Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is not power. But you can be happy on a sinking ship of a humanity that is annihilating itself

The paradigm we live in has no access to happiness… no bridge, no path, no door… We are locked into unhappiness

I just hung up with my friend from university. 1 Frenzied gossiping about Trump and the hopelessness of the future… Just like we would have done during the Second World War… An activity (gossiping, complaining, blaming, etc.) that will make no difference. But what will? What could?

I have to admit, this conversation lead to a turning point for me… and if and when I turn about-face, I can lead you to do the same… The turning wasn’t instant. But it is done. I am happy again.

This is what I learned in the conversation and after… when I reflected on it:

The United States government is not the only group of people who now suppresses other groups of people.

Many of the Earth’s real and shadow governments are celebrating Trumps’s presidency and his new decrees moving back the world decades, maybe even centuries of achievements in the area of human rights.

Nationalism was on the flag of Hitler… because people go bonkers when they think something threatens their country: they take that personally. (That their own behavior threatens their country: they are not aware of that.[/note]

The groups “governing” many countries is of the opinion that some people are more people than others, and some people are more entitled to be heard, more entitled to live, than others.

Oppression of the opposition, oppression and exploitation of women, oppression and exploitation of people different than that group…

People with money, people who are the movers and shakers behind the visible figurehead…

Trump is a puppet… I am re-reading the 1996 book by Neal Stephenson, Interface. It’s a novel. It’s well written. And it’s prophetic… and Neal Stephenson is prophetic most of the time.

I don’t expect my readers to agree, or even understand what I am talking about. If you do: I am happy. But I don’t expect you to. Why? Because you can’t.

History is repeating itself… because in the past 200,000 years humanity hasn’t evolved… You are on the same level of consciousness as your Savannah living ancestor… maybe lower.

What makes people act in predictable ways, even if it is against their well-being, is a sign that we don’t understand what makes us do what we do. That our knowledge about ourselves is sadly lagging behind other sciences… and is on the level of rune reading, tea leaf reading, not a science at all.

Having elevated thinking and thinking about thinking has been the problem. It is like observing a moving vehicle and trying to intuit, from the way the driver drives it, from how it moves, what moves it… without ever learning anything about engines, carburetors, and gear-shifts. You watch the visible and make up stories about what’s under the hood… Pitifully inaccurate.

Underestimating your feelings and forgetting to notice your feelings, and not even knowing what we feel has been the result.

So when the people who know how to manipulate your feelings do that, manipulate your feelings, and as a result you act in predictable ways. And what do you do then? You justify your behavior with reasons you make up on the spot… but you have been manipulated, used, abused, and you don’t even know it.

We manipulate and we are manipulated all the time… and no one is saying anything. You have no idea what you are doing, and you have no idea how you are held hostage, or being influenced to do others’ bidding, be it the government, your parents, or your husband.

This is how it is. No matter what country, no matter what color… we are all on the same level of evolution.

One option is: we (humanity) continue on our merry way and eventually annihilate ourselves, and the planet. Just like other intelligent species before us… on planets of their own. We are not the first intelligent species…

Evolution of our species, spiritual evolution is hardcoded in our DNA but there is no bridge between the humanity that thinks feelings are not important, only thinking is, and the higher level of being a human… beingness… human beings.

The bridge is the “operational level” of feelings, the engine under the hood (see above) and it feels like a step back for you… because its level is closer to the physical body, and you are taught to ignore the body, because it is the animal part of you, the lower self. So you are trapped in the world of words, the mind.

I have watched and felt (as an empath) many thousands of extraordinary people who tried to get to beingness through words. 2

It is impossible to get to beingness from the mind. 3

You have to get to your feelings (not through the words we have made mean those feelings. Those words are inaccurate and loaded… You have to get to your feelings through feeling them![/note] and then through feelings to the beingness… Because all these people, extraordinary people, knew nothing about the dynamics of feelings, they could get to beingness for seconds only, or not at all.

So what can you do, my dear reader to return to the DNA defined path to evolve… personally?

You can learn to feel your feelings. You can learn why feelings do what they do. The why and how of feelings is the dynamics of Life.

And you can re-learn the marker feelings you and your caretakers attached to words… The words that return you to your mind instantly.

All the moves I have been teaching are true, accurate, and extremely useful. More than that: after you have learned and felt the inner dynamic, my teaching is becoming a thousand times more useful, or useful for the first time for a lot of you.

You will still need to see that you have no agreements where you thought you did. That your misunderstanding life can be turned around.

You will have to go through the unpleasant feelings that goes with devaluing your “I” if you thought you were so very very smart…

Every misunderstanding will feel like a knife driven through your heart, but if you can and willing to go through that unpleasant feeling, you can end up being really smart… and I think that it is worth it.

Will this be, my tiny army of followers, be enough to turn around the tide of evil?

Hey, if you are self-sparing and would rather not do the work, then don’t.

If you do the work, you can be happy any time, anywhere… 4

Even a minute before Godzilla crushes life on the planet.



  1. Budapest Technical University, Architecture School, Class of 1971.
  2. During the 26 years of my participation with Landmark Education and its predecessors
  3. When I first connected to what I call Source, I experienced a homecoming. For the first time in my life I was at home. Now I can go there any time, I can even live there. There it’s silent. And it’s sweet. No content… just being. I still go there and just be whenever I feel like it. It is always the same. Heavenly.
  4. I do the work of teaching you through my articles, through my webinars, through my coaching program, and through recommending books. Your best bet is to find out your Starting Point, where you are at…
    let me measure your vibration
    From your number(s) you’ll know how to move to where becoming a human being is an attainable goal.

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