What does gluten have to do with fat? Going deeper…

Why Am I Getting Fat on My Gluten Free Diet? or a better question: Is my diet really gluten free? And an even better question: what does gluten do to my metabolism?

Ever since puberty, meaning the past 60 years of my life, I have had problems with my weight.

Until puberty I was thin as a rail, a picky eater.

Once puberty hit, I became a whole new person. I ate everything in sight, rounded out, really.

Given that we, humanity, have no idea how this weight thing works, I tried everything THEY suggested, and, of course, it didn’t work, or didn’t last.

A few years ago I read about making your body a fat burning furnace, and I liked the idea.

I did everything by the book: and I put on 30 lbs, 13-14 kg, in two weeks.

Obviously my body didn’t confirm the theory of the book. My body became a fat storing machine.

This was a few years ago. In those few years I lost and regained the same weight 4-5 times.

But… about a year ago I started to look at my life through a different lens: do I want to live like this for long… or if I have to live long, could I change my body to serve me, to be well, so I can enjoy living?

This question has proven to result in a whole different approach to both well-being and as it turns out: weight. For me and for my clients.

I had heard of gluten, I understood what THEY said about gluten, but I didn’t know what to do with gluten.

I stopped eating bread, cookies, pasta many years ago. But stopping those did nothing for my well-being, or my weight.

I had one vice remaining: I used a ton of half and half in my tea.

One day I went cold turkey. I removed about 1400 calories a day (all that half and half!)… and yet my weight remained the same.

That was the turning point. I started to see that there was something hidden, something that kept my weight cemented, unless I did a starvation diet, or did an oxygenating exercise “diet”, or I used some hormone to get rid of the fat.

What is that hidden thing?

I turned to my trusty muscle testing, asking questions of Source…

I muscle tested every single morsel of food I put in my mouth, starting with the big ones…

At the time I ate turkey, salmon, and eggs.

  • Turkey tested no.
  • The salmon tested no.
  • I turned to “grass fed” beef… the weight remained. Glued to my small figure underneath.

I wondered if it had anything to do with what these animals ate while still alive.

Turns out both turkey and farmed salmon ate grains.

What if the gluten from the grain is now in the flesh and the milk of the animal.

If I want to be gluten free, I have to stop eating gluten consuming animals’ flesh and milk.

By this time it was summer. Last year…

I found, after muscle testing tens of brands, a butter that had no gluten in it.
I found, after muscle testing the whole fresh meat isle, lamb that tested edible for me.

I was born gluten sensitive, and then at puberty, I went into full blown gluten intolerance.

And to my delight, after removing the gluten containing foods, the weight started to slough off, slowly.

Two weeks ago I was down 33 lbs. The scale had plateued on that number for about a month then.

But the scale, instead of going down, it’s been creeping up… I am up 3 lbs now.

WTF? what happened? Shall I panic? I asked Source, already panicking.

The answer was “don’t panic”

So I put on my thinking hat… and this is what I am seeing:

Warning: this is my experience, not necessarily the truth!

Gluten is some kind of an inhibitor. Inhibitor of fat burning. Like a reverse enzyme…

Whether it works through the intestinal flora, or it simply inhibits the body from burning its fat… I am not sure… yet.


When I first tried to turn my body into a fat burning furnace, I was eating gluten in the heavy cream and the butter…

Grass fed beef in a grocery store is a lie. The label should say: grass finished.

In the movie, Food Inc, they say that if the grain fed cow is fed, just for one week, the grass it is naturally able to digest, it will lose enough of its harmful bacteria, to make the meat not kill the man who consumes it.

Otherwise it is full of e-coli, a killing bacteria.

So the market is full of killing-meat, and somewhat less-killing-meat.

But the gluten doesn’t disappear from the meat in one week’s feeding of grass, not even one month’s feeding of grass.

So this means that virtually all cow’s milk and all beef is full of gluten, regardless of the label.

Organic meat has nothing to do with gluten…

And this article is about gluten and your weight. I am paying no attention to other chemicals, like hormones.

Now, here comes a bad surprise:

Two weeks ago I bought my lamb without muscle testing. I was sure lamb means grain free, gluten free.

I was wrong.

With winter farmers feed their live stock with grains. Or feed made from grains. Fully? Partially? Doesn’t matter. The lamb is now as full of gluten as if I were eating bread or pasta.

And not surprisingly, my body stopped being a fat burning furnace, and turned back into a fat storing machine. Without any warning…

So what am I going to do?

I don’t know. Yet.


Yesterday in a call with a client who is also gluten intolerant, I found out that in some countries not traditionally sheep grazing cultures, all sheep and all goats are fed grains year around. And all fishes are farmed.

If your mother was nutritionally deficient while pregnant with you, you were likely born un-fortified and unprepared to handle a lot of food, like me, or like this client I spoke with yesterday.

Allergies, intolerances, pre-diabetic conditions, yeast overcrowding…

Most of the time they develop because of the pre-natal insufficiencies caused by our dear doctors.

In my muscle testing of a food list against what a client can eat safely or not… I find that once they start eating a diet without the offending foods their body can’t handle, they get well, they get slim, and become a lot smarter.

Except this poor boy who, at this junction, can’t find protein foods that don’t contain gluten. Or leptins. Or phytochemicals… Or some other biologically active chemical other species manufacture to protect their offspring from you eating them.

This is an ongoing saga. Both between species protecting their genes’ survival, and humans (and other animals and insects) trying to eat them. And between me and my fat… lol.

I’ll let you know how these theories effect my weight, and how we’ll have gone about finding suitable food from my client in Eastern Europe… so he can be well, and smart, and happy.

PS: I have gone to this website called precision nutrition.

You see, scientists, phD’s ask questions and then do experiments. And then, according to their temperament, or the size of the grant, the size of their ego, they make far flung “science” from it.

50% of all science is wrong, mistaken, or skewed. 70% of what your medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath tells you is wrong, mistaken, or skewed.

And you are not prepared to know the difference. You have never learned the basics. You are not paying attention (your awareness level is very low) and you are reactive…

I remember when I first did a course called “The Advanced Course” and the leader was shouting “You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.”

Most people were offended. I was intrigued. This was 26 years ago. I have learned an awful lot about many things since then. And yet: I can still say about myself: “You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.”

And the moment I stop saying that, please shoot me.

The biggest difference between most people who claim to know something and myself is that I am willing to publicly test the thing, and see if it is at least partially true.

We are not in the position to know the whole truth… by the way. The whole truth is shrouded inside the hidden part of all-of-it. With diligent work you can “unfold” or “uncover” or “unconceal” little corners of the whole truth… like the fact that gluten is in the flesh of gluten fed animals.

By the way: corn does not have gluten per se, and yet in all my muscle tests it is lumped together with other grains coming from grass seeds, like wheat and oats.

Why? I don’t know. But I promise that there is a financial reason why no one mentions corn… even though it is as detrimental to your health if you are gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant as wheat, oats, barley, etc.

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