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are you a twitchy little bastard?Every human is moved by their emotions and feelings plus thoughts: words, ideas, concepts. In this order.

The motive power, the stimulus to act comes from the feelings.

The words, ideas, concepts only modify them, or direct the actions.

Without the thoughts, the words, the ideas, every human would act the same way. They would have to.

So the main difference between people is really the words, the ideas, what they say about what they feel.

One extreme is the “Twitchy Little Bastard“, while the other extreme is Jeff Bezos.

I trust, even though trust is my soulcorrection. In many areas I am still short on trust, but yet: I do trust.

I never have a topic I plan to write about when I go to sleep. In fact, if I had a topic before I go to sleep, I would start to write it almost to finish then. Why? Because do today what you can do today. Or however Benjamin Franklin said it…

Ben Franklin is a mentor of mine…

So how come every morning I have an article?

It’s simple. Between waking up and writing it, it comes to me. From nowhere.

I trust that it’s coming, so I am not looking for it. What needs to be written about is already waiting for me in my inbox.

Today’s I found in my inbox something I need to learn so I can turn around and teach it to you. This one came from another of my mentors, Roy Williams.

Yesterday, maybe the day before, I wrote to you about the importance of increasing your ability to hold negative, unpleasant feelings.

Desire, lust, hunger, thirst, are unpleasant feelings. So are fear, greed, anger: very unpleasant.

I said that the longer you can hold the unpleasant feeling without acting to extinguish it, without acting on the demand it places on you, without suppressing it, ignoring it, the more energy you’ll have to do things in life.

I even added this measure to the Starting Point Measurements. The number: your capacity to hold unpleasant feelings without acting on them is the most revealing about you and about your future. Most people are a 1. The number is between 1 and 100.

It tells me all I need to know about you.

Just like your vibration, you can raise it. In fact: they rise together.

If you ever wanted a method to raise your vibration, right after getting well, getting hydrated, this is the fastest and simplest to track method: increase your pain threshold… in layman’s terms. Non-physical pain threshold. Going around cutting yourself, hurting yourself will not raise your vibration.

Let me elaborate:

A number of years ago, some psychologists in some town somewhere in the USA (specifics won’t matter) ran a large experiment with large number of participants.


They were doing phase one of an even larger experiment 2 .

They put a marshmallow in front of each kid and said: I’ll leave the room now. If when I come back this marshmallow is still here, I’ll give you another one, so you’ll have two.

Most kids ate the marshmallow within a minute. Some a little later. And a very few did not eat the marshmallow.

Around high school graduation they followed up on the experiment. The marshmallow eaters, the ones that had to eat them, had lower scores in everything, except addictions, weight, and diseases.

All high achievers have the ability and the intellectual capabilities to delay gratification.

This is what I measure. I measure if I should invest in you.

In the beginning of doing this work, I was deeply immersed in magic and magical and in what I can do or what Source can do.

I created the activators, I activated spiritual capacities…

As a typical “Forget Thyself” person, I overestimated my role in raising your vibration, and underestimated yours.

I attracted almost exclusively Twitchy Little Bastards: Marshmallow eaters. With a non-physical pain threshold of 1 or below.

As it became more and more obvious that you can’t get water from a stone, that you cannot teach pigs to fly, that co-creation is literally true, and if you are unable or unwilling to do your part in co-creation then it won’t happen, my articles started to attract a different kind of clientele…

We are up to a 7 in the Twitchy Little Bastards scale…

Today’s business giants’ TLB score is around 30.

In comparison, Tai Lopez’s is 7. Trump: 1. Hillary: 7. Obama: 1.

Each person has a TLB number that shows to what degree their impulses (the feelings) run their actions, to what degree principles, concepts, (words).

So far I haven’t found anyone with a number above 30, although mine is 40…

When you attempt to duplicate the experiment: put a piece of your favorite food or your smart phone in front of you on a table. Sit there and feel what you feel.

The desire to touch it, to eat it, to act is painful. The pain is mostly in your chest. You can barely breathe. It creeps to your throat. Tries to strangulate you.

Remember, the feelings are “designed” to force you to act. Those feelings have made humans survive. To the degree that you are a mere human, to the same degree you’ll obey the feelings, without moderating them with thoughts, principles, ideals, or the picture of a future that you are building.

To the degree that you forego or delay the actions, to the degree you’ve penetrated the human being paradigm.

The highest at this point in time is my 40%.

Your job is to get up to 7%, if you want to be able to work with me.

Why? Why wouldn’t I work with someone with a lower TLB (Twitchy Little Bastard) score?

Why? Because you won’t get anything out of our interaction.

You can read all my articles. You can get all my activators. Until your TLB score is raised to 7, you’ll do all of it for ego gratification, for entertainment, and you’ll be like a duck and water: the water will not touch you… You are waterproof… lol not that funny, but true.

If you are grandfathered in and you have a lower score than 7: you have your job cut out for you. All your attention needs to be in increasing that score…

Can you? Certainly.

Will you? Probably not. But you can.

Is it worth it? You get to say. One marshmallow or two…

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