The most frequent energy leak that holds you back

I just realized that I left out one of the most frequent energy leaks, need leaks from the last article.

And that is the minuscule pleasure you gain when you feel clever, when you feel you got one over someone, when you are told you are clever.

Or maybe that you are pretty. Or maybe some other compliment, that you are put together. Or that you do a good job.

Any compliment that you find important.

You are the guy/gal who, when you do the five questions exercise, you pay attention to the positive feedback. When you listen to me: you are waiting for the positive feedback… and hear none of the negative, or if you do, you grieve about it, but won’t change a thing.

You are a whore for little pleasures, ego boost, ego gratification, ego stroking.

You sold who you could be for a bowl of lentils, or whatever it was that Esau sold his firstborn right to Jacob.

You always thought he was stupid, he was greedy… but he was you.

As long as you are hooked on this pleasure/release, you’ll never amount to anything… guaranteed. Because anything worth achieving requires you to control the release… to bear with discomfort, to hold your peepee, so to say.

To be someone who can handle it.

I am lucky. My parents never complimented me, so I never thought I was clever and I never thought that I don’t have to work for things.

They did tell my two brothers, though. And both of them suffered because of it.

One married someone who pushed him, the other one married someone who didn’t.

Their lives turned out as different as their wives…

And me? I worked my ass off, got into trouble, got thrown out, was rich, was poor, went from country to country, learned seven languages, and here I am, attempting to teach you something that can change your life, that can return you to the path of becoming a person, to fulfill the Original Design.

Obviously my chances are between slim and none.

Because to change, you need to make a huge and consistent effort to take more and more discomfort, more and more pain, without trying to fix it.

Do you want to? I don’t feel that you are… but I am willing to be surprised.

Some of you are… to some degree.

One of the tests is what you do with the guidance you get from me about your health.

If you do well with it, then you probably will do well with everything.

If you don’t… well, we know that how you do anything is how you do everything.

One good sign I have: the new clients are a whole new breed. And with them I think I can start a revolution.

The old clients, nearly all came at the time when it seemed that what I am about is doing it for you… energy healing and such.

Or: just connect to Source and get everything you wanted.

Laughable. But you see I had to get clearer myself… and I have to admit it to you and myself that I didn’t know how to take you to the promised land, to Heaven on Earth, because a lot of knowledge was still missing.

And my hunch is there is still a lot missing. But the truth value of what I am teaching is climbing steadily.

And it’s a journey. If you are waiting for someone who knows everything you’ll get someone who pretends that they know everything… just like you have.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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