Your personal reality and reality… misaligned, misconstrued, faulty, no wonder you are miserable

We could safely say that your vibration number faithfully expresses the degree of alignment between your personal reality and actual reality.

Your personal reality is your map of reality.

You built your map of reality, what you think is out there, what you see out there, what you hear, taste, touch… filtered through your map of reality… you built that map through what you were told, and what you took from what you were told.

The average vibration on the planet, at this time, is 128. That is a 1% truth value, a 1% match between your personal reality and reality. It means that you don’t see 70% of what is out there. And what you see, the remaining 30%, you see it 70% wrong.

It’s sad but true in every area of your life. Emotional, spiritual, physical. Health, wealth, love and happiness.

But what is even worse, your heroes, your teachers, your scientists, your politicians have only a slightly higher vibration, and a slightly more accurate map of reality.

So when you read a book, you have two factors that you need to pay attention to:

  • 1. the author likely wrote from a faulty map of reality,
  • 2. you turn what they say even more skewed, because of YOUR personal reality.

When you listen to someone, who is the archetypal “guy in the diner”, like Tai Lopez, you take everything he says like the truth. Then you skew it by your faulty map, and you end up just being another “guy in the diner” whose life doesn’t work, whose life can’t work, because now you are even lower vibration than you were before you listened to Tai.

Tai Lopez is a snobbish omnivore when it comes to reading.

He doesn’t run the content through his big picture logical faculties: he consumes them. And then he spits the content back, often inaccurately, for your consumption.

His vibration is 170. That is low, but not as low as yours.

It’s about 2% match with reality. On the other hand, what he says is 30% accurate. Why the discrepancy? 2% and 30%? Should not the two numbers be the same? No… Because he mostly pouts back, accurately, what he read by people who have a much higher vibration than his.

But, this is important! he doesn’t know the difference. He doesn’t recognize it.

  • So for example, in health: he is way way off.
  • In wealth he is somewhat better.
  • In social, in love: nobody home.

So you don’t want to learn from him. It’s not what he says that makes him useful.

It is the journey he takes your conscious attention to.

  • If you know, for example, that Seattle is a miserable place to live, because of the weather, and I take you to Seattle, you may notice that it doesn’t rain all the time.
  • If your mind is set, living in Syracuse NY, and you are sure that this is a dark, somber, sunless city, and I take you there, and point out how much sun is, and how delightful it is to live here… you may allow this seeing to weaken your conviction.

Meaning: your map of reality may adjust, and your vibration rises from this trip and seeing the personal reality and reality side by side.

On the other hand if you listen to Tai’s words as something to learn, your vibration will drop… because now you have added untrue to your already faulty map. 2

The way out of this deep deep hole is to correct your map, little by little, inch by inch.

You need intelligence and you need intellectual tools, logical tools, and you need spiritual tools, like humility and the big picture capacity. And physical tools, like getting well and giving your body the nutrition it needs, daily.

You need to be exposed to a lot of different pictures of reality. Every book, every video, every lecture is a picture of reality, more or less faulty.

You want to check yourself before you wreck yourself. You need to look who is speaking. Ask me if it’s difficult to discern.

And you need to examine what you “hear” (reading is hearing… words are sounds in your head!) with what you have experienced yourself and hold accurate. It may not be accurate, but you are doing the work, and on this level that is more important. Wanting to be always accurate is analysis-paralysis.

I don’t mean to say that you should be arguing with what you hear. I mean comparing, and saying “hm… I wonder.”

How you listen matters

Your personality can go all the way from slavish acceptance of any garbage to slavish refusal to consider anyone’s speaking as better than yours.

I have many personalities represented in my students. The “what is your take on that?” type, who considers themselves the authority and they condescend to me and willing to hear my opinion about things. They pay me, and yet they accept nothing I say as accurate, relevant, or useful. And they insist on paying me, even though there is no way they can benefit from our relationship with that attitude.

Or the other extreme…

What is my role in raising your vibration?

I am only here to tweak your map of reality. I see 70% of reality, and I see it 70% accurately. My muscle testing gets accurate answers to the often inaccurate, imprecise, misdirected questions… 🙁

These numbers are the reason I can still learn a ton of new things that adjust my map of reality every single day. Some, like the book “Feelings” adjust my map of reality in a major way.

But it is your job to do the exposure to many varied things, instead of just reading my articles.

Read books. Follow the videos I post, especially Dr. Wallach’s, deep into the rabbit hole.
Do the 67 steps the way I ask you to do it: as in taking a guided tour to different parts of the earth. The guide says what the guide says. He is not god, not his representative on Earth, he is a human, with a level of abilities, accuracy, and vibration, not far from yours. But he did learn the job of a guide, so go on those tours, but limit yourself to what you would do on a real guided tool: not take notes, not learn verbatim what they say: that has no value for you.

Just allow yourself to be impressed.

Most of you live in a world of quiet desperation. Impoverished environmental variety.

If you keep an infant in a room with no stimulation, their brain won’t develop well. They will be a dumb adult.

But it is true at any age: you need stimuli. And a lot of them. And a lot of kinds of them.

You live in an impoverished world. Learning a new thing, struggling through books, allowing Tai to take you on a trip, coming to webinars with me, daily enlivening stimulation.

Going on these shopping trips (and the exercise class) has been an injection of stimulation of another kind: interacting with others who are not students or clients, who look at me and judge me by my looks. Little old lady, a little too perky for her age, eager beaver, and sounds like a very opinionated person.

And instead of being beaten down, or arguing, or cowering, holding my own, not allowing their opinion to do anything to my “I” concept, not feeling superior, not judging, not despising, not not not… and be kind, and be allowing, and be accepting without giving up, or pretending.

I am very stimulated. So stimulated that I have to sleep 10 hours after that to feel rested again.

So I rest, and know that every week my map of reality is growing. Until it becomes repetitive… and then it won’t.

I re-learn typing and writing in Hungarian. There are 26 letters to the English alphabet. The Hungarian alphabet consists of 44 letters. So the Hungarian keyboard is very different from the English keyboard.

  • I am re-learning typing on the keyboard. Stimulation.
  • I am re-learning expressing myself in Hungarian. Stimulation.
  • I am reading the first book in Hungarian in the past 35 years. Stimulation.
  • I am going deeper and a lot more detailed into Dr. Wallach’s teaching. I am now trying to get, deeply, the idea of inflammation… Stimulation.

This is the secret of growing. Frequent and varied stimulation… going from quiet desperation to awareness, alertness, aliveness.

The world is interested in keeping you asleep. But it makes you miserable.

You need to decide what kind of life you want, and then adjust your actions to that decision.

But beware: reading short articles will not wake you up… because the next short article will put you asleep again.

Hah… you haven’t thought about that, have you?

When I was sexually active I used to feel attached to a person who was either a losing proposition, or who didn’t want me.

I found that overwriting the basis of the attraction was the solution: just have sex with another person… Attachment gone.

Bada bing, bada boom… all gone.

Same is true with everything (99% truth).

You want to be a floating leaf in the wind? Go from thing to thing, and don’t develop any anchors, any roots.

Easy peasy and miserable. Your choice.




low vibration You have a low vibration if what you believe to be true is not true. If you live in your own world and not in reality. Then reality tends to beat you up, and you can’t get to where you want to go.
high vibration High vibration is the opposite. Most people teach that you recognize high vibration by how you feel. But the truth is: you feel better because you are in alignment with reality, not the other way around.
negative energy Negative energy is largely a myth. Any energy that makes you feel bad about yourself or about your life is perceived as negative… not that the energy is negative. Although some feelings, like greed, hate, envy, jealousy, possessiveness, all YOUR feelings and therefore YOUR energy feel really bad.

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  1. Same with most of the memes and quotes circulating out there, by the way! They reduce your vibration.
  2. Same with most of the memes and quotes circulating out there, by the way! They reduce your vibration.

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