Without trust there cannot be humility… Without humility there is no growth

As we saw, the two capacities, humility: (saying: I don’t know), and seeing the big picture/looking at the thing inside the big picture, are the most predictive of people who can and will correct their faulty mental picture of reality.

Of these humility is primary.

Humility is what gets us out of our head, and makes us look again.

The mood of this: maybe I didn’t see it right!

We all know people who didn’t look twice, and walked into a trap, walked into disaster with their heads high, no idea that the trap is there.

And how you do anything is how you do everything. So if that is you: it is all over the place for you, in every area of your life.

People who are told that they are god, people in the medical profession, where they are toying with patients’ lives are especially prone to this attitude.

In America more people are killed by the medical profession than the top three diseases combined.

And we haven’t even talked about people who were made sick… multiples of that.

If your profession is part of a monopoly, humility won’t come easy for you.

If your soul correction is Silent Partner or Forget Thyself: humility will be the biggest threat to your existence, so you’ll resist it with all your might. Both soul corrections hinge on you being bigger, smarter, than “god”, nature, the Universe, or whatever you don’t allow to be bigger than you.

So for you to re-write your inner map of reality to match, or match better what is actually real, is the hardest thing on earth, and you probably won’t even start.

This refusal to accept that you are not the lord of the universe, renders you stupid.

And cowering is not acceptance.

Acceptance needs trust. And trust is generous: it is giving it before it is earned. Trust is knowingly putting yourself at risk. And you are short on trust.

Trust is not stupid. Trust but verify… a Russian proverb also used by Ronald Reagan.

Trust is the original “look twice” commandment. Trust but make sure you test, trust but make sure that if the advice or whatever you trusted is wrong, you’ll still live.

Silent Partner is overly trusting their own faulty opinions, and not trusting, or accepting others’ stuff without bothering to look. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Eyes forcibly shut. Why? To prove that no one can be trusted. Racket… A complaint plus a fixed attitude. Refuse to look, refuse to learn, refuse to open up.

How does a person with no humility relate to what you say? They relate as if they were god giving accolades or admonishment.

It’s excellent! It’s true!

These are all giving it away: they know it all, and they know it accurately. They are god, with nothing and no one above them.

Pretending to be humble isn’t humble.

Can a Silent Partner learn to be humble? Maybe. It is starting weight lifting with a 400 lb weight: won’t be easy.

So what can a Silent Partner soul correction do so they can grow as a person, and become a person?

In my experience, which is limited to the Silent Partner people I have been able to observe, they can start growing if and when they start doing something that challenges their superiority. Do it enough to become good at it.

And then, when that is done, start something else that challenges their superiority.

Which means: forcibly keep themselves in the humble space…

Have I seen this done? Yes and no. I have seen Silent Partners rise to 220… but then stop.

It’s a dizzying height for a Silent Partner. Moreover it contains the capacity for responsibility, which flies in the face of the core tenets of Silent Partner: I am either the all-knowing or I am the stupid… Nothing in between.

And in addition to challenge yourself, you better learn this trick from me, The “Forget Thyself” soul correction: “It ain’t necessarily so…”

My analysis is accurate, but not complete. Because no one has done this work for Soul Corrections, I have no place to look it up… so it grows as I see more.

Last question: can I activate the capacity “Humility” for a Silent Partner person? Yes. And it will stay on for a few minutes.

Humility is a threat for the identity, the Big I, or a Silent Partner, so they shut it down as fast as they notice it.

Oh, and they see arrogance everywhere… The world is holding up a mirror to them, but they can’t see themselves, they only see other people.

Will I, in the future, accept a Silent Partner as a student? No. I don’t think so.

This doesn’t mean I can’t love them. This only means: I hate to put energy into a furnace that give no heat back.

PS: On further examination, the commonality among the four soul corrections that give me the hardest time, Removing Hatred, Finish What You Start, Sharing the Light, and Silent Partner, the common element is that they can’t and won’t trust. Anything and anyone. Not even “god”.

Can I activate the spiritual capacity “trust” for them? Yes, I can. But trust is a threat to their established “map of reality” and therefore it is turned of as soon as its effect is felt by the person. Its turning on has to come from an inner need… I haven’t seen that come on… yet.

Now, could a person with any one of those four soul correction be a high achiever? Not likely… unless…

But if through their diligence they turn on spiritual capacities that they are less resistant to, then they can at least be somewhat successful… while still cowardly and arrogant. And pointing fingers.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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