Why you don’t want what you say you want…

water energizer setupI am working, one-on-one with people who submitted their pictures of their setup of the water energizer.

This has been one of the most brilliant things I have ever decided to do.

Without feedback one may imagine a lot of things, but with feedback, eventually you arrive to the truth, to reality, and there is no room for imagination, fancy, or any other unreality.

The reality is this:

The Water Energizer works… you don’t.

There are not many “moving parts” of a water energizer setup.

There is

  • 1. the sound source. A device that can play an mp3 file 24/7. Preferably not something you use for anything else, or something you turn off.
  • 2. electricity/power. Most cases a current-to-usb adapter, plus the usb-cable going to the mp3 player
  • 3. a plastic bottle that has thin enough walls to take on the sound vibration. The energy is transmitted as a sound vibration… Thick, rigid plastic or glass doesn’t do a good job at this.
  • 4. headphones that are wrapped around the plastic bottle. The speaker under the padding needs to be about 5 centimeters, or two inches minimum.
  • 5. the volume of the sound. Too low? not enough vibration.
  • 6. the audio file
  • 7. the water that you want to energize… needs to be clear from chemicals and debris free, or it won’t energize. If your filter uses chemical processes, your water is not going to become coherent. Reverse osmosis is such. or the Oxy process my Singapore clients use. Boiling is OK. UV light is OK. ozone infusion is OK. Chemical cleansing is not OK. Alkaline water (a chemical is added) is not OK.

Seven “moving parts.”

By moving parts I mean that the source of the error can be found there. That you can screw it up there. And you do.

It’s detective work to find the error… but so far I have managed to find all and fix all.

It seems that looking at your picture of your setup I can now reliably connect to the water on the picture… And, of course, I can always measure your cell hydration.

I don’t think you really want to get well, have energy, and all that.

You make airs… pretend that you want to be well, but when we come to it, your behavior gives it away that you are very comfortable and snug being weak, dumb, and incompetent and unable to do anything right.

Seneca says:

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.

If this doesn’t immediately translate to ordinary language, don’t despair: I have read it about 30 times before I got it, and then it disappears again.

The first part should be easy: it says that you think you are not trying to do something because it is difficult. I.e. you lie. To yourself, to others, and to your god.

You say: “I can’t do it… because it is difficult…” but you lie. The reason is different.

Things are difficult because you are a putz. 2 A limp dick. A TLB 1.

Nothing is difficult for me, with my TLB 50. Things may be slow going, maddening, frustrating, or tiresome, but not difficult.

When I watch you, you live an excuse life.

You do what everyone does. You eat what everyone does. You think what everyone does.

Including all the people you feel superior to, but aren’t.

What lifts you above others is not your money, your beauty, or your good birth. It is virtues (aka spiritual capacities, hardwired but dormant in your DNA).

And to practice virtues you have to go against the grain. Against the crowd. Against even culture.

Culture is the people… the people who you feel superior to but aren’t.

Virtues are those things you don’t venture to try.

Setting up the seven “moving parts” of a water energizer system is not difficult but needs a few virtues:

  • patience
  • respect
  • doing complete work
  • doing thorough work
  • verifying
  • humility.

What?! Yes. It needs these virtues. And the virtues “turn on” when you need them, but YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

If you needed them, you would turn them on.

No, you’d rather you not have them, because if you did, then you would have to… what?

If you drank energized water, then your cells would be hydrated, and you would have energy to live.

But who wouldn’t want that? Apparently YOU.

You are scared that if you got well then you would have to… have to live like a person. Would have to keep your word. You would have to work better and maybe earn your keep? you would have to stop lying. You would have to get out and risk growing, and doing all the things you give lip-service to.

Oh, horrors of life! No…! you scream in your head, and set your system up wrong, so it can’t work.

  • You play another audio instead of the water energizer.
  • You play it on low.
  • You use the wrong container.
  • You use the wrong water.
  • You unplug the audio player.
  • You use your computer to do the work, and then take the computer to bed, and leave the water not energized.

I know, it sounds stupid. But it isn’t stupid: stupid happens to you. This: you are doing it.

Because you don’t want to have to do the life of a person who can.

But life is hard because you are not courageous enough to venture it.

Limp dick… dreaming of sex. That is what you are.

Getting ready? No, too much work. Dreaming is easier.

By the way: this is why your TLB score is the most predictive if you can be happy or not.

Your number one job should be increasing your TLB score… your willingness to do what’s difficult… or difficult looking.

The best way to do that is doing what Lao Tzu said: do what’s difficult when it’s easy.

Learn to swim before your life depends on it. Increase your vocabulary, your comprehension, your clarity while you still have a job…

Learn a new virtue while you still have time to do it. While you are still breathing. Soon you won’t. And that’s a given.



PS: given that your TLB score is the most important factor in you being happy or not, one would think that you will intend to raise it.

Instead you hope it will rise by itself. It won’t.

You need to raise it.

You can use your 67 step activities to do it. Actually, inside that program it is a lot easier, and more natural, after all you are asked to listen to some principle and then look at your life. Or read… gasp. Or do some simple things… gasp.

And then, time and time again, you talk and don’t do.

Do you really believe that talking about things will bring them about?

Find out your TLB score that predicts your happiness…

I’ll send it to you by email.


PS: OK, I am harsh. But I don’t want to be unfair to the few who are producing and even documenting their results…
Here is a picture, for example, sent to me by a student in the 67 steps coaching program. She is doing the water and the food regimen right.


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  1. Yiddish: Meaning Male genitals, dick,cock, etc.
  2. Yiddish: Meaning Male genitals, dick,cock, etc.

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