The size of your foundation, your astuteness, capacities

Note: this is an important article… please read. It summarizes a lot of what is not working about you… and what you can do about it.

I really enjoy the work on people’s hydration.

I love seeing how they get things done (or not) and it is a source of a lot of amusement.

Am I laughing at them? No. Laughing at someone is laughing at their expense.

I am laughing at the idiosyncrasies, the funny ways of getting things done, the soul correction I recognize.

For example, this picture, above. Very educational. It shows a lot to learn from.

Why is that funny? I see no self-trust. No trust. Overdoing one thing, probably underdoing another.

One set of headphones correctly set up is all you need… but the uncertainty, the fear, the lack of self-trust makes you buy four headphones, and the result: the baby is thrown out with the bathwater: the water in the bottle is barely 500 vibration.

There are two issues with this water energizer setup:

  • 1. it ignores physics. If you want to brush hair smooth, you cannot and should not move the brush back and forth… the hair will never get smooth. Same is with energies and water. The three energy sources, the three headphones, could do the smoothing out each, but together they extinguish each other and the water remains incoherent.If the headphones aligned, like little soldiers on the gallon bottle… then it would work… by the way.
  • 2. Giving to something more weight, more attention than it needs or deserves or what would work. Probably to cover up that the rest of life is in shambles? Or that you don’t do your work you said you would?

I see a lot of compensation. Example: only 10% of the users of the audio responded to my call. The rest: their ego can’t suffer the thought that they have made a mistake, misunderstood something, or did it wrong…

Compensation for what? For real accomplishment.

Compensation is a dead giveaway that you are trying to earn credit through something fake and outwardly.

  • Use big words?
  • Use a Macintosh/apple device?
  • talk too smoothly? too fast? steam of consciousness?
  • Self-deprecating?
  • angry?
  • buy everything?
  • compliment?
  • cheerful?

All moves to cover up that you don’t live virtuously.

There are 160 spiritual capacities hard-coded in your DNA. They are the virtues.

When I do your starting point measurements, I measure how many of the virtues you have active, activated because you use it. I start with five: more than five? less than five? less than four? etc.

Most people measure to having 1-2-3 virtues. Rarely I find someone with a higher measurement. Only with people who have done some higher education work successfully… recently, and… Successfully.

My friend from Architecture School used to have 11 capacities, but she is retired. She cooks, schmoozes, so she is down to five.

To be astute in any area, you need 12 capacities. Astute means that you can see what is in front of you, and recognize it for what it is.

12 capacities is rare. 2% of the population…

This is what creates the gap between people… because without clarity, without accurately seeing what you are looking at, you can only make poor decisions.

Take vibration… you have no clue how to know or even understand why your vibration is low, or why your teacher’s, healer’s vibration is low… just some vague attraction or disgust… but not because you see it. Or you can’t understand that if your vibration is low I can’t work with you because you cannot comprehend what I am saying… cannot. Not because you are bad, but because you need a lot more clarity.

Take energetic attachments: you feel bad. You look at everything, and decide that it must be coming from the outside… so you try to fix the outside. Blame the people. Etc.

But more often than not what you feel is your own resistance, your own resistance is causing your pain. Or the fog. Or the discomfort.

So what can you do?

You need to go back to your foundation. If you have none (that is most people) you need to build a foundation of knowledge, skills, that you can build a life on.

Waiting to build the Trump Tower is what half the people do… or trying to build it what the other half do… but it doesn’t work out.

You have no foundation. Just like Trump has no foundation for political office… what may have sustained him in a mogul inherited position is not a foundation for the presidency.

Is it a good time for him to build some skills, some knowledge, some virtues? I don’t think he has time or glycogen available for that…

So either the world will be jerked around by an unprepared, unsuitable American president, or he needs to be replaced by someone who is prepared, or at least more prepared.

Between you and me: the only reason Hillary could have been a better president is because of Bill. Bill Clinton. 30 active spiritual capacities. Being sexually appropriate is not one of them… lol. But 30 is what is needed to be president, not 10 (Hillary) or five (Trump).

And, as you see, the division between “classes” of people is decided by what they can see accurately, how big a foundation they have to build on, and they earn more if they have more.

You see, I inherited 30 capacities, 30 virtues, but for a long time in my life, I had only a mere fragment of them helping me live: I was wallowing in my misery those years.

The worthlessness, the feeling unwanted and not even tolerated, the memories of real and imagined slights, yeah, those times I was living with only four capacities

What did I do to get out of that misery? I did something totally counter intuitive: I left everything and started new in another country. And it didn’t go well: I took myself with me

And then I moved to a third country… and finally I started to use my capacities.

I didn’t do it alone. Three weeks before I moved the second time I did a course that gave me a glimpse that there are things to see under the surface. The course was a Werner Erhard course, the Communication Workshop.

So when I arrived, the first thing I did was went to the public evening sessions of the Forum, also Werner Erhard course. Every week…

In 26 years I went from dummy to expert.

I started businesses and made them work. I learned new skills, new professions, new approaches, new technology, new and more new… all to expert level.

I needed those darn capacities! And they opened up, one after the other. I use in my daily work 50 capacities.

I would love more, but my life only needs those 50.

The way to get capacities activated is to have a life that needs them.

They are there… but you really need to need them.

Like my friend from university: when your life doesn’t need them, they shut down. That is the economy of Life. The same happened to my older brother: he became a rich man, but today he is a babysitter for his grandchildren… Has five capacities active. His wife, who at one time surpassed him, is now using three capacities.

You can have a big foundation and a small life. But you can’t have a small foundation and a big life.

Build the foundation.

I saw an article about how to use your kindle to learn a foreign language. I am starting that, slowly.
I am learning different techniques to activate muscles that have atrophied because of sitting.
I am learning philosophy
I am refreshing my Hungarian: writing and typing… tough, by the way.
I am learning to design my site with a new software system… hard-hard-hard.

I am growing my foundation. Anything that isn’t growing is shrinking. Nothing stays the same, when left alone. It is a physical law… ignore it at your own peril.

If you are trying to hold onto something… it slips away.

Such is life.


PS: I often refuse to do business with someone. Why? Because it is clear to me that they need a social worker, that they will need me to do things for them. It would be unfair to everyone else if I spent my time trying to build up someone who cannot be built up.

Here is a recent interaction:

your vibration, your intelligence, is too low to benefit from my work. so yes, I am unwilling to work with you because I don’t work for money. If I cannot see that I can produce results, I decline.

and here is the answer:

I have the same light of God in me that you do and with that go fuck yourself.

When I applied to architecture school, there was one place for 20 applicant, meaning 2000 people applied for the 100 spots.

It is the same in how I choose who to work with. Please don’t be offended.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. water energizer setup One of the things, how you relate to feedback, is part of your Starting Point Measurements. The client whose example I used to illustrate what doesn’t work in energizing your water just sent me a picture of how she changed the setup… yeah… that is what I am talking about.

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