What happens to food-tasting, food sounding fake food you ingest that the body doesn’t recognize as food?

What happens to food-tasting, food sounding stuff you ingest that the body doesn’t recognize as food?

A few weeks ago, every time I ate eggs I would get symptoms of stomach ache, and skin issues.

I decided that it was my childhood egg white allergy… but the symptoms continued when I just ate the yolks.

Then I watched that youtube video… and today, I finally forced myself to check if the “eggs” I have been eating were fake or not. 1

Every single egg in the boxes I bought at my favorite local supermarket were fake eggs, fake one way or another.

I had noticed that the eggs were weird: the shells broke longitudinally… not normal for an egg… and that the yolk broke too easily, but they looked like eggs…

My stomach knew better… And after watching video after video, I feel like a tool. But I could not imagine fake eggs…

If you are having health problems and eat eggs: examine your eggs. Especially the smoothness of the outside: if it is smooth, then it is not an egg. If it breaks the wrong direction: it is not an egg. If the yolks cooked are rubbery, not crumbly: it is not an egg.

So this article is about half-truths, fakes and such… worth reading. And the truth about what your body does with non-food…

Half truths are more dangerous than simple lies… because your ability to research is flawed. Either because you have no foundation to understand hardly anything… i.e. you are ignorant, or because you are slothful.

I am basing this on my experience with you.

  • I can feel that most of you are aghast. How dare I? How dare I not? If you are a doctor, your knowledge is lacking in most of what you advise people about… you are ignorant!
  • If you are a nutritional consultant, a business coach… or pretty much any “profession”… you are wrong in what you consider your knowledge, on which you base your actions.

So, in simple terms: you are ignorant.

I am also ignorant… in many things. And somewhat knowledgeable in others… but I have a secret weapon, actually two:

  • 1. I am an empath, which means I see the inner workings of people… yeah, that is what a true empath can see.
  • 2. I have Source at my beck and call… so I can muscle test something.

My errors come from asking the wrong question. Or not asking any questions, as it was in the case of the fake eggs.

When I am at my best, I test and double test everything… And experiment. Observe.

I just spent the past five days doing research of what you are taught in video clips, in articles… I did not read any “serious” book on the topic… I am sure you haven’t either. And if you have: I am sure that the books are mistaken too. 🙁

In this article I am interested in non-food, as far as YOUR BODY is concerned.

What do I mean by non-food?

1. Hybrids
2. Foods not recognized by your ancestry
3. Genetically modified foods
4. Foods new to humanity
5. preservatives
6. flavor enhancers
7. crispers
8. mold, and such…
9. pesticides, and such
not even mentioning fake foods…

Most of these and maybe all of these, as far as your body is concerned, are toxins… non-food. Something to get rid of, before it wreaks havoc in your body and kills you. Or turns you into a monster.

The body can do three things with toxins:

  • 1. Attempt to haste it out of the body: diarrhea and vomitingWe could say also: sweating, peeing… but they are not fast enough.
  • 2. attempt to isolate, so it doesn’t go into the blood stream: i.e. bury it in fat.
  • 3. succumb: get altered, modified, taken out of whack, made behave in new ways given the non-food attack.

Other ways chemicals enter the body:

  • chemicals in food
  • chemicals in environment
  • chemicals released in gut flora Candida Albicans, bad bacteria

This last one, the chemicals released by micro organisms: they are actually very similar to mood and personality altering chemicals and drugs.

The Candida Albicans’ poop makes you mentally unstable, and crave sweet stuff, breads… the stuff that feeds it. And if you listen closely, the critters sing: sugar…sugar… sugar. At least that is what I used to hear… lol.

The dying Candida Albicans is a potent toxin and you’ll feel worse while it is dying off. If you don’t feel really bad, you are still feeding it.

It also paralyzes and disrupts the gut lining, so it can enter the blood stream… and it does… causing systemic yeast infection.

The yeast infection you experience is just the tip of the iceberg… the iceberg is huge and it makes you insane. Also fat. Also sore. Fatigued. Fibromyalgia. Also immune deficient. It, the yeast, wants to consume your body, but first it trains you to change your whole diet to feed it.

Bacteria: bacteria that digests your food for you, the plant foods, is as important to you as anything.

But… if you wildly swing between diets, the composition of the bacteria in your gut doesn’t have a chance to catch up.

When after not eating any vegetables for a year I wanted to re-introduce vegetables to my diet, it took me many months before there was enough vegetable eating bacteria in my guts so I didn’t get sick every time I ate some vegetables.

This will sound very arrogant… but this is how it seems to me:

Our gut cannot directly get nutrients from plant based food: you need bacteria to digest it first, and then you digest the bacteria. Just like cows… inefficient.

This is the same with vegetable juices… the size of the particles doesn’t matter.

Your body does best with a very steady diet.

Just make sure the diet provides you with the 90 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and flavonoids.

And please be aware, that just because it is in the supermarket, your body may consider it non-food.

Why? Because each and every person has their ancestral genetic heritage that says what is food and what is not food.

The more variety of food you eat, the more you like “exotic” foods, the more in danger you are that your body needs to deal with a large quantity of non-food. Like those fake eggs my body had to deal with… for a few times before i caught what my body was telling me.

In my health consultations I recommend nutritional supplements and a food regimen after I muscle test your body for everything I know to ask.

Allergies, food sensitivities, intolerances, body type, eating type, nutritional deficiencies.

It’s a lot of work.

I am only willing to do it for people who have proven to me that they can and will follow instructions.

People who don’t… I won’t take you. And if I have taken you and you don’t follow your regimen: consider yourself dropped.

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  1. Having made this mistake seriously devalued my “I” and I had a hard time with it. After all self-trust is all-important…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “What happens to food-tasting, food sounding fake food you ingest that the body doesn’t recognize as food?”

  1. Can you tell us more about the fake eggs? Is it just one brand? Are they the cheapest brand in the store? What brand? Did you complain to the store manager? Did you save any for lab analysis? Did you contact the local newspaper? Did you contact the USDA?

  2. It was the store brand, Wegmans.
    I discovered the whole thing yesterday.
    No. no. no.
    I have saved the eggs… will take them back on Wednesday when I go on my bi-weekly grocery shopping tour.

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