in my street.

Ever since I shop for groceries on every other Wednesday, I’ve been forgetting to put out the garbage. Tuesday morning is not significant now… so there is nothing to remind me.

Luckily it is winter and cold, but come summer old garbage will be a health hazard.

Inventing a new system to remind me is always a challenge… but it is necessary.

Without a system you cannot grow.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Out of sight, out of mind… the death of all intentions”

  1. This is very relevant. And I see how everything comes together as part of the lesson, if I stay aware. Thank you.

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