The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah

Today’s “What’s the truth about you?” workshop is the first experiment to get to beingness through feelings.

The challenge, for the participant, is to accurately feel their feelings, and maybe even what the feeling wants them to do, the inner dynamics.

My experience is that despite what everyone teaches, you cannot get to what you want through words. But you can get to what you want through the feelings level and the through feelings level to the beingness level: the creative plane.

If the “Law of Attraction” or the “Law of Similars” has any water to hold, if being in energetic alignment with what you want does actually allow you to go for it, having, use it, keep it, then this is the most important skill you want to develop.

This is the true science of “Kabbalah” or in English: the Art of Receiving.

  • 1. Feel your feeling
  • 2. Feel the dynamic: what does the feeling want you to do?
  • 3. make some decisions… if the feelings will get you what you want… but not from the mind…
  • 4. the most important decision is: what is the beingness that puts you on the path to where you actually want to go.
  • 5. Be that.

Feeling and identifying your feeling accurately is the stumbling block here.

You think you can identify it through words… but words are loaded with what Margoczi calls “Marker Feelings”, or “somatic markers”… You need to go beyond those markers, and feel the feelings with no words attached.

It’s a challenge.

Margoczi is the author of the books, Feelings, and Words. His contribution to science can only be compared to giants, like Galileo, or Newton.

To make that science helpful to you, I am here… but you need more than just me.

So I have been talking to Margoczi about the possibility of developing a feedback device: a device that accurately tells you what is the feeling your body is reacting to.

I didn’t realize, but Source instructed me to read the “Interface” book, because I need to know at least a little bit about how this works.

In that book they have a device like this… and anything you can conceive, foresee, can be done.

So, consider it done… Margoczi is an engineer, deals in electronics, all we’ll need is funding.

Why is this important? To you, or for anyone?

Because this is ALL spirituality is.

To grow spiritually, to grow into a human being, this is the place you can do it: from the feelings…

All 160 spiritual capacities are attainable through recognizing and managing the feelings.

The bottle neck is knowing. Recognizing.

Maybe some intellectual capacities. Maybe being willing to get out of your mind.

the level of your energy

It needs energy to overcome the mind-machine, the obedient machine, to fear machine… and you have enough energy above the vibrational level of 150, plus, I think, your health and hydration has to be above a certain level. So far, from actual data, it seems that hydration has to be minimum 30%, and health needs to be minimum 13%.

Don’t be mistaken: this level is not where most people are: most people’s numbers are below these.

All three numbers are important, they are synergistic.

Leaving the comfortable plane of words, whether you are successful there or not, feels like mortal danger. Or for some soul corrections: feels impossible.

So… as you can see, this step is not going to be something that all of humanity can do and will do.

Only the best…

What can you do if your numbers are not high enough to even attend the workshop?

Raise your numbers… lol.


  • 1. Hydration: use the Water Energizer audio to energize your water, make it coherent, so the cells accept it.
    This is the step that if you can’t or won’t do properly, nothing will happen.If the cells can’t generate enough energy, you are toast.
    And if you are unable or unwilling to do this step, you’ll be unable and unwilling to do the further steps… so I won’t even bother with you. 1
  • 2. Health: if you want to do it on your own: follow the instructions Dr. Wallach has for people: provide your body daily with the 90 essentials, stop eating processed food, use vegetable oils, stop eating grains, and stop eating fried or burned food. Simple. Your numbers will go to about 30% from doing this.If you want your numbers go higher: you’ll need specific instructions… only available from muscle testing you against a lot of criteria.
  • 3. Vibration: the fastest way to raise your vibration is the Harmonize avatar state audio.I know most of you think that drinking the Heaven on Earth energy remedy but you are mistaken. The Heaven on Earth mutes your unpleasant feelings and therefore your unpleasant attitudes… but doesn’t do much to raise your vibration.The Hormonizer audio forces you to see everything from a higher elevation… the higher your vibration, the higher it can force you to look from.I still use it 24/7. You can always go higher.If you have had your starting point measurements, email me for payment link. If not: get your starting point measurements… Link is in the footnotes section of this article.

PS: There are a handful of people who know that to get to being you need to go through the feelings. But I don’t think any of those have anything other than words to teach… and words won’t cut it… haven’t cut it.

How many years ago was it said “be like the lilies in the field…” And how many people has it enabled to BE that? none? That’s what I thought.

PPS: it is funny


  1. If you have had your starting point measurements, you can buy the audio… the link is on your results page… If you don’t have access to it but you bought the starting point measurements… email me.If you haven’t bought the starting point measurements, you can do it now.Find out where you are on the evolutionary scale, on getting a Self… by ordering the combo measurements.Your vibration is reliably inversely correlated to your resistance.
    So does your intelligence, and your health number.The soul correction shows what you are most intent on hiding from yourself.
    The number of spiritual capacities are the ones that you are willing and able to use on this level of vibration.
    1. your vibration (1-1000)
    2. your overall intelligence
    3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
    4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
    5. do you have attachments?
    6. the level of your health (1-100)
    7. the level of your hydration (1-100)
    8. your ability to take guidance
    9. to what degree you can tolerate pain… so you can grow: your TLD score

    If you bought these separately, you’d pay $45… but buying them all at once, I knock off $30.

    Click on the payment button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

    Click to get your Starting Point Measurements Report
    To get this information, I have to connect to you energetically… And I find out more about you than just the numbers… I connect to your soul… and I connect to your personal hell… That’s how I make my decision, on that basis. My experience of being you.

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