A look at feelings… going under the hood. Here, knowledge is really power!

I have been saying in every article now that the 13th floor is a dynamic system.

Why dynamic? Because the feelings have direction, content, opinion… and they interact, pull, push, stop you…

Moving, changing, pulsing, etc.

Humans are not simple machines, and yet: every complicated machine is made up of many simple machines… and so are you. The more you allow the machine to inform you, the more fulfilling, the smoother, the more enjoyable life becomes, with you in the driver’s seat.

You know I am corresponding with the creator of the books, Feelings and Words, Gyozo Margoczi.

In his last email, this morning, he made sure I push the dynamic nature of feelings. 1 I am not a very experienced translator, and translating his Hungarian helped me to understand the material and the dynamic even deeper.

If you know me, I learn through teaching. I now found another method: translate it. You’ll find all the ways you only thought you understood.

The Real Inner GPS 2

Here are the types of feelings that do all the work of guiding you to be fed and nourished, to protect you from getting fat, or eating something that is not good for you…;

These feelings operate in all the five hardware based needs and the three software based needs feelings. So knowing them, being able to feel them and their purpose is mandatory, if you want to become a full fledged human being.

If you are not here for that… why are you here?

OK: the feelings: Note that all feelings are working hand in hand with needs. Inner needs. Your needs. Not the needs your mother forced on you, or society. Your needs.

So living out of your needs is the highest and most authentic and effective way to live.

Humans, Homo Sapiens, of today live out of the needs words and the culture suggests… not their authentic inner needs.

  • Orienting feelings. 3 Talk about guidance! These are the feelings that tell us what is suitable to fulfill a need. The need in question. What is tasty, what is beautiful, what is pleasant.When you are thirsty but you eat, when you are nutritionally deficient (pica) but eat a cookie, this is the type of feeling you are not paying attention to…Orienting feelings don’t rise up by themselves. They arise to evaluate an interaction, while you are having the interaction: taste a food, look at something, or touch something.If you knew and paid attention to this type of feelings, the food you try to eat to alleviate 4 thirst would taste funny to you… for example.Orienting feelings change during the interaction. The first bite, for example, is exquisite… but the feeling gets weaker and then diminishes… I.e. Orienting feelings are dynamic.Eating the same tasty dish day in day out changes the Orienting feelings to boring, or revolting…The moment we actually connect to these orienting feelings, we won’t make the mistakes we make when we act from “knowing”… and overeat, or overindulge.Animals are in touch with their feelings. The cat that wants you to pet it, has enough after a while… the orienting feeling she feels tells her that she has had enough…

    Orienting feelings “know” what is good for us… If you operate on the 14th floor or the 15th floor, through words or through the emotions words create in you, you won’t feel the orienting feelings, you won’t taste the food, you’ll taste the memory, or the imagination created by words.

  • Strategic feelings: These are instructions. Do this, do that. Desire: Get that. Disgust: avoid that. Joy: accept that. Non-physical pain: don’t let it go, hold onto it. Anger: attack it. Love: take care of it, keep it alive.
  • Tactical feelings instruct about the how: slowly, carefully, quickly, eagerly, gently, forcefully… This is a type of feeling that has been, for most people, overriden with words and decisions.This is why “how you do anything is how you do everything” i.e. you have become unnatural, and allowed the 14th floor to make life predictable, make you unresponsive and unchanging.When you start obeying your feelings, when you start living on the 13th floor of your being, you won’t be predictable, you will be appropriate… Novel idea, isn’t it?This is going to be the most valuable change of all.
  • Technological feelings are the engineering function of the feelings… if and when you are clumsy, or have two thumbs: this is where you are disconnected: the technological feelings didn’t quite developed. You can teach yourself and you’ll get better.
  • System status signals, status feelings. Last night, when I turned off the light, I felt that my eyes were open. I was looking straight ahead and it was pitch dark. I had to touch my eyes… and lo and behold my eyelids were shut tight. And yet I had the system status feeling telling me that my eyes were open.This is an area where I, probably as a result of my multiple brain injuries, can get better, and play more. Turn left or turn right? Are you on your left side or on your right side? Are you slouching or are you straight? Are you relaxed or tense? All these, unless learned to feel them, you live in your head, and in an illusory world making you ineffective, and ultimately unhappy.
  • Deja vu feelings. The sense that something is familiar, The sense that something is talking to you personally. As if you have had a previous connection.These are tricky feelings, and for now I am going to let them be. Why? Because these are the feelings most others exploit.In the book Interface (you want to read it! 1. it’s a good book. 2. it will teach you a lot about yourself and about how memories can influence your behavior… which is, I think, exactly these deja vu feelings… Tricky, dangerous, and therefore I won’t deal with them now.But just know that as much good they may do, they do ten times more bad by misleading you.It’s the basis of our judgment, pre-judgments about people. Makes us feel we know that someone is good, but all is happening is that familiarity makes them feel right.It is the closest on the 13th floor that is underneath the cognitive biases, the ones that make you the sucker every time they kick in.Your hunches come from this kind of feelings.

In the feelings webinars I cannot make you feel these feelings very easily… but I’ll try my darned best.

You don’t have to be there in person. The audio should guide you. The more you practice the more you’ll feel.

These feelings and their dynamics have always been there, but have been ignored by our culture that developed as a result of choosing to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

That made us feel superior… but it ignored the Tree of Life: on which all life is based: your needs and the feelings that connect you to them.


  1. It’s weird to be on the other end of a “coaching” relationship… Being able to receive acknowledgement, gentle nudging, all superiority… ugh. But, of course, being able to write a book and being really high minded are not the same thing… lol. His vibration is 200… the threshold vibration, where one CAN take responsibility for who they are, how they are, how they occur… if they want to, or if they are prompted to do, but it doesn’t come naturally.

    I bet if I asked him where he saw me on the vibrational scale, if his was 200, he would say mine was 190. This is how it is, human perception colored by ego.

  2. This is where you start to see how ridiculous the teachings of Abraham are. Not in touch with reality at all
  3. Orienting: align, place, position: you point the person or thing in the direction you want it to go… Like a toy car, a toddler, by pointing their attention of movement in that direction. So it is directional: towards or away… depending on the stage of the filling the need…
  4. reduce, ease, relieve,

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