What would happen if all the sugar disappeared from Earth, all of a sudden?

This is a thought experiment… one of the good ways to use the brain…

There are millions of bloggers, millions of article writers, millions of products.

They would all be out of business. Because suddenly, without the sugar, you would become a lot healthier, a lot more intelligent.

You would also stop a lot of lying and pretending… the lying and pretending that keeps your inner turmoil constant.

I found out, a few days ago, that one of my clients who wasn’t getting well, and swore that she ate according to the rules I set up for her… except I am finding out that she was eating Snickers bars…

Are you kidding? Are you stupid? But if you are kidding: who are you kidding? If you are stupid: who is paying the price?

You and you and you.

Honestly, I don’t care. You make your bed you sleep in it.

  • You trust me, I’ll get you well.
  • You test me: pay for the test with your health. OK by me.

One of the best things I learned from Seneca 1 is that if you woke up to the fact that you are observed 24 hours a day, and all the things you are hiding, all the lies, all the pretenses don’t escape the presence of this Observer… maybe you’d start to become a better human, more noble, and more truthful.

The non-physical you, the Self, or maybe it is the Soul, is watching you every minute of every hour of every day. It doesn’t miss anything… and while you feel invisible, you aren’t.

And then you are surprised that you are miserable.

Of course you are. The job of the Soul is to make you miserable so you wake up and start behaving decently, be true to yourself, and stop lying through your teeth.

The evolutionary stage of humans, where we’ve been for at least 70,000 years, is called Homo Sapiens, but it should be called “the lying human” or the “pretentious human” or the “trying to impress human.”

Or in some cases “I know everything human” or the “don’t tell me what to do human” or the “I have more money therefore I must be smarter human”.

People who come and stay on this site, are supposedly ready or getting ready to become a decent person…

But it’s not easy.

No pills to take, no magic wands to wave, no prayer, no b.s. will help.

But… and the issue is complicated.

  • 1. Issue number 1: your ignorance. You know mighty little, and you know mostly stuff that is written by other ignorant people.
  • 2. Issue number 2: your arrogance… the less you know the more arrogant you are. Ego. preventing you from learning and growing.
  • 3. Issue number 3: your resistance… if you look, your unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions, and your results is the root of that. Because god forbid you would have to be great, and do what great people do… Oh, no… not that, thank you very much. I prefer to be stupid, poor, and sick…
  • 4. Issue number 4: your unwillingness to experience hardship. You bought into the media bias, that it should be easy, instant, and given to you.

Now, what would happen if from one day to the next you would have no access to sugar?

Some of you would immediately choose the desire trap… imagining, fantasizing about eating sugar… 9% of you.
Some of you would start to taste your food, and find that it is plenty sweet… and plenty tasty… 30% of you
Some of you would opt to use artificial sweeteners… because you are the tricky ones… 50% of you
And the remaining 11% would breathe a sigh of relief as you are getting strong, beautiful and smart… For the first time in life.

But what about fruits?

Today’s fruits are too sweet… artificially so. The 30% of you who is fructose intolerant: you would try, but stomach ache would quickly tell you to stop.

The artificial sweetener user of you: fruit isn’t sweet enough of you… so you would probably make juice and sweeten it…
Remain stupid, bloated, dehydrated, and preoccupied with satisfying your sweet tooth.

The rest… I don’t know.
I snatched one single cherry the other day at the grocery store… from some Southern Hemisphere country. Got a stomach ache right away… It wasn’t worth it.

What do you think you would do if there were no sugar in the world?


  1. Roman philosopher who lived 2,000 years ago and died at the exact age I am now. He arrived to wisdom late, like myself. He felt old, like myself. He lived on the 13th floor, like myself. He was ineffective in teaching wisdom of living, hopefully I can get better than him… :-(

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