New: Get SPECIFIC instructions on how to get the most out of your Avatar State Audios

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avatars-in-stateNew: Get SPECIFIC instructions on how to get the most out of your Avatar State Audios

People have been using the Avatar State Activator Audios with great success. But if the feedback rate is any indication, not everyone knows how to mine the gold in those activators, and instead of getting the amazing results I promise, they get only some results. Not bad, but not what they intended.

As I was re-listening my call with a student last Sunday, I realized that even my experienced old-timers need help. They need more clarification, more distinction, than they can come up with themselves.

So I decided to create a video/audio instruction for every activator, and I will make it available for purchase.

To illustrate the kind of instruction I give, I’ll allow you to watch this video for a donation of $15 or more. It should be at least $10-$20, but without knowing what you get, it is hard to decide to go for it.

This specific conversation gives you some (not all) instructions on how to use the…

“get into the present” activator, and a yet not-ready activator, called”put all power in all action” which is the secret of success…

Just one caveat: this conversation, on this recording, was with the participation of three very advanced students, so much less words, much less explanation was needed than what the REAL recordings are going to contain.

This call was mainly in getting into the present, and the activator I am working on now, “Put all power in all action”.

And another call you can check out

…was with someone who has a “greed” issue. Underneath the greed is the attitude: unwilling to do what it takes to get your own.

98% of the population has this unwillingness, so the likelihood that you have it is very hight. This audio sample is also available for a donation of $15 or more.

The final audios and videos will be geared to both beginners and advanced students, and will be more detailed, but you can feel if it is for you or not from the examples.

This is a breakthrough in my understanding what it is that you need, so you can do your co-creating, your 50%, so you can earn your transformation and your rise in vibration.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “New: Get SPECIFIC instructions on how to get the most out of your Avatar State Audios”

  1. I feel the instructions for the avatar audios should be included in the purchase, perhaps there is a better way to package these including the cost.

  2. That seems like the same thing, this post and even your reply isn’t clear in that respect; it’s like selling a product and all i know is it’s good to have it running 24/7 when it needs full instructions in the package or training as you say, even if it means charging the $2 or however much more for the package… it’s off putting buying pieces IMO.

  3. Will,

    The instructions video will do much more than the activator itself. The activator works to a degree, whether you have distinctions or not, but only to a certain degree. On the other hand, based on my experience of 27 years, the instruction by itself won’t do much either.

    It is a synergistic system: activator and instructions and you…

    If you are a person who thinks raising your vibration isn’t going to need you to put out some intelligence, and effort, then don’t get the videos. They won’t help, because you won’t use them. Maybe watch them, but not use the information.

    For example, if you have done my 23 week Second Phase activators’ workshop and obviously you didn’t put much effort into it, because that is your nature: it should just come to you. I can guarantee that if you use the activators the same way, you’ll get as much out of it as you put into it. Not much.

    That is the law of the Universe. Not the so called “law of attraction” but that: you get back from everything what you put into it. Unwilling? No problem. You put in 20 bucks? That’s what you are going to get back. Exactly, $20 worth.

    On the other hand, if you use the activators the way they were meant to be used, you will be rewarded. Hard? Yes. Unfair? Yes. I know. you should be given everything for free… I know, I know…

    In the videos I actually record a mini-course, worth at least 97 dollars. Without the Avatar State audios. By itself. But it is not mind-knowledge, it is actual, actionable: this is how to notice what owns and runs your life type of instruction. Most of the things that own you and run your life are invisible to you.

    I had a session with another student today: she’s been with me also for more than a year. She didn’t know either. But now she does… And she knows that unless she catches what is hidden at least 150 times, she will be left with the exact amount of misery she is having now.

    Transformation that sticks is hard work. You need to be discerning, astute, intelligent, and diligent.

    Don’t want to be that?

    Find someone who is willing to do that for nothing. You’ll have a lot of company to get their stuff, whether it works or not.

  4. i hadnt looked to this page for your reply for 2 weeks because i was scared of what your reply would be, tragic, right?

    i did not put enough effort into the second phase course and i’m going to go back over it all, i missed a lot, i allowed myself to get distracted.

    i notice i circle a lot, i start something and drop it but i know i will come back to it if its right.

    one of the activators is helping me do that, self discipline perhaps..

    i am currently doing the activate divinity first month recordings and trying and failing to discover my default name, however i intend to get where i want to be and i shall do what it takes.

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