The hockey stick graph: your TLB score is on it… and you are likely in the 99%. Why?

your tld score is on a hockey stick graphLearn something and a whole world of learning opens up…

I had the first breakthrough in my 67 steps coaching…

Why only the first? Because most people do the 67 steps the way they do their lives: with their eyes closed, hoping for magic.

Hoping for either me doing the job for them, or the audios or the content of the audios doing the job for them. None of them can… it is not the content. It is what you do

So what happens if you do the 67 steps with your eyes open?

For a long time: not much. But then I’ll hear something, a direction, that I can push you towards. Some people get to this push-point sooner, others later. Most: never.

Your TLB score is the surest predictor. Not your IQ, not even your vibration. Your TLB score.

Why? Because it involves something uncomfortable, and if you can’t do it, then nothing will happen.

Everyone reads the same articles, listens to the same audios, but the results vary greatly.

Everyone hears: toughen up. But only a few act on it.

If you have acted, it is because you are already a tad (or a lot) tougher than most.

The TLB score isn’t a Bell’s curve. It is like a hockey stick curve: 99% below the level of being able to act, and 1% above.

The student who had the first real breakthrough started out with a TLB 2. So she was already in the hockey stick’s rising part.

OK, here is what happened:

At some point there was a question in one of the steps: something that you’ve never done even though it was talking to you, attracted you.

The two things she hasn’t done were cooking and sewing.

I recommended that she learned both.

She signed up to a beginner sewing class. This was in October.

yesterday while signing up my children for illustrator and photoshop. which happens to be a sewing class shop… i am planning to take up the course.. it is a step by step from baby steps and moving up. i am considering taking up the course.

Since she has taken classes continuously.

Sewing is a tangible skill. Anyone can tell if you can do it or not. It results in an item that you made.

She has made beautiful items, sent me the pictures, and she wrote yesterday:

Edited for clarity…

So i was shopping and went to the shops and looked at the clothes. .. somehow, maybe because i have some knowledge of sewing. i felt that it was all not worth it. i could sew that pattern…. they are like selling for 100-plus Australian dollars.

then i went to this shop kitten d’amour… wow….. the material was good and the pattern was complicated… as in to sew it. so i was only in this shop (the whole hour) and tried on whatever the lady gave me. i went in cos i saw her wearing something i feel is gorgeous. its like vintage 50’s 60’s dresses and you wear something underneath to pop the dress up.

so i hit my $xxx in this shop. bought a few dresses… and viola.. done shopping .

it’s like when the doors of learning open, it leads to more. was at the races. and all these ladies had tailored hats… so i was introduce to this lady that tailor made hats for people.. after speaking and conversing. she gave me a website to learn how to make hats if i am interested….. the whole context changed and i was able to put in more content onto my plate.

I now measured her TLB: it is TLB 5.

Now, what’s the big deal? you say.

The big deal is that she started to learn something new. Something tangible. Something that is hard. Takes time. Takes effort. She has four kids in school!

I haven’t had anyone inside my 67 steps coaching program do this.

I do have three other students who are on the verge of breaking through…

But being on the verge and on the other side is the big divider.

On this side of the verge it is just an idea… no action yet. You are only talking about it.

By the way, for some people starting the 67 steps is the first breakthrough. While for others it is more of the same: much talk, no action.

Talk is cheap. Thinking about is pleasant and will keep you stuck.

Imagining yourself doing it diverts the energy into imagining, not doing.

Every terrifying step you take increases your capacity to take another terrifying step.

Without taking even one terrifying step you are stuck at TLB 1, and you’ll never become a person, never become someone you’d like to have for a friend. Because you would have no respect for them…

Most people have friends (and family) just like them…

When you start to grow, your friends (and family) sniff around. Just like in the story they sniffed around that smart little monkey in the story of the 100th monkey.

But truth be told, doing something different is terrifying. And no, your friends and family won’t follow you to the promised land… They have to go through their own process if they want to, no matter what YOU do.

Everyone has to do their own journey, overcome their own fears, allow the uncomfortable feeling of ‘wanting to grow’ get bigger, so it has enough energy to take a full step and then take the next one.

I started to participate as a volunteer with the company that is called “Landmark Education” back in 1985. I enrolled and registered hundreds of people in their programs.

That was the first step for them. Terrifying. Some stayed in a little while, and then dropped out.

None of them made the full journey. They all went back to a TLB 1.

wanting is a dime a dozen. deserving is one in a millionTo get what you want, you need to deserve what you want.

And obviously your deserving factor, or the deserving factor, is a hockey stick chart… 99% undeserving, 1% deserving.

The difference is that one terrifying action taken to its conclusion… other terrifying actions.

Because contrary to popular opinion, one action is not enough.

If we look at the hockey stick chart: most of those people at the bottom have taken onesies, but then returned to the bottom. Just like the people I registered in Landmark.

I have ex students who took the first step… but got stuck at selling.

Selling is even more terrifying than the learning of a tangible skill. Now you are public. And your failures are public too.

But selling is a tangible skill… and the approach to it needs to be the same: you learn the beginning level, then the intermediate level, advanced level, while you cannot get to the next level without actually doing the thing: sell.

I am not a natural sales person, but I see that without selling something: nothing happens.

The world moves on selling something. Your ideas, yourself, your product.

No selling? You are a black hole… taking energy but not giving any.

Some learn it first, others learn it last. And the 99% never even goes near it.




deserving the results you want Deserving is not a beingness, it is not a feeling, it is not a thought. Deserving is a real life concept where there needs to be a match between your offering and what you want to “buy”. Most Law of Attraction frauds want to deserve by pretense.
deserve what you want Deserving is much like earning. Some earn money by their time… some with some skills, some with a big contribution: giving responsibility, talent, risk taking. Guess who deserves more and earns more?
worthy of love If you want to be loved, be deserving of love. Most people aren’t… and then marry the same kind: undeserving of love. That is 99% or humanity: talking about love as if they knew what they are talking about. Love is rare, because deserving people are rare.
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