The game has changed, and I can’t speak my mind

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America destroyed from the insideI have been doing, for the past 4-5 hours, what I haven’t done, ever, since I’ve been writing articles.

The game has changed, and I cannot speak my mind as I used to: Free Speech, the First Amendment, hasn’t been officially lifted, but it will be… all signs point to a police state… a racist country… fascism.

So it is dangerous to speak… already. Articles on the internet are there for the duration…

The other reason I have been thinking is this: a strategy is needed to turn around the unfortunate coming to power of the Rich and uncaring.

And it seems to me that strategy is the weak point of humanity… people can only think one or maybe two steps ahead… no chess masters outside of chess…

Strategy is not my strong suit… I am a Quickstart, remember? I like to “figure it out as I go.”

Normally I can afford to make bad moves… but not this time. Prison, death, and other good things… in addition to not ever having had a chance to do something it seems not many people can do. Create a strategy to restore America, the great.

I know it sounds the same, the words are the same, as the current president who managed to enroll, it seems, all the people who are impressionable, can’t think on their feet, and are feeble in the mind.

Honestly, I even didn’t expect what is happening.

I have read Interface… 2you can read it in the subscribers’ area… $3 lifetime) I should have expected it… but I was busy thinking that it is impossible…

Neal Stephenson's Interface is eerily real todayNeal Stephenson’s novel, Interface, is eerily mirrors what is going on in the United States now, except that the puppet guy has been elected, sworn in, and has started to do the Network’s bidding.

Turning the United States of America into into a country like the Third Reich, or like the milking cow of the rich and powerful very few.

Going back on values, going back on human rights, centuries in one fell swoop.

Given that democracy is being eradicated, I do not believe that the usual actions, protest, signing lists, demonstrations will produce any results.

So what can people do, who realized that they were suckered in, or people who suspected from the beginning that this isn’t going to end well?

Honestly, I don’t know.

In the book what solves the problem is violence. One person who can see clearly.

I have students who voted for this future… unknowingly? Stupid as the stupid does.

Would violence restore democracy? I don’t know.

Could, a few hundred million people, give and take, hit the powerful few where it hurts them most, in their pocket book? The answer is No.

I read an article that the search results are dominated by 16 companies’ sites.

And, between you and me, you are too lazy, too cowardly, too intellectually slothful to do anything.

So welcome to the new era or humanity, the end of the world as we knew it.

Here you are, in the brave new world, where being a person is not encouraged, where free will, freedom is frowned upon.

And if you didn’t know it: the powerful and the mighty are backing the far right… why? Because the far right is the segment of the population, worldwide, who are the least able to think.

Confirmation bias… you have to have commitment and consistency… you did something stupid? Now you’ll justify it by doing more of the same.

One difference between a human an an animal is the ability to look into the future, to plan for the future, to even think about the future.

Most humans I know don’t want to… or if they do, they do it with blinders on.

You are born with abilities… but you don’t necessarily use those abilities… you use what you use.

Your results are consistent with what you use, not what potential you have.

It takes work, and foresight to develop abilities. Sometimes it depends on the foresight of the person who took care of you as a child.

The family.

The reason single parents’ children have a hard time in life is because the single parent has to work too many hours for them to have any glycogen left for thinking. And often being a single parent is also the sign of an inability to foresee the future in their search for life-partner, a life partner who would be a good choice to provide a two-parent home to bring up children.

And you can’t teach what you don’t know.

So I have been sitting here, wrecking my brain, seeing that strategy is needed.

So far I haven’t seen anything.

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