Food allergies… does Source know all the answers?

Egg white is an allergenThere are good days, there are bad days, and there are days when I am hit with stuff I consider bad. Blech.

Today is one of those.

And days like this are a great test if in fact my TLD is as high as I claim as it is. TLD is your Twitchy Little Bastards’ score: how much pain you are willing to take for a delayed benefit.

Where TLD comes in? I find myself already running. I want to take a nap. I want to eat. I want to go unconscious.

Why? Because bad news is not pleasant. And more than that: I need to say it publicly.

I am scared, and I want to hide.

But I am going to swallow the frog (or was it kissing it?) and tell you what’s going on.

I have been taking Nutritional Yeast flakes for a few weeks now.

I was looking for a different brand… I don’t remember why…

It arrived on Saturday and today I took it for the first time.

Almost right away after I took it, I had burning sensation on my skin. I looked at my skin, I saw the familiar blotchy pattern I have written about five years ago.

At the time I though it was the wheat grass, but I was wrong.

It was the nutritional yeast in the Dr Schulze Superfood Plus. He since then switched brands…

This whole incident made me look at other things no differently.

Muscle test insist that there is nothing wrong with the yeast flakes. It also says that there is nothing wrong with me taking it. That there is nothing wrong having the burning, the itching, and the blotchiness.

It went away without leaving any mark, but it didn’t look good.

When I was a kid, I used to get big itchy hives from rich food, especially eggs, milk, and rich soup.

Then it went away, and I lived as if I didn’t have that issue. To my detriment.

As I am now looking into the phenomenon of inflammation, I have to see that inflammation can come out to the skin… in the shape of hives, rash… Then if you pay no attention, it will start to burn you out on the inside.

But that thing, the blotchy thing was not due to inflammation. I am going to crack this mystery… grrr.

I am willing to experiment.

If it were just me, I would probably say “heck with it” or “who cares” but I am responsible for the information I give you, so I’d better find out what is what.


I have been suspicious of my morning eggs… that my body didn’t really like them, that my body would rather not have them.

Hm. Is it the whole egg or just the white? The white is 100% protein, the yolk is lots of fatty stuff and vitamins, and minerals, and other good stuff. Brain food…

It’s 90% of what is needed to make a beautiful fluffy little chick…

I suddenly recall my article: Are you eating other species’ offspring… I know I was talking nuts and seeds there, but what if it is the same with eggs?

I ask Source, and Source is non-committal. I am mortified. I find out that Source is on the side of Life… not only on the side of human. Not even on my side…

Allergy, it seems to me, is a violent reaction to other species’ children… WTF…

OK, this is far from done… but this is how far I got.

With regards to taking supplements: be responsible for your symptoms and let me know immediately.

If I don’t know, I cannot look for answers.

So, back to the beginning: the blotchiness came from the different brand of yeast flakes. I am going to continue taking it, and watch my numbers. My health number.

It is possible that there is really nothing wrong with getting blotchy… hm.

But as an experiment I have switched to eating only the yolks of eggs. And have asked one of my clients to do the same.

He has been the only client ever who didn’t get well from the diet: in fact he got a lot worse.

We’ll see. Maybe it’s the eggs… Let’s hope. It would be great. Both for him and for me.

OK, what is my learning, what is your learning from this incident:

  • 1. All species have a built in protection of their potential offspring… and you need to test if you can deal with, if your body can handle a new food as food… or it will react to it as non-food toxin.
  • 2. Source doesn’t know everything. This is my biggest failing. I consider source all knowing, but the context inside which one knows something is decisive.

    And I throw around context, or assume that the context is clear… really habitually.

I have ways to go. 🙁 I knew that.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Food allergies… does Source know all the answers?”

  1. Just to mention, Sophie, since starting my new supplement regimen with the liquid vitamin/mineral supplement and the probiotics, my urine has been cloudy. Excess minerals? (I would like to think I’m peeing away that candida, but I bet that’s wishful pissing.)

    Anyway, today I felt very good. Light and clear.

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