Vibrational Review: Peter Schenk

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I got this email in my inbox today. Invitation to get on the Modern Day Mystic online TV show.

I’ve been interviewed on real TV. I have been interviewed for articles. But this would be the first online TV interview since I discovered that the reason I was miserable because people were miserable around me… i.e. I was an empath.

OK, so what do I do when I need to make a decision about doing something or not doing something?

I investigate. And then I think. Pro. Con. First feel… then think, evaluate, compare, see the big picture.

OK, who is this Peter Schenk?

Muscle testing: The energy of Peter Schenk is strong and very painful. I would not like to be Peter Schenk.

His vibration is the same as most people’s, 130. And now his energy promptly put an attachment, an energy channel on my brain to influence me… or whatever…. I’ll remove it once I am done with the “reading”.

OK, one thing is certain… I won’t go on the show.

But I’m going to hang out with the question that I have never really understood: what do these magicians/witches do?

What sells their $300 an hour “consultations” is this strong energy that comes through that attachment… the attachment that is like a satellite: wants to re-connect with the mother ship.

The imagery of a satellite device boring into your brain is correct, according to Source.

Can this be used for good? No

Is there any other use than to make the recipient crave the connection? No.

Could I do the same thing? Not quite…

Is this Dark Magic? Yes.

The purpose is to enslave? Yes.

Should I care? No.

Is it harmful? 90% yes.

OK, what does that mean? I am not sure… but…

If you are attracted to being enslaved, have your money and will siphoned away… Who am I to stop you?

Does Peter Schenk use the “channel” i.e. the energetic connection for anything other than enslavement? It’s a 50-50 yes/no.

WTF… I expected that he talks to you and then you’ll feel better. But when I ask: is it all Placebo? The muscle test says: Yes. No hesitation there.

1. his vibration (1-1000) 130
2. his overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc. 40
3. the number of spiritual capacities he has 1
5. does he have attachments? no
9. The level of discomfort he is willing to allow without the urge and the habit of “fixing” it… dispersing, leaking, it. His TLD score: 1

If he applied to work with me (him as a client,) I probably would not accept him.

Products: b.s. stuff… all magic dust.

Summary: you don’t need high vibration to do evil thing. You don’t need high vibration to learn to be a Black Magician who feeds on you.

Why would anybody do it? Because they can. Because you are what you are.

You are what you are… a human going around with your umbilical cord in your hand…

A number of years ago I heard Jay Abraham, famous marketing man say: people go around with their umbilical cord in their hand, looking for places to plug it in.

The umbilical cord is like an electric plug… needing a feeding source, an energy source.

But no one can give you energy without enslaving you. Your job is to become a person. Eat, drink, and read, be present, be aware, and provide yourself with what you need.

The human who has never become a person, of course, will go to others for energy. I have students like that.

For a while it was flattering to me that people came to me. For a while it fanned my need to be needed.

But at a certain point, when myself was able to stand firmly on my own feet, without the need to be needed, without needing your energy, without having to give all I got, so I can feel valuable, and someone, I stopped needing you.

The path of a human from baby to MAN, is long and arduous. Very few get to MAN…

One of the last stages of development is the shedding the need to be above someone else to experience oneself to be whole and complete. When judgment disappears and assessment replaces it. When love becomes possible.

Love is said to become available at a vibration of 540, but it is only partially true.

There is love where there is no “I” in it. When the statement “I love you” becomes idiotic. There is I. But it isn’t involved in the loving. Neither as a giver, nor as a receiver.

The fraudster spiritual teachers who claim, from hearsay, that there is a stage where there is love… they haven’t been there. Because if I observe it keenly, it is only available at the vibration of 970…

I am on that level, for the second time in my life. The first time it was very uncomfortable. It felt very unstable. Unreal. Not sustainable.

Now, if you wanted to get a number that is easier to behold than the 970 on the logarithmic scale, you’d want to see it on a linear graph, like percentage.

So what does it mean, 970 vibration on the linear scale? Let me ask Source about that…

Surprise… it’s 60%.

So if and when you look at the Tree of Life, I now reside (at the moment) in Tiferet, which is #6. I have to go all the way to Keter to download the Day of Power… It is too close to the source of all of it… that’s why I spend the next days in bed… trying to recover from the experience.

But this time around Tiferet is actually comfortable, apart from it being very lonely.

What got me from 950 to 970 this time?

It was the piece of understanding that everything is feelings. That human’s access to reality is through feelings, and feelings have very trackable, modellable, and maybe even manageable physical aspects… which means that finally, after 200 thousand years, people, maybe, get access to really managing themselves.

Did you notice that you can’t really manage your thoughts? I can’t… You can suppress, you can force, but that is not management.

But inside the dynamic of feelings, even on the beginner level where I am able to see it, one can get a say in the matter, not like with thoughts.

Given that the vibrational number is the measure of how much of reality you can see accurately, this piece has given me another 20 points. Which, in percentage was a 20% jump… From 50% to 60%.

OK, returning to Mr. Schenk: I won’t go on his show for one reason only: It is hard to be on a show where you need to remove the attachment to be free… and if I am not free to be me, I am a puppet. In the hands of the host.

Is that what you would want for me? I hope not.

That is not what I want for myself.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Peter Schenk”

  1. absolutely doesn’t. You see, the kind of energies he uses are incoherent hurting energies. The energy that causes coherence comes from Source, not from imagination. He doesn’t connect to Source. He is a magician, a sorcerer.

  2. Interesting your analysis. Magic doesn’t come from source, it is not pure energy, it won’t give you coherence.

  3. Most of what people who call themselves energy practitioners, most of what they do is stir up some imaginary energy… Religion is such. Spirits, angels, etc. imaginary.

    But thought does have power… and thought does create real energy. But thought comes from human… and human doesn’t mean good. Human being still doesn’t mean good. There is a level even above human being…

    So energies created by human imagination are 90% created to harm. And then for a 21st century magician/sorcerer to claim that it will bring coherence to you or your water is a red faced lie… And if you believe it, then you deserve it.

    But because 99% of humanity has access to hate much more readily than to love… lol… peace and serenity, they are in vibrational harmony with the energies of hate and pretense in the imaginary energy world, that some call the 4th Plane of existence.

    If you look at the Tree of life, the path up the tree does not go through some imaginary plane, it is an alternative destination: the land of misery and being stuck. My hunch is that humanity got stuck because of all that 4th plane b.s.

    None of what is on the 4th plane is real… so an energy from there can cause you to be even more deluded, even more out of sync with Life and Source.

  4. So the people that works with angels/archangels doesn’t increase/activates the energy/vibration?
    What is your opinion regarding:
    -Doreen Virtue
    -Sufian Chaudhary
    -Lorna Byrne
    -Dr. Brian Weiss
    -Deepak Chopra
    -Don Estes (Innersense/The Portacle )
    -Steve Pavlina
    -Bashar (multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka)
    -Dean Radin
    -Teal Swan
    -Sabrina Reber
    All these people have been working to improve energy, increasing conscious awareness through different methods. These people have the capacity/knowledge to increase other people’s vibrations through their techniques?
    Please advise,

  5. my dear Anonymous, have you done your homework and looked up what I have said about the ones I have already reviewed?

    The blanket answer is: most probably not. And you want to notice that you are attracted to them.

  6. I’m not attracted to anyone, just doing research.
    The energized water that I get through your recording: “it works “, I feel it…
    I’m answering this because I feel it, I’m not attached to you, or interested in giving a good review: thanks you so much for your knowledge, pure energy, and teaching to better understanding “vibrations “

  7. Your “I” concept is strongly attached to what others are saying about you, rendering you “not quite a person yet” Anonymous. That would be your first and most important job, to become independent of anyone praising you, including me.

    I appreciate your words about the energized water

  8. Dear Sophie:
    I appreciate your words! Always teaching “amazing knowledge “, and giving freedom to choose.
    Sometimes I feel that you are not a human being.
    thanks to Your “high vibration”, and the connection to Source: you can see the truth behind each human being.

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