The connection between your vocabulary and your deserving factor

The connection between the number of words you can correctly use in writing or in speaking and your intelligence, your worth a damn factor, and your deserving the good life… or not.

I am a reader. I read a lot. But yet, a whole new world opened up for me when I started to read on the Kindle. Why? Because it has a built in dictionary. As a result, I have added, to date, 2,000 words to my vocabulary.

It was very cumbersome to read with a dictionary before… I would lose my place, etc.

But the Kindle has made it possible.

I find the word… but sometimes the word in the dictionary is not useful.

I am reading Seneca, the person with whom my teaching of how to live life, how to be happy, is most in alignment with.

But he or the translator uses a word I don’t have a match for in my vocabulary.


So I went and researched. And what I am finding out is that people who analyze Seneca don’t know it either. They use the word, but they don’t know what he means. It is not in their vocabulary either.

But because Seneca and I are seeing the world a lot alike, my hunch is that if I look what word I would use, I will be closer to what he means than those philosophy writers…

Why? Because the word won’t come from the current vocabulary of the world that is wretched and lives on the 14th and the 15th floor, the Tree of Knowledge, that created the world we live in: wars, politicians, greed, and poverty, both in means and in intelligence.

So what word would I use?

Now, I may not have this “dissertation” here…

I used this as an example to shed light on a phenomenon I have never read about, but have been noting for decades: your life depends on the number of words you can accurately use.

Accurately is the keyword here.

Those philosophy writers probably have a wretched life. How do I know? They snow over the key word of Seneca’s life’s work.


When I first did the Forum back in 1987, the Forum Leader was screaming as he came in: “For you everything is the same as everything else”…

It is a puzzling statement. But in this article I’ll show an aspect of it that hasn’t occurred to me, although I’ve had that gnawing sensation in my stomach that something is amiss.

Given that nearly everyone lives on the 14th and the 15th floor of their being, the floor of the words and the floor of the word-created emotions, aka marker feelings, what I am saying in the below paragraphs is specifically true about you.

  • If you can use 1,000 words correctly, then you’ll see the world with 1,000 words… Not a lot of shades of gray. 1

    You will know little, and you’ll know things superficially. 1,000 words will make you do a lot of “for you everything is the same as everything else”… a lot of inaccuracies.

    Your effectiveness in interacting with the world will be very low. And you’ll either limit your interactions, or you’ll have a lot of frustration, and mistakes.

  • If you can use 2,000 words correctly… you are still in the zone of ignorance, but there will be areas that you can be effective… somewhat

In my muscle testing certain people for this article, I have found that foreigners, people who learned English as a second language, have, often, a richer vocabulary… depending on their level of fluency.

I haven’t found any student or client of mine with more than 2,000 words…

I, according to muscle test, can use 10,000 English words correctly. And yet I have to look up hundreds of words while I am reading on my kindle.

Tai says: Read. Read. Read. And I say: try to brush up on the elementary and high school education you missed.

You cannot be more deserving in life than the size of your vocabulary.

Bummer, eh?

Remember distinctions?

Distinctions are like the dots in a printed black and white picture in a magazine…

Depending on the paper, the dots that create the picture can be closer, or need to be further away from one another, so they don’t make a big ink blot.

The more dots you have, the clearer the picture.

Words used accurately and precisely are those dots. So are distinctions…

So read for words. Read to immerse yourself in words.

If and when you read for understanding, you’ll ignore the words you don’t know. Tai does, you do.

Results: lots of inaccurate “knowledge”, no increase of the vocabulary, the accuracy, the deserving factor.

I looked at what someone said about ignorance, and what they said applies here brilliantly: willful ignorance is when you listen to what you think you know, and ignore what doesn’t fit.

You ignore both the words that must be unimportant if you can “understand” what is written without them. But your understanding IS a cognitive bias (that makes you stupid), the confirmation bias.

Rampant, but most obviously present for certain soul corrections.

I am observing it with people who voted for Trump.

By the way: if you voted for Trump and therefore now you can’t afford to trust me, not a word I say… do yourself a favor, and don’t bother. You probably can’t break your cognitive bias… and unless you enjoy making an ass of yourself, you are better of not worrying about what I write or say. Read books other than what I recommend. Books that prove that you are smart, that you make good choices, and such.

Also, don’t energize your water, eat stuff not on your food list.

Teach me a lesson. Prove it to me that I am wrong… Did it… atta girl.

I think putting the size of one’s vocabulary as part of the Starting Point Measurements is a sound idea.

  • 1. your vibration (1-1000)
  • 2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc.
  • 3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  • 4. your soul correction (your machine):
  • 5. do you have attachments?
  • 6. the level of your health (1-100)
  • 7. the level of your cell hydration (1-100)
  • 8. your relationship to feedback and instruction
  • 9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is your TLB score
  • 10. The size of your vocabulary: the number of words you can use accurately.

Want to know yours?

Just one more thing: when you read the way I recommend that you read, NOT for understanding, but either for the habitforming aspect, or the enjoyment aspect, your cognitive biases won’t kick in. And you may just learn something… god forbid!

Oh, and Tai’s reading method: sure to lead you to more ignorance and more arrogance. It did that for him!

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  1. I have looked up and the current vocabulary testing methods leave a lot of room to lying. The number of words you can use accurately, understand accurately is vastly different from the number of words that you think you know… and the number you think you know because you have seen it before is what the tests measure. I trust Source because Source doesn’t ask you… and you can’t lie.When I left Hungary 35 years ago this month, my vocabulary was 20,000 words. Today it is only 8,000. When I can to the USA, my English vocabulary, the accurate vocabulary, was 2,000 words. People said that I was eloquent… Then.

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