Acidity… what is it, the cause, the symptoms, what can you do about it?

real eyes realize real liesI have been meaning to write about acidity, alkalinity, and this whole field of misunderstanding, misdirection, you should know about, because it is important.

Acidity is a symptom. It is also a cause… cause of a lot of mischief in your body and in your life.

Everything has a chemical strength to interact with other things, we call Ph.

pH. The pH of a solution is a measure of the molar concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution and as such is a measure of the acidity or basicity (base=alkaline) of the solution.

pH: potential of hydrogen. It is a logarithmic number.

Life tends to work optimally only within narrow confines of pH…

Because energy is created by chemical reactions in the body, where we are, our bodies, on the pH scale will matter greatly. Also the acidity of our stomach, the alkalinity of our intestines, the ph of our blood, etc.

When we talk about our bodies, we talk like simpletons. Even scientists… 🙁

Intercellular and intracellular water: they are not the same

Your cells’ ph is constant. It doesn’t change, because if it did, you would be dead.

This is one of the reasons your cell hydration is low, if and when it is: the available water, the intercellular water is too acidic, or too alkaline, and the cells cannot use it. This, in addition to that water being incoherent, if and when it is.

I have very weak stomach acid. The stomach acid ph should be 1 and 2. You need strong stomach acid to digest proteins: the acid needs to break up and “consume” the protein molecules, to break them down to amino acids: the food the body can use.

People never think that their understanding is spotty or faulty… just like people never think that they are stupid.

In an article I wrote that people can only see a few degrees below and a few degrees above their own level. This is, by the way, one of the reasons I read fiction: to understand that talking to stupid/ignorant/uncultured people is stupid… because they either will think they understand everything, or they will know they don’t understand, rarely.

Anyway, the reason I brought in stupidity, because there is hardly any accurate understanding of acidity: even though it is really important.

So let me attack this topic through answering some questions:

Is acidity the result of eating acidic (sour) foods?

No. Acidity is a result of food interaction, digestion or the lack of it, bacteria, enzymes or the lack of enzymes.

The acidity of the food may influence the stomach ph… but that is not my experience. I have seen old people be given HCl… a highly acidic acid. But drinking that won’t make the stomach acid stronger. On the other hand, pepsin, an enzyme, does make the stomach excrete more and stronger acid.

But even with help, the stomach’s acidity depends a lot on your general health, and the available raw materials, the nutrients you consume.

If and when you lack nutrients the stomach won’t… will not produce strong acid. Why? Because the stomach “thinks” of the whole organism, and seeing the big picture is one of the things humans are largely incapable of.

Humans see the world, even their bodies in a segmented way… this is why every “correction” or “fixing” by a human is mostly a mistake, and doesn’t work, or actually causes harm.

I have spoken of “truth value” but I have seen an aspect of it recently, looking at Dr. Wallach’s teaching, that I hadn’t seen before.

Truth value can be low by virtue of this segmented view. Of having pieces of truth without seeing the big picture.

From disrespect and disregard to the whole, to Life. To millions of years of self-selection.

I am in a ranting mood… hm.

Is acidity intercellular or intracellular?

Anyway, we measure acidity in the intercellular space. In the liquids that flow freely, blood, urine, saliva, and not in the cells. The cell ph, as I said before, is constant…

If that is true, why do we get tired, irritable, or parched if and when we are acidic? Meaning: the intercellular liquid is more acidic than it should be?

The body operates like an electrical/chemical machine.

Electricity needs contrast between two areas to flow.

And body functions need a certain chemical environment to work.

When your body is more acidic (has a lower ph) than it’s optimal, the body functions can’t work optimally. Certain chemical reactions resulting in “precipitation” or corrosion happen… causing blockages, and pain.

The cells produce energy, but it’s not a match to the increased need of detoxifying, removing corrosive elements, and keeping the machine function smoothly.

All kinds of symptoms become visible, and eventually the machine breaks down. It is somewhat similar to using the wrong fuel in a vehicle… it will self-destruct.

What causes acidity?

  • Number 1 source of acidity is nutritional deficiency. Whether it is really 90 nutrients you need any given day, or more, chronic deficiency in the essential nutrients results in a body that is acidic and will self-destruct through different diseases.
  • Number 2 source of acidity is the wrong foods.
    • Wrong foods prevent you from absorbing the nutrients you put in your mouth.
    • Wrong foods create toxins or are considered toxins by the body precipitating emergency measures by the body, like creating fat to hide the toxins in
    • Wrong foods create reactions in the body that result in toxins or disruptions of processes.

My body is still deficient in some nutrients. My guess that it has been, and I haven’t been able to fill in the storehouses, so to say. Meaning: I am on the right path, and with time I’ll be all right, if I continue what I am doing.

My health consultations

In my health consultations I muscle test your nutritional deficiencies by the list Dr. Wallach published. Muscle test says that the list should be a tad longer… but I haven’t a clue what is not on it.

I also muscle test you against a food list of 540 food items, including teas and spices…

I muscle test your sensitivities, intolerances and allergies so you can be mindful about them. But the food list already does: but the human mind likes to know “why”…

I muscle test what would be the best approach for you to make sure you only eat when you have an appetite: appetite is the indicator that you can digest what you want to eat.

Desire for a certain food is not appetite. Appetite is not a desire. Appetite is an ability.

You may feel hungry, but you may not be able to digest the food. Sick people may feel hunger, but the hunger indicates need for nutrients, not necessarily food.

What is a nutrient?

Water is a nutrient.

Your vitamins, your minerals, your amino acids, your alkaloids, your essential fatty acids are nutrients.

The food is potentially a source of nutrients, but not often. Only if the food is digested and then the nutrients are absorbed.

Your acidity, your toxic load, your sensitivities and intolerances influence your ability to absorb, and mostly block absorption of nutrients, partially or fully.

Partial absorption is often worse: your nutrients, many, need to be in balance.

Both my parents had copper deficiency and died from it. There was too much zinc in their diet… suppressing and neutralizing the little bit of copper.

Copper is also needed in copious amounts to deal with sweet stuff…

This copper/zinc example is that: an example. Many nutritional elements work the same way. The body is a precision instrument.

Being well feels very different from feeling fine…

Unless you have an enormous amount of physical, emotional and psychic energy, you are not well… Intelligence included, by the way in psychic energy…

Let me summarize:

The tools to make your water more alkaline are a fraud and are designed to part the fool from their money: you.
What makes you acidic is what happens with what you put in your mouth, mainly. And how the body can deal with it.

If your attitude, your mental state, your activity level, your sleep, your hydration are not optimal, you’ll handle the food poorly.

It all works together: mental, spiritual, and physical. Neglect one, and all go down together.

What is food for one, is poison for another.

  • Ancestry plays a huge role. It’s not easy.
  • Individual food and chemical sensitivities and intolerances play a huge role.
  • Candida Albicans, an acquired overgrowth of “bad” flora plays a huge role.

My hunch is that millennials are less healthy than their grandparents.

Processed food, undisciplined eating and toxic behavior are the main reason.

At this point it seems that living closest to how your great grandparents lived is your best policy.

Your mutt factor plays a huge role.

You can correct and live long.

I was sickly most of my life, but am now healthier than my brothers, and can live longer if I continue what I am doing.

If my brothers’ listened to me (not very likely, lol) they could live till a 100. By correcting behavior, eating habits, and supplementing for all 90 essential nutrients.

PS: Are you still dehydrated?

When you are acidic, your cells won’t allow any water in, whether it is coherent or not… So if your hydration is not where it should be, in spite of the fact that you energize your water, the answer lies in acidity most frequently.

alkalineYou want your body, blood, urine, and salive ph in a certain range
acidIf your stomach acid is not strong enough, you often end up with an acidic body and loss of minerals from your bones
acidicacidic and acidic behavior are connected: you often find someone who is acidic is also impatient, and sour.
food combiningThe Fit for life book says that errors in food combining make you acidic. This muscle test as True.
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