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Why it is nearly impossible to change… unless…

Landmark Education has a process for leaders called clearing.

Clearing is probably the most effective tool to, at least temporarily, allow for change.

Clearing is saying, listing, everything that is in the way of change… with the intention to question its trueness, question its validity.

People watch you, listen to you, and depending on their own attitude, they hear dumping, they hear gossiping, they hear complaining.

But the intention, the wording, the tone of voice is all serving one thing: so the current personal reality, the inner map, disappears and allows space for a new reality to be spoken into its place.

Sometimes it takes a long time, a lot of talking, to get to that new space, depending how stuck the speaker is, how attached they are to their personal reality.

It takes existential courage to clear… because for a while you are left with no personal reality… and that feels like death to the inner need to meet your own expectations of yourself.

I am masterful at clearing. I do that at least once a week. Clearing is best done with someone who doesn’t care either way. They care about you, but not about your truth.

And sometimes I try to clear with people who get so scared, they don’t want to talk to you again.

And although I am masterful, I can only listen you well… but unless you can do the work of clearing, you’ll stay the same.

In the 67 step coaching I would love people to clear… but instead they do what every “normal” never changing, never growing person does: they try to change what is to what it should be.

In building parlance. it’s as if they started to build on the top of an already existing building. It’s not going to work.

This inability to clear is getting obvious now that I have shifted gears and am encouraging people to learn about their 13th floor, so they can see how the 14th and the 15th floor has been seemingly standing in air…

Since yesterday my site is quiet. It will be gone…

My hunch is: the Superbowl ads and editorials have shaken people up, and now they are frustrated, angry, or afraid.

The world is divided.

It’s not an accident.

The old Roman slogan of emperors was: Divide and Conquer.

It is an emotional tool… and it works. On all people, unless…

Unless you learn to understand what goes on in you when they use weapons of influence on your emotions. When sinister “operators”, whether marketers, or politicians, spouses, or in-laws, bosses, or your children…

From the 13th floor, the floor of the feelings, you can return to yourself, and not even resist the influencers… you can be like a duck… you know water slides off the duck’s back…

But as long as you live and explain and justify on the levels of thoughts and emotions, the 14th and the 15th floor, the manipulators win, every time.

And this is what I am seeing: people pushed out of balance, afraid, angry or frustrated.

Would you allow me to help you? Help you to return to yourself?

You see, all campaigning, and all political ballyhoo will not change anything, because the campaigning and ballyhoo is also emotional… So you are still dancing to the enemy’s drummer… not your own.

And you are never happy unless you are dancing to your own drummer.

Now, here is a little warning: “descending” to the 13th floor won’t be automatic. It won’t be easy. But it’s necessary for change to happen in you, for understanding to replace the manipulated you.

If you want to see something new… as you say you do, you have to be willing to stop seeing what you have been seeing already. Stop saying the same things.

Namely: you can change your mind… but nothing will change… because the mind is not powerful, it is not causative, it is an effect.

You can’t talk about all the b.s. you have been fed for about 100 years about creating with your mind: it’s been a lie, all leading to this confused and powerless state you find yourself in.

Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see.

If I tell you: in order to go right, you cannot also stay to the left.

If you want to go up on the steps, you have to leave the step you are on.

If X wants to stop being afraid, X first needs to stop holding onto what makes fear normal…

I have students who say they want to change, words, and more words, and then even more words.

But no change is happening.

You have to get to the feelings.

The 13th floor.

And start feeling your body first.

Taste, touch, temperature… this is what we’ll start with.

These webinars will be held by me… the first few are going to train me as much as they will train you.

They will train me in what are effective exercises to train feeling your feelings.

Want to be part of the Feelings webinars?
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I will not make it easy for you… if you don’t like difficult you won’t benefit from the webinars, and I don’t want you there…

Fair warning. No TLB 1’s.

OK, here is the form to sign up to my list. You’ll need to confirm your email. And then you’ll get an automated email from me with the link to sign up to the webinar. No confirmation: no link.

Bummer you say? Yeah, I agree.

My ambition is to find yoga teachers, or class leaders in many languages, who can have their own classes in their own languages.

This can be a grass root revolution to begin the evolution of humankind, and to reclaim your power, peace of mind and freedom.

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