Vibrational Review: Teal Scott revisited: the question is: is she a liar? is she a fraud? is what she does or teach does for you what she claims it will do?

people flock to Teal Scott… she is pretty, she has a dramatic story, and she’ll give you what you want in simple language… Will she help you live a life worth living? I doubt it…

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie

I am getting requests to remove or change this article through legal services hired by Teal.

I am dumbfounded what about the article that does her wrong… Moshe Dayan famously said: I don’t care what people say about me, as long as they spell my name right it adds to my mystique…

So I have re-read this article, added some stuff… Updated her vibrational measure… whatever.

And given that she has made herself a Wikipedia entry, now I also know her date of birth, so I know that her soul correction is Sexual Energy… the energy I call on/off, and the attitude of the person I also call on/off… and the highest capacity to be personally offended… My younger brother has stopped talking to me because I dared to tell him what i thought about him… Cannot take the truth.

Read my newest article on Teal Scott, Teal Swan… Teal Scott revisited: Personal vibration: 150. I am asked, again and again: is she a liar? is she a fraud? is what she does or teach does for you what she claims it will do?

190 thousand pages in two years, wow. If you put Teal Scott in quotation marks in your google search box, that is how many pages are by her and about her.

Busy bee… When I am face to face with her name, I feel two dominant feelings in her: greed and anxiety/guilt. Greed is a strong creeping feeling that creeps towards your throat and knocks the air out of you… anxiety is a feeling rising from the stomach, and guilt/shame is a strong right hand side pain. You could call it the impostor syndrome… the inner conscience arguing with the pretense.

I wonder what she is ashamed of… so I am doing a search, and lo and behold, if you look for “Teal Scott” or “Teal Bosworth” we discover that her bio is entirely fabricated, that she was a model, and she is in it for the money. I don’t care that she was a model, but it says something about our culture when people need to make up their bio to attract followers.

If you listen to any of her videos, you can hear that her throat is closed and that there is no depth of her voice. The greed is closing the throat and stops the chest cavity from vibrating giving your voice a deep resonance.

The content of her stuff is all Tree of Knowledge.

Listening to her energy healing video, she manipulates chi energy (everyone can do that, that’s why chi gong is available to anyone) and combines it with visualization, which means she is doing mind-stuff… quite worthless, if you ask me.

To answer the questions in the title, muscle test says: she is a liar, she is a fraud, and what she teaches is quite worthless. Quite means: 80% worthless.

That is better than your normal spiritual teacher whose stuff is worthless 90%. If you are able to dig out the 20%, then you are good as gold.

Why isn’t her stuff’s truth-value higher?

Is it deliberate designed to use you, to defraud you?

No, I don’t think so. Her vibration is 130 (October 14 2019 measure), which is too low to access truths that she claims she has accessed, even in an altered state.

Here is my completely personal take on Teal: she grew up in a cult and she wants to make a difference for people who resonate with her…  The problem is: she hasn’t gotten rid of the “wrong” that was done to her… she hasn’t taken responsibility, she hasn’t owned her dark side… and until she does she is spreading darkness.

She is quite pretty though in the clothes that leaves her near-naked… reminding me of my own photos taken with my webcam, on a 100-degree day, a few years ago… lol.

You need to get that I have no moral hangups neither about her looks, her way of capturing your attention, or even about lying. I really don’t care. I have pictures that make me look unlike a spiritual teacher, like the one with the banana I am eating? lol. Ask for it, I’ll send it to you. OK?

But I think maybe you do. Do you?

Oh, and her vibration on her healing video (the biggest lie) is 180… you can do better than that, can’t you? Just a few weeks on the harmonize… what do you say?

And what did Teal do before she became Teal Scott, the spiritual catalyst?

Let me measure your vibration?
Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…
The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

23 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Teal Scott revisited: the question is: is she a liar? is she a fraud? is what she does or teach does for you what she claims it will do?”

  1. She’s married and a mother right now, no hiding there, as far as I know. Why the ‘before’?

  2. it is not a relevant question, Mikolaj, though when someone lies about some of their lives, they probably lie about more than just some things.

    The only relevant thing, in my humble opinion: are they who they say you are, and are they giving you what they promise: healing, transformation, energy, energizing, etc.

    According to muscle test, Teal does not give you what she promises.

  3. Thank you for your response (here as well as in the article – seeing my name mentioned there made my day, lol). I agree about the lying, I also do not wish to defend her. I knew all along that there’s something wrong with what she “gives me”, it only took some time to realize the feeling. And be it my untruth with all it’s “bumpers” or a silly need to question the stupid details – the processing in between – I related the last question of your article to the link.

    Thank you for noticing me – internet’s a fun thing 🙂

  4. *I related the last question of your article to the link and thought that it suggests her having a family something contradictory with being a spiritual teacher – is it?

  5. It isn’t necessarily contradictory.

    What is contradictory is not living your work yourself. Not being your own client. Considering that you are done. You are ready. You are teaching what you know.

    Anyone who isn’t growing, isn’t a student (of their own teachings!) are not really a teacher, only a lecturer.

    Universities are full of them.

    When I listen to Teal I hear a brainy gramophone. The knowledge is not hers, she heard it, and repeats it. No revelation to her when she speaks.

  6. Tree of Knowledge, I guess – you taught me that 🙂

    The remark about her throat/voice was the sharpest one, hit me right where I stood.

    Thank you for the article 🙂

  7. You see why you matter, Mikolaj, because you really listen.

    You see, without pointing it out, you would not have known that it is not her natural voice. This is where me being an empath comes real handy: I can feel it and tell you.

    Great catch. Congratulations.

  8. I came on this website, wondering what I would find…and what I find does not surprise me much.
    Just so you know, and even though I am not necessarily her biggest fan, she never hid the fact that she was a model. And well, maybe her throat is closed for other reasons. I have this problem when I speak, and I don’t think I am greedy…
    I think you’re just really jealous…”Oh, and her vibration on her healing video (the biggest lie) is 180… you can do better than that, can’t you? Just a few weeks on the harmonize… what do you say?”
    Was it supposed to be a competition? I don’t know wether Teal is up to good or not, but this article was useless.

  9. Although I think Teal Scott may be a bit bogus. I came to this site : Raise Your Vibration, and I got the exact opposite.
    If you laid off judging her and speaking about her looks, and more so, just focused on speaking about her knowledge, or your personal opinion outside of her model status, this may be a great article

  10. she (Teal Scott) never hides anything about her past. she does not make excuses about her past. she does live her teachings. she does go through it herself. she is her own client, and she speaks about that all the time on her blogs. whether or not she is telling the truth, we are no better for judging her. who are we to say what she does or doesn’t do is right or wrong? why do we judge her? its none of our business what she does. who cares about what she did in her past and whether or not she was in the nude? who cares whether or not she was abused by a cult? what matters is what she does now. and her videos are helpful for many people. even if they are not her own words. at least she does something positive. I feel this post omits a negative vibration. imho.

    ps. her getting all this criticism for being a model is actually a good thing. it helps her grow, gives her opportunity for expansion. having to face all that will help her rise even higher.

  11. I dont really care if she was a model. What bothers me is there is no real info of her past and why is her past important? Because she says she was abused for 13 yrs and how did this go unnoticed ? And she has been to china to supposedly to cure herself or whatever, a skier and a model for 7 yrs ! it just doesnt fit in for what she says, it doesnt add up. The worse thing is she says she is a freaken Alien omg! Lol! And when she talks she says ”you humans” hahaa what the hell? The worst thing is in her workshops she tells some people they are Aliens too or a hybrid Alien or you died but an Alien took over your body. She is sturring up some major confusion in people taking advantage of those that feel different and isolated. The story is sad. Oh and she doesnt see like ”us humans” see. She sees vibration only so how does a person even live like that i ask? Lol
    Fraud? Obviously.

  12. I have listened to a number of Teal vids on yt, and found them to be informative. In my opinion, she spoke truth in her talks. – Here is the problem I am having, which Sophie mentioned. I immediately sensed a disconnect between what she says (which is sometimes wise), and her delivery. I actually wondered if someone else was the guru, and simply using her as a mouthpiece.

  13. The first time I heard Teal Scott aka Teal Swan talk, I continued to watch Teal’s videos until I almost watched all of them. What she is telling( I suspect she is reading when I saw her staring down from time t time) are true cos I hear them from some teachers, too.

    Anyway there is a lot of materials out there where we can find information. When I heard Teal say, “the problem with Buddhism is..” I seldom hear any authentic teacher criticize.

    Then when Teal states many times who she claims she is.. spiritual catalyst, etc many descriptions I heard from her. It again occurred to me that the great teachers don’t label themselves, let alone bragging about who they are.

    Then after watching her healing manner, her way is very familiar to me cos I watched that from Richard Gordon on his quantum healing. After that I came to read that she apparently went to china to learn this type of healing. If she had those power and got abducted she should have done something using her powers. My latest news about her is that some people are using her to collect money.

  14. Thank you for sharing with us how you make decisions. Now, I am sure that you don’t know what I am saying, but please look it up: you use your mind to compare what you see and hear with what other people said…

    Except for the last thing, about healing, you used no logic… but there, thank god, you did, correctly.

    By the way, your assessment is the same as mine, but I get to mine in a different way. Either way: congratulations.

  15. Just one more thing: when you don’t have the power, your only choice is to become a marketer, or marketeer. Then everything you say and do serve only one purpose: to convince people to give you money.

    I am dealing with this, in my own business, daily: how to ask for money and not be a marketeer.

  16. Here is a little more, about the way to tell if something is true or not. The quote is from an article… don’t worry about the names, separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Stampfer believes the persistence of the Khazar conversion myth attests to researchers’ reluctance to abandon familiar paradigms.

    “Those who believed this story – and they are many – usually didn’t do so for malicious reasons,” he says. “I tell my students that the only thing I want them to remember from my classes is the need to investigate and ask – to investigate whether the arguments they hear are credible, reasonable and well-founded.”

  17. The best way to see the tree it’s to check it’s fruits, what’s she is doing that helps anyone? What are her free services? Why posing almost naked, why is she vain?
    As a psychic I see beings above 5d are not incarnating here, her vibration is trying to show hersself as special and above us. I literally could only bare watching 3 videos and one of them encouraged and said suicide is fine, it’s not fine if you pass away like that you’re stuck because it takes the worst distress to commit a murder. No it’s not ok, she’s dangerous and have many low dimensionals helping her.
    But most telling of all is how disempowered her minions are, they worship her, the way they talk about her it’s because they are so spiritually weak (although most humanity are for feeding on animal trauma) that in their language in comments you have a glimpse on how they give their power to others. They more than admire their cult leader, and between a spiritual ‘teacher’ and their students there shouldn’t be such an exchange, they should be equals.
    She promotes the worshipping by being a martyr (if she ever went through the things she claims she couldn’t pose the way she did, these people cover themselves and attempt to not be violated again), she asks for presents even with all the support and money she already has, don’t walk her talk and creates social networks… on her! It’s actually called Teal tribe.
    Teal Bosworth is one of the biggest hoax, but all of her minions need to go through having their power stolen from them thoroughly cause they are spiritually immature and then they’ll mature enough to start going inside. When your power is outside in religions/cults, people claiming they are from 8d or heaven, that claim they’re special and better than you you are already asking to be exploited.
    I’m a free psychic by the way, yes we do exist and do our real spiritual work quietly, without needing the fame and celebrity because we are ALL intuitives. The real ones can’t get famous cause Earthlings are very new souls and they don’t want truth yet and want exterior practices cause they barely have a sense of self, that’s why all the cruelty towards each other and animals. In higher worlds this doesn’t exist.
    That’s why starseeds, indigos, crystals and such reincarnated here,to ground the higher energies but we’d never look down on anyone, any soul went through this because we are all a sparkle of Source who started ignorant and we’re all learning. Some souls went through more.
    It is supposed to be taught by example not by creating a cult around you.

  18. hi she has a video on framentation, do u believe in this concept?

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